Results: Dual Speed & Style - Crankworx Whistler 2018

Aug 11, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  
Crankworx Whistler 2018

Dual Speed and Style - Crankworx Whistler 2018

The Clif Dual Speed & Style presented by Muc-Off proved how rad side-by-side racing is!


1st. Tomas Lemoine
2nd. Greg Watts
3rd. Sam Reynolds
4th. Kyle Strait

Watch the replay here.

Full results can be found here.

Mentions: @officialcrankworx @CLIF @mucoffltd


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 I love to see the old starts like Watts in the podium
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 It was good to see an actual speed and style instea of Tom Slavik pedaling his ass off while doing x-ups
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 The contest should be created in such a way that skavik doesn't even qualify, let alone make it to the round of 8, all speed, no style isn't the name of the game.
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 @robaussie99: You guys realise it's called SPEED & style, hence why slavik does well. I think the event you guys are wanting is called slopestyle. Should also be remembered that he can do backflips and 3's (done them in past S&S events) but I guess if he doesnt have to then why would he?
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 At first I thought this event was incredibly stupid. Then I realized that it's pretty similar to Ski Freestyle Moguls
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 @Joebohobo: You're putting the emPHAsis on the wrong word. It's speed AND style. There are other disciplines for the respective singularities. Exploiting a weakness of the scoring system may win, but doesn't do anything for the spectators, and without spectators you're just doing laps in the park. This is the shortsighted "I'm gonna get mine" mentality that brings much to ruin.
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No, the discipline you mention is called DUAL SLALOM

This format requires speed AND style. One, nor the other shouldnt allow someone to be competitive.
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 @robaussie99: I’m only elphasising that word because you guys seem to discount the speed at all costs. Yes it’s both, and Slavik does have both. He sends flips when he needs to, I don’t see why he would bother risking crashing on a trick if he’s fast enough that a simple T bog will get him through. If you don’t want to see slavik pedalling his ass off (quote from the initial comment) then you’re just gonna have to take any speed element out of it whatsoever, hence why you’re just left with a trick contest imo. And I’d have to disagree about spectators, otherwise by your logic no one would watch the dual slalom event??
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 @Joebohobo: The top 4 all rode like I'd want the event to be. Pedalling super hard and throwing huge tricks.

If that causes the lower down riders to follow suit then that's great. Slavik is going to have to throw those flips you speak of next season if he wants to win, which is great, it means the sport is headed in the right direction.
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 @robaussie99: Fair enough then, I get that. Although you seem to not believe me about the flips, he pulled them in plenty of the rounds of racing earlier this year at either crankworks rotorua or the ones in europe (might have been all of them, can't remember exactly) he's definitely got a couple of videos on his instagram of it I think
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 @Joebohobo: No doubt, hopefully we see him throw them next year in Speed and Style and get up on the podium.
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 Nutt hugger pants for the win!
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 Thumbnail looks like midi
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 That was so sick ????

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