Final Results: EWS Whistler 2018

Aug 12, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  
Crankworx Whistler 2018

Martin Maes going crazy in practice today. We hope to see another Hill Maes Battle tomorrow.

EWS Whistler - CamelBak Canadian Open Enduro presented by Specialized - Crankworx 2018

Women's Overall
1st. Cecile RAVANEL 47:24.95
2nd. Isabeau COURDURIER +1:25.18
3rd. Noga KOREM +2:50.40
4th. Andreane LANTHIER NADEAU +2:57.85
5th. Katy WINTON +3:10.56
6th. Christina CHAPPETTA +3:37.75
7th. Anita GEHRIG +3:38.89
8th. Brittany PHELAN +4:03.34
9th. Becky COOK +4:27.47
10th. Morgane CHARRE +4:32.62
Men's Overall
1st. Martin MAES 41:01.99
2nd. Sam HILL +0:41.74
3rd. Eddie MASTERS +0:46.55
4th. Florian NICOLAI +1:11.16
5th. Yoann BARELLI +1:20.48
6th. Remi GAUVIN +1:21.52
7th. Jared GRAVES+1:31.54
8th. Robin WALLNER +1:32.51
9th. Dimitri TORDO +1:38.82
10th. Richie RUDE +1:41.44

Live Updates:

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12:20: All riders are on course! Local boy and last year's winner Jesse Melamed did not start after a hand injury sustained yesterday. Ines Thoma, Rae Morrison, Elliot Heap, Josh Carlson and Dan Wolfe are also missing this round due to injury. Results from Stage 1 should be coming in around 1pm. The Start List is here.

Stage 1
12:48: The Privateer Adam Price is down Stage 1, Micro Climate. Our social media guy on the ground said Adam wasn't happy with his run and got caught near the bottom. Still a long day ahead though!

12:57: Andreane Lanthier-Nadeau is fastest on Stage 1, at the moment, with a dozen more women still to come in behind her. Can anyone beat the Canadian?

13:02: Noga Korem goes into second, 22 second behind ALN.

13:02: Isabeau Courdurier comes in 1.87 ahead of ALN.

13:04: All the women are down Stage 1. Your top three on Stage 1 are Cecile Ravanel, Isabeau Courdurier and Andreane Lanthier-Nadeau.

Stage 1 Results: Women
1st. Cecile RAVANEL 7:18.33
2nd. Isabeau COURDURIER 7:29.73 +0:11.40
3rd. Andreane LANTHIER NADEAU 7:31.60 +0:13.27
4th. Katy WINTON 7:43.47 +0:25.14
5th. Noga KOREM 7:54.01 +0:35.68
6th. Emily SLACO 7:55.93 +0:37.60
7th. Becky COOK 7:57.94 +0:39.61
8th. Christina CHAPPETTA 8:01.45 +0:43.12
9th. Brittany PHELAN 8:02.80 +0:44.47
10th. Laura BATTISTA 8:03.14 +0:44.81

13:09: The top 30 men are coming down next. Currently, Canadian Max Leyen has the fastest time at 6:32.88 with Josh Bryceland 2.66 back.

13:14: Kevin MIQUEL on Team SUNN is now leading stage 1, 1 second ahead of Max Leyen.

13:19: Joe Nation is down and goes into 3rd.

13:22: Joe Barnes is now leading Stage 1 with a time of 6:24.92. Mitch Ropelato goes in second, 2.59 back.

13:23: Local boy Yoann Barelli goes second fastest on Stage 1.

13:23: And now it's Richie Rude that comes down, 11 seconds ahead of Joe Barnes!!

13:26: Local rider Remi Gauvin goes second fastest, 11.72 behind Rude! And it's Richie Rude, Remi Gauvin (+11.72), Joe Barnes (+11.9), Yoann Barelli (+12.29) all waiting to see what the last riders can do. Will Richie Rude's time hold off Sam Hill?

13:32: Eddie Masters is down and goes into second, but a whole 10 seconds off Rude's time!

13:37: Back for this round after missing La Thuile, Robin Wallner goes into 7th spot so far on Stage 1, 15.26 back. Only 5 riders still to come.

13:39: Crash and snapped chain for Greg Callaghan.

13:41: Richie Rude takes Stage 1! Martin Maes goes into second and Hill in third.

