Results: Mob in Mojave Downhill 2021 - Bootleg Canyon

Feb 15, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Cole Suetos and Kailey Skelton take home the top prizes after wild racing action from Bootleg Canyon for the 2021 Mob in Mojave Downhill event. In the Pro Men's race, Cole Suetos managed to pull ahead of Aaron Gwin by nearly three seconds to secure the top podium step with Steven Walton rounding out the top three over 11 seconds back. For the Pro Women, it was Kailey Skelton who crossed the line with a huge 15 second lead of second-placed rider McKenna Merten. Check out the full results from Mob in Mojave 2021 below.


Pro Men:

1st. Cole Suetos: 4:11.73
2nd. Aaron Gwin: 4:14.24
3rd. Steven Walton: 4:22.92
4th. Joseph Foresta: 4:25.89
5th. Dante Silva: 4:29.36

Pro Women:

1st. Kailey Skelton: 5:15.95
2nd. McKenna Merten: 5:30.98
3rd. Kaia Jensen: 5:56.64
4th. Dixie Ownes: 6:22.52
5th. Maranda Maliska: 8:32.26

Full Results:

Pro Men:

Pro Women:

You can view the complete results list here


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 I am not saying it means more than this one race, but if you have ever ridden Bootleg, you will know that it's pretty impressive to show up on a one day UCI license and beat Gwin. Nice Job, Cole!
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 It is impressive, but he beat Gwin there last year too. He’s from the same town in SoCal and rides for Intense.
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 @BiNARYBiKE: tbf. I was there last year and the year before(when gwin won). He is never going full gas at this race. not even close. it's not worth it. As other's have mentioned, it's too risky for a non WC event. It's a warm up to the warm ups for him.
  • 6 0
 @conoat: Yep - crashing in the wrong spot here is like diving into a wood-chipper, so a top pro can be forgiven for not going all out.

What troubles me is that we can't get a single photo of the event to accompany the results - just a link to Cole's IG. Maybe a small event story will follow.....
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 @suspended-flesh: Keep in mind there's a pandemic happening so travel is limited and budgets are tight.
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It's been nearly a year and we know how to keep ourselves and others as safe as possible. Travel by personal vehicle isn't restricted between CA and NV and although I didn't get a spot on the Unemployment gravy train, I haven't missed a single day of work since the SARS-Cov-2 epidemic began.
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 The guys in the dvo trailer are filling their bong in disbelief
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 Gwin got smoked over 3 seconds by a rider that only has a one day UCI license, impressive feat great job Cole beating Gwin.
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 2,5 seconds 'only' haha
  • 3 0
 and Cole's only 19y old
  • 4 0
 He beat Gwin at bootleg last year too.
  • 1 0 someone to keep an eye on, that's for sure.
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 @scott-townes: wow looks like Cole owns bootleg
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 Was racing with my son there this weekend. Bootleg is so high consequence and very intimidating. Congrats to those riders with incredible skills to rocket down a mountain of can openers.
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 Its those Kenda tires!
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 Impressive Run from Cole, Lets be honest,not many guys have stood on the podium above Aaron Gwin, let alone American Racers that aren't even old enough to drink.
Intense should send this kid to every world cup round.
To those implying Gwin has lost his pace, doubtful he was charging even close to 100%
To have Gwin taking any risks at this little local race would be like Tom Brady going all out in the preseason. just doesn't work like that. These guys have nothing to prove when nothing is at stake.
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 It's a very intimating track that is totally unforgiving if you fall due to be lined with sharp rocks from top to bottom. There is absolutely no soft landing anywhere. Congrats to all competitors
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 Awesome job this weekend Cole!
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 Love how all the comments talk about Gwin getting schooled lol, this is the world of DH racing literally anybody can win.... one tiny mistake can easily cost you 4 seconds and you can't really just go faster to make it up
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 is there a course map for this weekend's events? I can't find one on the race website, but maybe I'm looking the wrong place.
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 It was taken down after the event for some reason - the DH course was Armaggedon to G-string.
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 Yeah Cole!
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 NZ races seem more stacked
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