Results: Myriam Nicole & Antoine Vidal Win the 2022 French National DH Championships

Sep 11, 2022
by Ed Spratt  
The results are in from the French DH National Championships at Les Orres, with Myriam Nicole and Antoine Vidal taking the 2022 titles.

Check out the full results below.



1st. Antoine Vidal: 3:55.03
2nd. Loic Bruni: 3:55.04
3rd. Amaury Pierron: 3:56.27
4th. Dylan Levesque: 3:56.36
5th. Hugo Frixtalon: 3:56.89


1st. Myriam Nicole: 4:24.45
2nd. Mathilde Bernard: 4:37.26
3rd. Lisa Bouladou: 4:45.58
4th. Marine Cabirou: 4:46.58
5th. Alizes Lassus: 4:48.38

Full Results:



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 The men's winner was decided by 1/100 of a second? As they say in France, incroyable.

Also: Congratulations to Antoine Rogge on his 10th place finish. Coming after he finished as the highest ranked privateer in the DH overall standings (28th) and he had a 16th place showing at Val di Sole, hopefully some team will recognize his potential and add him for next year's UCI DH season.
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 In the rest of the world that’s called winning by a bees dick
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 Just a bit less than 1/100th actually, according to that chart. The whole top 5 looks pretty tight actually.
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 The French definately had a clear advantage here.
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Former French Minister of Sport and two-time Olympic gold medallist in judo David Douillet apologized Monday to Antoine Vidal, Loic Bruni, and Amaury Pierron for remarks he made on the French podcast "Grandes Gueules du Sport" that insinuated that the three French riders only took the National Champs podium thanks to a home turf advantage.

"The thing that's weird is three French people on the podium and there I say to myself, we are in Les Orres, in France and there I say to myself, well, what are the chances? Isn't the course super well known to our friends? Isn't that what tipped the balance?" he said, translated via Google from French. "So I don't take back all the glory and the efforts and everything that has been done, but when I see three French people in a French downhill, in Les Orres on the podium of the championships, I say to myself, maybe they had be a small advantage over others."
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 Vidal team is « commencal les orres » and He wins in les orres, suspicious
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 @pasteque51: CORRECTION of our previous Breaking News story:

Former French Minister of Sport and two-time Olympic gold medallist in judo David Douillet does NOT apologize to Antoine Vidal.
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 When you are World Champ or World Cup overall winner and don't win the national championship that shows how tough the competition is in your country. Congrats Antoine!
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 Also, a total field of 187 riders (incl. DNF) with 16 of them finishing within 10 seconds from the winner. Safe to say that in France the pyramid has a broad base and that it's not lonely at the top!
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 20 chicks and ~190 dudes at the nationals… DH is alive and well in France!
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 @mi-bike: ans 2 cadets about 10s back on the world champion, on a 4 minuts track built to be a world cup that is clearly rough
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 Good to see Marine Cabirou again between the tapes!
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 Welcome back !
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 Difference between Bruni and Vidal is just unbelievable! By the way, it seems like Loic was riding the new bike this weekend Wink
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 I think he mentioned he had ridden it this year but since he was coming back from injury and didn’t have a lot of time on the bike he decided to go with what he knew for the season. It will be cool to see what specialized have up their sleeve, if they uncover it next year.
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 @pisgahgnar: On the waiting line for the lift, I've heard him speaking about that bike with another rider. He told him the brand will not uncover it before 2024 from what he knew.
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 not sure if the mens top 10 is worldcup or french nationals /insert Fry meme here
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 The Max Commencal Invitational
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 Only 180 riders in the men's. Sheesh.
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 Shame this was the same weekend as Hardline! Would have loved to see stand-alone coverage of this and then hardline the next week - even if the top french racers still didn't race hardline, it would have been nice to spread out the spectator season..
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 Wow - Cabirou back and in 4th. Didnt think she'd be riding for a few more months (?)
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 Can it even be accurate at that small of a margin?
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 That's what I was wondering as well, How small is the margin of error in general of DHs timing system?
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 For world cup competition 1/1000s is the norm (moto racing, skiing, bikes etc), such systems cost a lot of money though.
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 @winko: In alpine skiing it's 1/100s. That's why we see two on the same podium place from time to time. Interesting, because mountain bike downhill races are usually about twice as long as ski races (also depending on disciplines). But at WC downhill races it's 1/1000s.
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 @noox: I think it has to do with the speeds at which they cross the line. Ski racers will frequently trip the finish beam upwards of 100km/h which would cause the margin for error to be larger.
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 Ehm, shouldn't be Vidal instead of Coulanges in the first sentence of the article or I'm missing something?
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 20 chicks and ~190 dudes at the nationals… DH is clearly alive and well in France!
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 The track was absolutely brilliant, "pépite" as we say in french! Beautiful, technical, with fast and slow parts... Just perfect !
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 6 Commencal Riders in the Top 10, I need a Superme too!
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 Heard they were cracking good
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 @bmxbackground69: Yes, Paul Aston has a thing or two to say about this...
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 There's a guy who's name is just "Chatanay"?
  • 1 0
 @Ricolaburle: Ok then, so which Chatanay was this? Smile
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 @chmurka3rg: Valentin Chatanay placed 12th.
Romain Chatanay placed 64th.
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 I don't see the winner's name posted all over the front page for Hardline. Given that this is essentially the last world cup of the year could you manage to not show the winners name on the page title?
Once this heroic feat has been managed, how about the pinkbike homepage never showing a race winner's name (or a half-assed blurred thumbnail); at least for a week or so after the race.
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 So that's another title for the Ravanels this year
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 Beau retour Marine!

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