Results: Pump Track - Crankworx Whistler 2019

Aug 15, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

Crankworx Whistler 2018 Rockshox Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge.

The RockShox Ultimate Pump Track Challenge sees two riders line up head-to-head and drop into a maze of berms and rollers, each racing to cross the finish line first. The catch? No pedaling allowed. Chains off. Game on. Strength, momentum and skill are the name of the game in this arena where pedal-less power reigns supreme and a single mistake can cost the victory.


1. Jill Kintner
2. Jordy Scott
3. Kialani Hines
4. Joey Gough


1. Tommy Zula
2. Adrien Loron
3. Austin Warren
4. Jakob Jewett

Vaea Verbeeck has officially secured enough points to win the 2019 Queen of Crankworx title!

Adrien Loron and Kialani Hines take the 2019 Pump Track World Championships overall with their dominant performances at all three Crankworx World Tour stops.

Full results here. Photo epic and video coming soon!


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 Bitch where you when I was pumpin'?
Now I run the game got the whole world talkin', Queen Kintner
Everybody wanna cut the legs off her, Kintner
Girl taking no losses
Bitch where you when I was pumpin'?
Now I run the game, got the whole world talkin', Queen Kintner
Everybody wanna cut the legs off her
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 so good
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 The Kialani vs Kitner battle is so good.
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 Yeah it was. Poor Kialani just looked gutted. I think if she ran the same race she did in the bronze run against Jill it would have been closer. She had 2 little mistakes and you literally can't make any against Jill. How crazy is it that she only did 1 of the 3 stops and she's on the leaderboard for queen of Crankworx. I think if she did all 3 stops she easily wins queen this year again.... plus that bike looks sick! Congrats Kialani on getting that overall... that metallic fork is looking sick. Pump track is so stacked with speed. Be proud. You'll get another shot at Jill next year.
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 @onemanarmy: it looked like Kialani said to her competitor in the bronze race “why couldn’t I have done that against Jill”. But yes hopefully more races between these two. The queen of hearts bike is soooo cool, respect to the queen.
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 Racing is full of: "If only I..."
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 That was some great racing
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 Hope rosters get unlocked soon
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 how many points did u get
  • 1 0
 @YellowFlowers: IDK b/c it hasn't been updated. I know it wasn't a lot though since I hadn't changed my team from Dual Slalom. Madder Gotta say I love the CWX fantasy, and I normally do pretty well, but it's often a pain.
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 The Fantasy points system is a bit hard to understand as well. For riders 5th place and onwards, does their qualifying position against the other riders in each heat dictate their points?
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 is jordan and jordy the same?? if yes and i would have know that i would have got perfect score
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 I hope so, don't see a second J. Scott out there
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 Jordan Scott aka Jordy Scott was featured on Pinkbike last year.

So yes; it was a safe bet for just $30,000.-
The same goes for Tommy Zula for just $87,500.-
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 @wintry: Okey so thenSmile But f*ck those 30 Points three races 2 go

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