Stage 1 Results: Men
1st. Richie RUDE 6:13.04
2nd. Martin MAES 6:14.57 +0:01.53
3rd. Sam HILL Chain 6:16.80 +0:03.76
4th. Eddie MASTERS 6:23.32 +0:10.28
5th. Remi GAUVIN 6:24.76 +0:11.72
6th. Joe BARNES 6:24.92 +0:11.88
7th. Yoann BARELLI 6:25.33 +0:12.29
8th. Dimitri TORDO 6:26.30 +0:13.26
9th. Mitch ROPELATO 6:27.51 +0:14.47
10th. Robin WALLNER 6:28.30 +0:15.26

That means the Privateer will finish 82nd on Stage 1 with his time of 7:11:11, 58 seconds back from Rude's time.

Stage 2
13:48: Riders are headed up to the top of Crazy Train now. Check it out on Trailforks. Cecile will be starting at 13:58, so expect women's results a bit after 2pm.

14:04: Max Leyen is leading Stage 2 with a time of 5:25.77. The Privateer is currently in 22nd with a time of 5:45.93, so should be able to make it into the top 50! The women are about to drop in, and then the top 30 men. Emily Slaco is leading for the women at the moment with a time of 6:52.51.

14:06: Andreane Lanthier-Nadeau crashed on the first corner of Stage 2 on Crazy Train and rode the rest of the stage with crooked bars.

14:07: Top women are down Stage 2. Cecile Ravanel goes fastest again, with Isabeau Courdurier second (+10.56). Andreane Lanthier-Nadeau finishes 12th.

Stage 2 Results: Women
1st. Cecile RAVANEL 6:24.74
2nd. Isabeau COURDURIER 6:35.30 +0:10.56
3rd. Morgane CHARRE 6:44.79 +0:20.05
4th. Noga KOREM 6:50.95 +0:26.21
5th. Emily SLACO 6:52.51 +0:27.77
6th. Christina CHAPPETTA 6:53.43 +0:28.69
7th. Brittany PHELAN 1.98
9th. Bex BARAONA 7:00.80 +0:36.06
10th. Caro GEHRIG 7:03.32 +0:38.58

Women's Overall After Stage 2:
1. Cecile Ravanel
2. Isabeau Courdurier +21.96
3. Andreane Lanthier Nadeau +53.66
4. Noga Korem +1:01.89
5. Katy Winton +1:04.06

14:15: The top 30 men are on course. Jared Graves goes into 7th for now, 4.83 back from Max Leyen's time.

14:19: Joe Barnes is the first to top Max Leyen's time, but just barely. He goes into first, 0.7 seconds ahead of Leyen.

14:20: Just in that Yoann Barelli got a puncture on the rock roll on Crazy Train. Let's see how far back it puts him.

14:22: Mitch Ropelato is now leading Stage 2 with a time of 5:24.78.

14:23: And it's Richie Rude with a blistering time once again. Despite the puncture, Yoann Barelli rolls to the finish line and still goes into second 2.71 behind Rude's time of 5:16.30.

14:25: Going into the final 18 men to start, it's Richie Rude, Yoann Barelli, Mitch Ropelato, Joe Barnes, Max Leyen in the top 5.

14:30: Thomas Lapeyrie goes into second, +1.65 behind Rude's time.

14:31: Marco Osborne goes into 4th, +6.85 back from Rude, Ruaridh Cunningham goes into 5th +7.67 back. Top 10 still to come...

14:34: Eddie Masters goes fastest, 10.96 ahead of Rude!!!!

14:37: Robin Wallner goes into second, 10.22 off Eddie Master's time.

14:38: Florian Nicolai goes into third now, pushing Rude into 4th. Only 4 men left on Stage 2!

14:39: Martin Maes goes second, +8.69 behind Eddie Masters!!

14:43: All the Pro Men are done Stage 2. Sam Hill goes into 6th, +11.56 back from stage winner Eddie Masters.

