Results: Myriam Nicole & Benoit Coulanges Go Fastest in Seeding at the 2021 French National DH Championships

Jul 16, 2021
by Ed Spratt  
With seeding completed at the French National Championships in Valberg, check out who will be last out of the start hut in finals.



1st. Benoit Coulanges: 2:59.06
2nd. Loic Bruni: +0.10
3rd. Antoine Vidal: +0.60
4th. Thibaut Daprela: +2,77
5th. Gaëtan Vige: +3.40


1st. Myriam Nicole: 3:28.67
2nd. Mathilde Bernard: +12.50
3rd. Agnes Delest: +15.17
4th. Vicky Clavel: +18.09
5th. Nastasia Gimenez: +18.24

Full Results:


Top 50 Men:

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 Rest of the men’s results must be behind that paywall
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 Chance to comment first about paywall must be for subscribers only
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 When the internet didn’t exist and we only had access to Mtb stories via magazines no one quibbled about buying them, why does everyone feel so entitled to get free content now it’s online?

Or is the issue with the big corporate company that bought pink bike out (that I can understand)…

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 Or perhaps it’s that those most upset about it can’t even remember buying magazines so paying for anything seems alien
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 @enduroNZ: Mate once something has been free for more than 20 years, its kind of a piss take to ask for money for it. especially when its overflowing with paid advertising, press releases and the like.
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 @enduroNZ: currently the depth of content is high, the knowledge of the PB community is very high, and the comments section bring this together for a great place to lean and share ideas and experiences.

The fear is that the focus moves towards the mainstream, making content more accessible to a bigger, less educated audience, and in turn losing the community behind a paywall.

When I started reading I couldn't understand half the tech talk in the articles. Now I can and I love it, and worry that detail and response will go up in flames
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 @thedirtyburritto: Maybe what’s been free for 20 years will continue to be free, and what you can pay for will be some cool new thing we don’t even know about yet. That’s probably too optimistic but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
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 @mrosie: My opinion exactly, I'm happy to pay for extra content, but taking away existing things sucks.
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 @enduroNZ: it feels a bit like the attempted football superleage that recently threatened the English Premiership. Something that became big organically over time due to the fans, only for it to be taken by the rich for further profit by excluding a large portion of the very people that made it what it is.
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Since you directed it at me literally i just said it as a topical joke.
Like most people I buy magazines if theres content in there I am willing to pay for and i dont buy the ones i dont, same as you.
Now about pinkbike, you gotta sell it to me why I should part with my money to read your wise comments
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 @enduroNZ: because its not 1995 and free (ad-supported)quality content exists in a competitive environment.

There isnt a cartel of a restricted number of magazines to choose from who were supported by payment and advertising.
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 @enduroNZ: magazines are physical, and take a lot more money to produce.
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 @mrosie: Right, because the profit motive always makes everything better.
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 Great comment
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 @enduroNZ: Because we have provided the world's largest market-research data pool ever assembled in the MTB realm and are now being asked to pay Outside to do so.. I don't know if you've ever done a focus group but when I have, I got paid rather well and had a sandwich provided. Now we are asked to buy their sandwich while providing free engineering, fashion, and epidemiological insights........
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 @enduroNZ: which company is that
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 Hopefully they can make some french toast at least.
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 @Unrealityshow: Don’t be naive. The profit motive was always there.
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 There is zero chance of me paying for Pinkbike or Outside+. Pinkbike is more like Facebook than a quality bike mag. It’s trashy entertainment and a crappy addiction I wish I used less given how little value it adds to my life. Hell, even Waki quit cold Turkey.
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 Does anyone know for certain if the comments section will be disappearing behind the greed wall?
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 I honestly wouldn't even be mad at OG Pinkbike asking for payment for some things. Like, if they produced a bunch of cool Grim Donut 2 content and asked for a nominal fee to fund production of the bike. I'd probably pay a few bucks.

What bums me out is the buy out of what RC referred to as a "pirate" site by a bland corporate mush-factory. It seems really unlikely that PB's editorial voice will be left alone, and I sure as hell don't want to put my money in Outside's coffers.
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 The fact is I doubt I will subscribe and pay myself, if it was me I would have been upfront about the future of pinkbike and provided the readership with options.

The issue is these guys don’t want to drum up advertisements that’s not why they got into it, but also whilst the bike industry clearly had a bit of money floating around, it definitely lags behind with advertising so I expect the actual amount of revenue that can be generated only just covers cost.

If they were to ramp up the advertising we’d all get sick of it pretty quickly and it also means impartial journalism decreases.

It’s couldn’t have been an easy decision
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 I'll pay for pinkbike after hours bike porn. Nobody saw they turning into the only fans of the bike industry butt here you are. If I pay the bikes better be bigger , the girls bigger, soapy, on the glass shredding. $$$
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 I'd like to wish Antoine Pierron a very, very safe run. The Pierron parents have been through enough lately (thumbs up Emoji).
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 Was gonna say the same lol. French DH is clearly slaying it though !!
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 As the not so funny mojo says : "never two w/o three...". Stay safe Antoine.
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 French league is like DH WC next level...
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 Seriously, when Vergier is outside the top 5, you know your national series is friggin stacked.
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 As it always have been.
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 There should be a broadcast or live stream or something
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 I'm sure Bruni wants that jersey from Benoit awfully bad. Mariam is a lock.
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 Benoît is on top shape this year!
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 Yep, as long as she stays upright, Myriam's gonna win. GOWAN POM PON!!! The men's on the other hand... Bloody tight racing, these frenchies are quick eh?
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 @fautquecaswing: Hell yeah,saw him last week in morzine at le pleney!
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 It looks like US National Champs aren’t the only ones running juniors with the pro category, that’s an interesting change that I assume is so juniors get a chance to make UCI points on a national level. Times are crazy tight!
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 Vidal will have a bright future, already so fast at DH and enduro as well
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 I was worried about him when he bent his entire body against a tree two weeks ago during trainings in Les Gets. He felt so bad for long minutes before being evacuated... Seems like someone gave him a Senzu bean
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 First U17 seeds 16th. I'm sure Max got an eye on him. (if he's not already on Commencal?)
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 He is.
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 @Clemounet: hahaha he want them all!
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 @Clem-mk: all the young gunz nowadays know how to be on top :
Step 1 : get a Commi
Step 2 : shred
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 Frenchies are kicking ass these days !!!
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 Near total French domination of the French National Championships!!!!
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 It is probably nice to race in your national DH championship without a mid-season, trans-Atlantic flight.
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 French nationals are basically world cups these days.
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 Are friday fails behind a paywall already?
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 Chromag lives
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