Results: New Zealand National DH Series Round 3 - Nelson

Feb 8, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

The third round of the New Zealand national DH series saw more action-packed racing with a stacked field of New Zealand's top racing talent.

In the Elite Men's racing, Sam Blenkinsop took a strong lead by nearly three seconds in his first DH in a year. Charlie Murray came across the line in second with Brook MacDonald another two seconds behind in third place. In the Elite Women's race, Robin Goomes pulled out a great result as she took the top step of the podium by a huge 13 seconds over Louise Kelly. Check out more results from the third round of the 2021 NZ national series below.


Top 10 Elite Men:

1st. Sam Blenkinsop: 3:07.54
2nd. Charlie Murray: +2.42
3rd. Brook MacDonald: +4.27
4th. Finn Hawkesby-Browne: +6.17
5th. Boaz Hebblethwaite: +6.40
6th. Shannon Hewetson: +6.46
7th. Aidan Limmer: +6.96
8th. Guy Gibbs: +13.56
9th. Bryn Dickerson: +15.77
10th. Tuhoto-Ariki Penne: +19.46

Elite Women:

1st. Robin Goomes: 3:58.10
2nd. Louise Kelly: +13.50
3rd. Fiona Murray: +18.55

Top 10 U19 Men:

1st. Lachlan Stevens-McNab: 3:16.15
2nd. Cameron Beck: +3.69
3rd. Alex Wayman: +7.91
4th. Riley Adlam: +10.29
5th. Cameron Clemett: +12.74
6th. Sam Weir: +12.75
7th. George Harvey: +19.61
8th. Max Caulton: +21.40
9th. Jack Mcalpine: +21.61
10th. Guy Johnston: +25.30

U19 Women:

1st. Jenna Hastings: 4:08.16
2nd. Kalani Muirhead: +25.75


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 Only 3rd place for the man who broke his back last year and had to re-learn to walk?
Pshhh, Brook I used to think you were tough
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 Awesome, c'mon Tuhoto LIFT !
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 Awww shit yeah
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 Crashed hard, checkout his Insta. Will be racing nationals though by the sounds of it.
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 Was this on kaka? Track is gnarly af to race on.
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 Yep, Kaka in full glory. Super gnar.
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 Yeah man, solid race course. Had a bit of a tickle up and was running mint.
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 I think it's fair enough to comment that it's great to see a fair race seeing all the other NZ downhill races have not been. Poor form for pinkbike to delete these comments that are fair and balanced. Also poor form to the bigots who are ruining the conversation for the rest of us.
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 We understand what you're trying to say and that makes you an a$$hole!
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flag KalkhoffKiller (Feb 9, 2021 at 2:10) (Below Threshold)
 It's not hard to see these "fair and balanced" comments for what they are: poorly disguised bullying of a trans-athlete while claiming to protect women while in reality you guys are just a bunch of right-wing haters.
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 @KalkhoffKiller: nice assumption mate

I'm very left wing in my political views and as such I think that women deserve an equal an fair go in life and sport.

I've actually spoken to Kate regarding this and she knows I have no ill wishes towards her. She and I just disagree about her competition in this particular class.

If that's bullying then I'm a monkeys uncle.
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 @billreilly: I consider myself pretty liberal and am all for trans-rights, I just don't think it's fair for all the women, whom I also respect. Who do we pick to support in this situation? The trans athlete that is paving the way for other trans athletes, or every cis-woman that has to compete against her and what appears to be less than fair competition? Unfortunately you cannot support one without ignoring the others' predicament.
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 Is no one talking about how Jenna is faster at 16 than Louise is, and Louise is elite. I've ridden with Louise and she's bloody fast, Jenna must be fearless and crazy fast! Plus Louise lives in Nelson, so it's a home trail for her. Very, very impressive from Jenna.
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 Who snagged some photos of the new Range that Blenki was riding?
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 How come Kate Weatherly wasn’t racing in the Womens?
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 I am guessing, but this round was held in the South Island so maybe she didn't travel down for it? It is common for people in the series not to travel between the islands, it can get costly.
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 @DamianNZ: makes sense cheers
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 bunch of other comments here earlier this morning now deleted. do those people get banned as well? or a suspension of their account? I'm fine with it - just curious.
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 shame really because you are not allowed to have a perfectly valid opinion these days without someone shaming or deleting your comments.
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 @mtb-scotland: so you think it's fine that you are posting your hostile comments even if there isn't a trans-athlete taking part?
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 @KalkhoffKiller: The ones I saw seemed supportive of women being able to compete on a level playing field.
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 @KalkhoffKiller: nothing hostile about wanting women to compete in fair competition.
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 @KalkhoffKiller: I don't think its is fair for trans woman to compete with woman. That is not hostile in anyway.
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 @mtb-scotland: Surely then the opinion of the person responsible for "...shaming or deleting...comments" is also perfectly valid, and in their opinion deleting these comments made sense.
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 @MumblesBarn: so you think it is acceptable to censor comments that are not hostile or abusive.
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 @mtb-scotland: Waki got forced in to retirement because some people found some of his comments "hostile and abusive" its all about individual perspective.
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 @mtb-scotland: You do not find them hostile and abusive, other people do. As you already stated, you are entitled to your opinion, as are they. The difference lies in whether that which was said was unavoidable and critical to the conversation, or could it have been left unsaid, knowing that it would be perceived as hostile and abusive by some?