Stage 2 Results: Men
1st. Eddie MASTERS 5:05.34
2nd. Martin MAES 5:14.03 +0:08.69
3rd. Robin WALLNER 5:15.56 +0:10.22
4th. Florian NICOLAI 5:16.27 +0:10.93
5th. Richie RUDE 5:16.30 +0:10.96
6th. Sam HILL 5:16.90 +0:11.56
7th. Thomas LAPEYRIE 5:17.95 +0:12.61
8th. Yoann BARELLI 5:19.01 +0:13.67
9th. Greg CALLAGHAN 5:21.36 +0:16.02
10th. Damien OTON 5:21.95 +0:16.61

Men's Overall After Stage 2
1. Martin Maes
2. Eddie Masters +0:00.06
3. Richie Rude +0:00.74
4. Sam Hill +0:05.10
5. Robin Wallner +0:15.26

14:44: The Privateer makes the top 50 on Stage 2 with a 47th! Adam's time is 5:45.93, +40.59 off Eddie Master's time. He's now sitting in 63rd overall after two stages.

Stage 3
14:49: The racers are off to Stage 3 in the Whistler Bike Park, Delayed Fuse to BC’s Trail. It's a mostly flat pedal over to the Creekside Gondola, and the first lift assist of the day!

15:00: Emily Slaco is currently leading Stage 3 for the women with a time of 5:32.87 down Delayed Fuse and BC's Trail, but the top 30 are still to come. Cecile will be dropping into Stage 3 at 15:18, so expect women's results by 15:30.

15:03: Once again, it's Max Leyen with the fastest time on Stage 3 before the top 30 start coming down. How long will his time of 4:22.52 hold?

15:10: The Privateer is currently sitting in 27th on Stage 3 with a time of 4:45.31. He's 22.79 from Max Leyen, with the top 30 still to come!

15:14: Olympic ski cross silver medallist and Julianna Free Agent Brittany Phelan is currently sitting in first on Stage 3, with a time of 5:25.15. Laura Battista from Squamish is 4.68 back in second, and Whistler resident Christina Chapetta is 4.84 back from there. Top 15 women are about to come down.

15:43: Pro Women should be down Stage 4, but we're not seeing their times on the Live Timing. We will update as soon as we can!

15:48: The Enduro World Series has just said that there’s a 12-minute delay running, but we should have the top women on course very soon.

15:50: Andreane Lanthier Nadeau goes fastest on Stage 3 with a time of 5:12.20. Morgan Charre is into second (+4.41) with Brittany Phelan holding onto the third fastest time for now.

15:51: Cecile wins a third stage in a row, Isabeau goes second, and ALN holds onto third!

Stage 3 Results: Women
1st. Cecile RAVANEL 5:02.82
2nd. Isabeau COURDURIER 5:08.32 +0:05.50
3rd. Andreane LANTHIER NADEAU 5:12.20 +0:09.38
4th. Morgane CHARRE 5:16.61 +0:13.79
5th. Noga KOREM 5:18.72 +0:15.90
6th. Brittany PHELAN 5:25.15 +0:22.33
7th. Anita GEHRIG 5:26.32 +0:23.50
8th. Bex BARAONA 5:27.98 +0:25.16
9th. Becky COOK 5:28.66 +0:25.84
10th. Laura BATTISTA 5:29.83 +0:27.01

Women's Overall After Stage 3
1st Cecile RAVANEL
2nd Isabeau COURDURIER +0:27.46
3rd Andreane LANTHIER NADEAU +1:03.04
4th Noga KOREM +1:17.79
5th Morgane CHARRE +1:21.60

15:56: Richie Rude goes fastest once again on Stage 3! Max Leyen's time is holding in second (+6.3) and Carson Eiswald is currently sitting in third (+7.10). Remi Gauvin is down and sitting in 4th (+7.25) and Thomas Lapeyrie is sitting in fifth (+10.96) with the fastest men about to come down!

16:00: Martin Maes is down and goes second fastest!

16:01: Eddie Masters goes 37th on this stage with a time of 4:37.53, +21.29 back. How will that affect the overall after Stage 3?

16:02: Sam Hill goes third again on this stage, +3.32 back from Richie Rude.

Stage 3 Results: Men
1st. Richie RUDE 4:16.24
2nd. Martin MAES 4:16.64 +0:00.40
3rd. Sam HILL 4:19.56 +0:03.32
4th. Max LEYEN 4:22.52 +0:06.28
5th. Carson EISWALD 4:23.34 +0:07.10
6th. Remi GAUVIN 4:23.49 +0:07.25
7th. Florian NICOLAI 4:23.71 +0:07.47
8th. Dimitri TORDO 4:26.00 +0:09.76
9th. Greg CALLAGHAN 4:26.30 +0:10.06
10th. Thomas LAPEYRIE 4:27.20 +0:10.96

Men's Overall After Stage 3:
1st. Martin MAES 15:45.24
2nd. Richie RUDE +0:00.34
3rd. Sam HILL 15:53.26 +0:08.02
4th. Eddie MASTERS +0:20.95
5th. Florian NICOLAI +0:23.07

16:05: The Privateer ends up 54th on Stage 3 and is currently sitting in 58th overall, +1:57.11 back from Martin Maes, who moves into the top position after Eddie loses 20 seconds in Stage 3.

16:06: The men's racing is so tight! Martin Maes leads by a third of a second!! There are two stages left, and everyone knows that the massive Stage 5 could throw everything off.

Stage 4

16:11: Brittany Phelan is sitting in first on Stage 4, Heavy Flow to Hind Sight to Lower Tunnel Vision, with a time of 5:22.70 ahead of the top 30 women coming down. Emily Slaco is +2.74 and Laura Battista is +13.20.

16:14: Andreane Lanthier Nadeau goes fastest again on Stage 4 for now with a time of 5:16.54. Can she hold on to the podium spot?

16:16: Anita Gehrig goes into third for now while Caro Gehrig goes 5th. So great to see the two of them racing together again! What can Cecile and Isabeau do?

16:18: Noga Korem goes 5th an Bex Baraona goes 6th, pushing Caro Gehrig into 7th. Your top three are still ALN, Brittany Phelan and Anita Gehrig.

16:19: And Isabeau goes second! ALN's time holds, 1.34 seconds ahead of Isabeau Courdurier! Just Cecile to go...

16:20: Cecile Ravanel wins her fourth stage in a row! Andreane goes second and Isabeau Courdurier 3rd.

Stage 4 Results: Women
1st. Cecile RAVANEL 5:08.28
2nd. Andreane LANTHIER NADEAU 5:16.54 +0:08.26
3rd. Isabeau COURDURIER 5:17.88 +0:09.60
4th. Brittany PHELAN 5:22.70 +0:14.42
5th. Anita GEHRIG 5:23.75 +0:15.47
6th. Emily SLACO 5:25.44 +0:17.16
7th. Noga KOREM 5:28.21 +0:19.93
8th. Katy WINTON 5:29.49 +0:21.21
9th. Bex BARAONA 5:32.19 +0:23.91
10th. Caro GEHRIG 5:33.18 +0:24.90

Women's Overall After Stage 4
1st. Cecile RAVANEL 23:54.17
2nd. Isabeau COURDURIER +0:37.06
3rd. Andreane LANTHIER NADEAU +1:11.30
4th. Noga KOREM GT Factory Racing +1:37.72
5th. Morgane CHARRE +1:48.80

16:24: And for the first time heading into the top 30, Max Leyen isn't our leader. He's currently sitting +16.57 back in 29th. Evan Guthrie is leading Stage 4 ahead of the top 30 men coming in with a time of 4:29.21.

16:30: Jared Graves is the first of the top 30 to beat Evan Guthrie's time, with a time of 4:26.81. Evan is +2.40. Still about riders to come though!

16:31: Adam Price, The Privateer, is currently sitting in 69th on Stage 4 with a time of 5:00.68, +0:33.87 back from Graves. Will he be able to smash Stage 5 and make his goal of a top 50?

16:35: Joe Barnes goes into fourth, with another 20 riders still to come.

16:36: And your top riders are now Jared Graves, Mitch Ropelato, Evan Guthrie, Joseph Nation and Dylan Layzell. They are all within 2.5 seconds of one another.

16:37: And Richie Rude puts 7.5 seconds into the field!!! He's now leading with a time of 4:19.31.

16:41: Remi Gauvin is down and goes forth. Richie Rude, Jared Graves, Mitch Ropelato, Remi Gauvin and Evan Guthrie are your top 5 right now.

16:47: And Eddie Masters is down and goes second fastest, +4.51 behind Rude!

16:50: Greg Callaghan goes third fastest for now!! Rude, Masters, Callaghan currently leading...

16:52: Florian Nicolai is down and goes into third.