This is the crux of all anti-woke arguments for me; it is the easiest thing in the world to change the words you use. It is a choice to use language that can be perceived as abusive and hostile, thus you are choosing to upset folk, purely because you can. Then when people are called out for upsetting folk they duck responsibility for their actions by blaming the person who is upset for being too sensitive or, ironically, get overly sensitive themselves and make non-sensical arguments about censorship and free speech. Free speech allows you to speak your mind on subjects; it does not mean you can speak without consequence.
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 @MumblesBarn: it's curious - Cam Zink has an IG post out today making an apology in regards to some language I gather he used on social media the last few days. Don't know the gist of it but wondering if he lost any sponsors (don't jump to conclusions here - I don't know) but he's very apologetic. And again, it was just words on what I presume was a throwaway IG post.
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 @MumblesBarn: I typically don't see things playing out the way you describe on this site. On these articles usually someone says things they believe to be true (and are reasonable), and because that someone disagrees with the "allowable" perspective in a non confrontational way, they are shouted down as a discriminatory bigot or just deleted. It is quite possible to disagree with someone's opinions/decisions/actions without hating that person.

Many people refuse to use "woke" language because it is straight up double speak out of 1984.
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 You've been warned several times before, but just in case you forgot:

"The debates about transgender athletes, inclusion, and fairness are contentious. As these conversations unfold, please remember that there are other people at the end of your words. We expect the comments on Pinkbike to be respectful and constructive.

Specifically, please don’t violate our terms of use, which state that any hate speech or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Transgender advocates, social media platforms, and other media companies consider misgendering and ‘deadnaming’ (using someone’s former name) as slurs and personal attacks.

The aim is not to censor conversations or ideas, but just like other slurs and personal attacks, misgendering and deadnaming are not welcome on our platform. Violations of Pinkbike’s terms of use may result in comment deletions, suspensions, or bans. Any harassment, bullying, or incitements to violence will result in lifetime bans from the site."
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 @MumblesBarn: the problem is that these days calling someone racist, sexist, transphobe etc. is the default reply of any "woke" individual that doesn't really have a valid argument, it's the get out of jail card for the recreationally offended.
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 @billreilly: but the issue of "deadnaming" is not even remotely valid. Just because some trans activists decided to bully people who brought up peoples old names does not mean you should go along with it.

Kate weatherly has an old name. He competed under that name and gender for years and how the hell is mentioning that considered hate speech when it is nothing other than factual. It's crazy and if companies like Pinkbike keep giving into this bullying then we are in real trouble. Kate weatherly is not a woman. That is a perfectly fair and logical opinion to hold. It is not hate speech and never will be.
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 @humoroususername: you'll probably get banned for that factually based opinion.

The only thing I'd say you should say different is that Kate isn't a "biological" woman. Mentally she is, in general physical appearance she is. In her heart she is. Let's just respect that.

I have no issue with referring to her as a woman if that gives her peace.

I'd be very interested to know why she didn't race this weekend.
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 @Larkey1: "general physical appearance she is"

Kate has a penis and testes.

what @humoroususername means I'm guessing is Kate isn't female (biological term that is fixed). You can't change your sex but Kate has changed her gender.
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 @mtb-scotland: not that it's any of our business but it probably a case of "had" rather than has.
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 @mtb-scotland: do you look closely enough to see them?
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 @Larkey1: you see I don't buy that mentally Kate is a girl. Kate doesn't have a menstrual cycle, can't give birth to children (not that a woman has to have children to be a woman but it's always going to have been in the back of a woman's mind in some way growing up), doesn't experience the release of hormones in the same way or levels as a natural woman. I've gone out with enough women over the years to know that all of those things play an enormous role in their life experience growing up. Its definitely easier to just manage your body being a man. It's pretty much the same all of the time. Just imagining that you are a woman because you are somewhat feminine is not realistic. I can't really imagine what it's like to get period pains for 5 days every month or grow up knowing that a baby will come out of me or just being that much weaker than 50% of the population. The average male is stronger than 99% of women according to a study of grip strength that was done a few years ago. Saying that none of that stuff is a big deal and that, I can just imagine what all of that is like and consider myself a woman is really demeaning and undervalues what role women play in society.
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 @Larkey1: she has stated it.
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 Ban me. I don’t care pinkbike.
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