16:54: Martin Maes goes fastest!!!! Just Sam Hill to come!

16:55: Sam Hill is in and goes 6th. So Martin Maes wins the stage!

Stage 4 Results: Men
1st. Martin MAES 4:18.17
2nd. Richie RUDE 4:19.31 +0:01.14
3rd. Eddie MASTERS 4:23.82 +0:05.65
4th. Florian NICOLAI 4:24.60 +0:06.43
5th. Greg CALLAGHAN 4:24.89 +0:06.72
6th. Sam HILL 4:26.60 +0:08.43
7th. Jared GRAVES 4:26.81 +0:08.64
8th. Mitch ROPELATO +0:09.69
9th. Remi GAUVIN +0:10.02
10th. Damien OTON +0:10.88

Men's Overall After Stage 4
1st. Martin MAES 20:03.41
2nd. Richie RUDE +0:01.48
3rd. Sam HILL +0:16.45
4th. Eddie MASTERS +0:26.58
5th. Florian NICOLAI +0:29.50

17:01: So that means Adam The Privateer finishes 94th on Stage 4 and will be 64th overall, +2:39.62 back from Martin Maes heading into the longest stage of the day.

17:02: Martin Maes leads by 1.48 seconds going into Stage 5 - Top of the World! The stage will take top riders about 20 minutes, so the race for first isn't done yet!

Stage 5

17:27: You can follow along with the live webcast of Stage 5 from 17:30 here!

17:38: Emily Slaco is leading the final stage in the women's race with a time of 26:39.45. That's longer than stages 1, 2, 3, 4 combined!

17:42: Curtis Keene finishes Stage 5 with a broken seat. It broke on Stage 4 and he taped and zip-tied it together for Stage 5.

17:52: Max Leyen, Curtis Keene, Chris Panozzo, McKay Vezina and Evan Guthrie are your fastest riders on Stage 5 so far. It took Max Leyen 22:14.15 to make it down the gruelling stage. Your top 30 women are next on course, followed by the top 30 men.

18:02: Brittany Phelan is now leading Stage 5 for the women, with a time of 25:44.09. Her teammate Clare Hamilton is sitting in second (+29.04).

18:03: Now it's Christina Chappetta in first with a time of 24:55.99, and Leonie Picton in second with a time of 25:19.57.

18:05: Andreane Lanthier-Nadeau comes across the line in second place on Stage 5, +21.34 behind Christina Chappetta.

18:07: Andreane Lanthier-Nadeau is currently sitting in first overall, with Christina Chappetta in second, Anita Gehrig in third and Brittany Phelan in fourth. Your top women are still to come.

18:09: Anita Gehrig goes second fastest on Stage 5! It's Christina, Anita, Andreane! Will ALN have done enough to hold on to a podium spot?

18:12: Noga Korem goes fastest with a time of 24:43.46. Noga Korem moves into first place overall, +7.45 seconds ahead of Andreane Lanthier-Nadeau.

18:13: Cecile Ravanel wins the stage and the race!!!! Isabeau is second in the stage and the race.

Stage 5 Results: Women
1st Cecile RAVANEL 23:30.78
2nd Isabeau COURDURIER +0:48.12
3rd Katy WINTON +1:11.60
4th Noga KOREM +1:12.68
5th Christina CHAPPETTA +1:25.21
6th Anita GEHRIG+1:41.57
7th Andreane LANTHIER NADEAU +1:46.55
8th Becky COOK +1:47.83
9th Leonie PICTON +1:48.79
10th Brittany PHELAN +2:13.31

Overall After Stage 5
1st. Cecile RAVANEL 47:24.95
2nd. Isabeau COURDURIER +1:25.18
3rd. Noga KOREM +2:50.40
4th. Andreane LANTHIER NADEAU +2:57.85
5th. Katy WINTON +3:10.56

18:20: Jared Graves goes fastest on Stage 5, with a time of 21:21.23 as the top men start their way down from the Top of the World.

18:27: Shawn Neer goes second fastest on Stage 5 behind Jared Graves (+11.14).

18:30: It's Jared Graves, Shawn Neer, Max Leyen, Curtis Keene leading Stage 5, and Yoann Barelli, Jared Graves, Max Leyen leading the overall.

18:30: Richie Rude is in, but looks like he finished with a flat tire.

18:31: Remi Gauvin is on course as well and looks like he's got a flat as well.

18:32: Richie Rude finishes 23rd on Stage 5 with a time of 22:38.54. That flat tire will cost him the win as he is +1:15.31 on Stage 5.

18:34: Yoann Barelli is leading the overall, Remi Gauvin in second, Jared Graves in third, and Richie Rude in fourth for now.

18:37: Eddie Masters moves into first overall!!! He won Stage 5 by 4.68 seconds.

18:39: It's Eddie, Yoann and Remi Gauvin sitting in the hot seat as the final men are on course.

18:41: Greg Callaghan is down, so there are only SEVEN riders left on course!!!!

18:42: Robin Wallner is down, but his time is only good enough for 5th overall so far.

18:44: Martin Maes smashes it!!!! He moves into the lead. Could this be his first EWS win of the year? It's now Martin Maes, Eddie Masters, Florian Nicolai, Yoann Barelli, Remi Gauvin in the top 5.

18:46: MARTIN MAES WINS HIS FIRST EWS OF THE YEAR by a massive 41.74 seconds. Sam Hill goes second, Eddie Masters third, Florian Nicolai fourth, Yoann Barelli fifth.

Stage 5 Results: Men
1st. Martin MAES 20:58.58
2nd. Eddie MASTERS +0:19.97
3rd. Jared GRAVES +0:24.65
4th. Sam HILL +0:25.29
5th. Yoann BARELLI +0:34.50
6th. Shawn NEER +0:35.79
7th. Remi GAUVIN +0:39.10
8th. Florian NICOLAI +0:41.66
9th. Damien OTON +0:42.23
10th. Mark SCOTT +0:46.52

Men's Overall
1st. Martin MAES 41:01.99
2nd. Sam HILL +0:41.74
3rd. Eddie MASTERS +0:46.55
4th. Florian NICOLAI +1:11.16
5th. Yoann BARELLI +1:20.48
6th. Remi GAUVIN +1:21.52
7th. Jared GRAVES+1:31.54
8th. Robin WALLNER +1:32.51
9th. Dimitri TORDO +1:38.82
10th. Richie RUDE +1:41.44

In preliminary results, the Privateer comes 55th overall +4:58.88 behind Martin Maes.

Follow the Live Timing here.

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 The Eagle is in flight! Go Eddie!
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 He's trying to regain Gee Atherton's approval.
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 @dingus: hilarious, and Amoury’s comment the day before
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 Mr Worldwide!
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 Holy crap for stage 5!
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 The true Spirit of Enduro is strong in Eddie!
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 Eddie is in beast mode!
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flag fecalmaster (Aug 12, 2018 at 20:52) (Below Threshold)
 .6 seconds , Hill could have farted once or twice to gain that.
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 Surely a full EWS season next year, although when someone asked him on instagram a couple weeks ago he commented " f*** that"
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 @fecalmaster: he lost by 41.7 seconds....
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 While a DH WC went on in the same country, looks to me like he's gone FULL ENDURO
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 @dingus: point me to said commentary.
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 @bizutch: Wyn TV, Mont St Anne finals.
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 @dingus: I don't watch those. They make me sleepy.
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 @dingus: well darn. wasn't very inflammatory or even heavy handed on the slams.
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 @bizutch: not angry, just disappointed.
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 Wait if I follow this will it ruin the last episode of The Privateer? Cause I don’t want that.
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 We're following Adam throughout the day and including updates from him in here!
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 @sarahmoore: SPOILER ALERT
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 He's my new favorite rider lol. I dont really follow athletes or racing very closely, but I update this page every hour looking for Adam!
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 THANKS Privateer! Only with YOU finally this live emotionant race data of 5th EWS season come finally to PB front page!.... We need more privateers pleaseee
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 I think we need to send Adam to the rest of this year's ews and all of next year (if he wants)! The popularity of the priviteer series shows that it's worth it for brands to support this type of media and Adam in particular. He isn't just a priviteer he is our privateer!
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 I think I speak for all grown men out there - Adam, will you sign my moob?
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 @mpope: This! It's an ultimate waste of resources to train him just for one race. The Privateer need at least the whole season to really start gaining the benefits of full support!
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 @hirvi: It's been a pretty intense session, and it's been going for longer than the pros train to ramp up for an event. And he has a full time job on top of it.

Not to mention, from what I understand, he even has a bit of a local's trail knowledge. I'm sure you've noticed the the BC crew did exceptionally well as compared to their results in other parts of the world on the EWS circuit.

I'd say the series even stacked the cards in his favor to have the pinnacle event for his training efforts to be on home soil. He's been given as much and sometimes MORE support than elite level riders when you take into account he never had to get on a plane or eat foreign food or experience jet lag, language barriers, travel stress.

This series has been as real as you can get when trying to replicate the advantages of a fully backed pro....because fully backed pros aren't incredibly well taken care as is.
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 Yoann Barelli on 5th... yeeeeaaahhhhhh!!!
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 Barelli!!!! Yihaaaa!!
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 Came here for the Barelli party. Am not disappointed.
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 Congrats, Adam! While short of the top 50 goal, still a totally killer performance! I can't imagine the jitters you would have had in this race after going through the privateer process, and I commend you for a stellar performance!
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 For reals, that’s a solid finish showing tons of improvement. Adam should be proud! Hopefully, there will be a season two.
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 What a win from Martin Maes !!! 42s ahead of Hill !!! The man deserves it.
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 Super stoked to see Maes take 1st place, he's a beast.
  • 21 0
 The Privateer doing the damm thing! Rumor has it Rude demolished a tree on Stage 2!
  • 12 0
 The clip is up on our IG!
  • 2 0
 @brianpark: HOLY CRAP.
  • 4 3
 @brianpark: yeah what’s your Instagram though? Haha
  • 1 0
 @brianpark: saw that on tippie's IG feed... poor tree
  • 17 1
 The Privateer had one of the best line choices i have ever seen on Crazy Train, hop over high line corner after one of the big rock rolls. and Curtis Keene with another insane wall ride high line through one of the crazy train corner chutes. you think you can ride a trail well until you get to watch these guys doing their thing. hats off to some of the best riding i've ever witnessed in person.
  • 19 2
 Rude... He's on a mission
  • 11 1
 Damn the flat!
  • 7 0
 @gooutsidetoday: How Rude! Frown
  • 11 2
 Congratulations Martin, gutted for Richie. Totally devastated that Jesse wasn't able to compete. Really hope EWS can get resources to have coverage like crankworx had for Enduro. It was great and thank you Crankworx.
  • 9 1
 Gutted to see Ritchie rolling down the last part of Stage 5 with a rear flat! Impressive showing. That said, really happy for Maes. Finally hit that top step!
  • 9 0
 Joe's Barnes is putting in a solid performance so far.
  • 4 0
  • 5 0
 Did some numbers on the privateer. Adam's time versus winner, Hill and Barelli for 2017 vs 2018. Closed the gap by ~6-7% (or 3 minutes). Dunno if he had mechanicals either year, but that is a lot for top level racing.
  • 7 1
 A minute slower than Rude and 80 other people. I could sleep really well at night saying that.
  • 3 0
 Points and rankings after Whistler round (my calculations - unofficial - done quick so sorry about mistakes):

Rider points after Rd 6 Rank after Rd 6 gap to next posn gain
Sam Hill 2830 1 2830 0
Martin Maes 2270 2 560 1
Damien Oton 2230 3 40 -1
Florian Nicolai 1980 4 250 1
Dimitri Tordo 1940 5 40 -1
Robin Wallner 1930 6 10 0
Mark Scott 1780 7 150 3
Eddie Masters 1740 8 40 3
Youn Deniaud 1710 9 30 -2
Gregory Callaghan 1690 10 20 -2
Jesse Melamed 1470 11 220 -2
Ruaridh Cunningham 1197 12 273 0
Marco Osborne 1104 13 93 0
Jose Borges 1059 14 45 1
Thomas Lapeyrie 1053 15 6 -1
Lewis Buchanan 1046 16 7 1
Rémi Gauvin 1031 17 15 -1
Zakarias Blom Johansen 1011 18 20 0
Richie Rude 986 19 25 0
Josh Carlson 940 20 46 0
  • 5 0
 Congratulation Martin ????????????????
New Force sure make you a lot faster
  • 4 0
 Maes beast! Congrats with your well fought and deserved win! And with big time difference too! Go beat them all next races!
  • 6 0
 Did Melamed start?
  • 4 0
 Nope. Frown
  • 1 0
 I just saw him cheering others near the bottom of tunnel vision. His hand is all wrapped up.
  • 6 1
 Spirit of enduro running strong
  • 5 0
 Max Leyen smashing it!!! #leyenintoit #madmax #leyenpipe
  • 1 0
 Yup. That is the story of the race.
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 @barnz0rz: I believe he has support from Transition, and yes Max is killin it!
  • 5 0
 It's Martins second EWS win not his first!
  • 5 0
 Of the year, sorry - typing too fast!!
  • 4 7
 Sam Hill for president of the world!
  • 2 0
 Yeah! Go Martin! Side note... it would've been unbelievably awesome to see Rude vs Hill vs Maes vs Melamed, all healthy and mechanical-free, on this course. But life happens, that's the point. Great race!
  • 5 0
 Martin Maes has been crushing it this season. Also go Adam!!!
  • 2 0
 Massive congrats to Martin Maes, for his 2nd EWS win has been long overdue and is well deserved. And look at that, Jared Graves scores a top 10 finish, first time in how long!
  • 4 0
 Cmon Adam, you can do it buddy!
  • 3 0
 Yup! A little first round jitters, no biggy. looks like he's shredd'n now, stoked for him.
  • 5 0
 Yea Noga!!!
  • 4 0
 Looks like the specialized guys figured out how to make the stumpy work.
  • 3 1
 It was a dry race, Graves needs to up his wet riding to be competetive next season.
  • 3 0
 What happened to Damien Oton?
  • 4 1
 go katy winton ! hard as tarzans feet !
  • 4 0
  • 3 3
 Stage 5 going to be like the showdown at OK corral. Would like to see Rudeboy take it with Hill 2nd or 3rd. Hill has to get the overall, but know anything can and will happen on a 20 minute DH. This is Enduro right?
  • 2 0
 So happy to see some USA at the top. My man Marco a fellow NorCal man and Ritchy! Go ADAM!!!!!!!
  • 2 0
 What could Eddie have shown in MSA in his current Form? Is he going to race La Bresse?
  • 4 1
  • 3 0
 Lets go Max!
  • 3 2
 Cecile RAVANEL in first every stage, shocked. She is a beast for real,,, respect.
  • 3 0
 Yeah Yoann
  • 4 1
 Yey Martin!!!
  • 2 0
 Congrats EDDIE...Smashed it Bro !!!!
  • 1 0
 I have a vision of Eddie, in Crocs, bombing straight down the hill with bunting streaming behind him, fark yeah.
  • 2 0
 Great report and live feed PB!
  • 2 0
 OMG Noga just nailed it so hard my finger went numb! History in the makin'
  • 1 0
 Is Rude still running cushcores + DD casings? And he's flatting!? Can't imagine how relentless he is...
  • 1 0
 pretty sure he runs DH casing w Cushcore, not DD
  • 3 2
 But in fact, everyone here is holding fingers for #94 !!!
  • 11 0
 Ken Roczen?
  • 3 2
 @the-barn: no our pal the Privateer!
  • 2 0
 Yes eddie????????
  • 2 0
 Go Evan!!
  • 1 0
 Yeaaaaahhhhhhh Guth!!
  • 1 0
 what a fucking sick day of racing!
  • 1 0
 Ews website says Adam was 57th
  • 1 0
 Where did adam price actually finish in the end?
  • 1 0
 Guessing 55th as note at the bottom of the results it says "In preliminary results, the Privateer comes 55th overall +4:58.88 behind Martin Maes."
  • 2 0
 Looked it up on the EWS website and he finished 57th 46:00.87. Looks like he just missed 56th. Not 50th but really good. I hope Pink Bike keeps supporting and videoing the sessions.
  • 1 0
 #leyenintoit Stellar ride for Max Leyen!
  • 1 0
 If Eddie is in top 3 in EWS then it goes to show that DH is the real deal
  • 2 2
 Did Hill rap up the overall or does he have to race the last stop
  • 1 1
 pretty sure theres 2 more rounds to come, Ainsa Spain, and Finale
  • 1 1
 el corsario adam 55 ??
  • 1 1
 Yeow!!! Christina!!!
  • 1 1
 Congrats Max!!!
  • 1 1
 Loved the detail
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