Results: Pump Track World Championships 2021

Oct 18, 2021
by Ed Spratt  
The results are in from the Pump Track World Championships with Eddy Clerte and Aiko Gommers taking home the rainbow jersey for Pump Track.

You can watch the replay here.


1st. Eddy Clerte: 26.92
2nd. Philip Schaub: 28.05
3rd. Thibault Dupont: 29.21
4th. Niels Bensink


1st. Aiko Gommers: 29.75
2nd. Payton Ridenour: 30.10
3rd. Christa Von Niederhaeusern: 30.22
4th. Merel Smulders: 30.35


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 Um.... Why hasn't Pink Bike mentioned anything about Cape Epic... Hey I respect the fact that there are many many fans of BMX and freeriding, and as such their respective competitions receive a certain amount of coverage. While RedBull events are a spectacle, the Cape Epic race is a big deal, and I dare say is a quite an important XC stage race. Ok, so it's not in Pink Bike's back yard like the BC bike race, but sheesh, I can't find any coverage or posting of the results on Pink BIke. (Maybe I need to refresh my browser's cache?) For fans of XC racing, the Cape Epic is prestigious event eh!
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 Same for Oz Fest or whatever the Arkansas MTB XC event was over the weekend?

Thought it was like $50k up for grabs among the events.
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 One point of note: Aiko Gommers was only just behind the 3rd place man's time and she's 17!!!
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 Pfft. Shows blurry image of what appears to be full results, only posts top 4.
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 Bensink got robbed
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 Clerte was in complete domination..... wow
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 When did 22" wheels enter the market? Is that pump track specific? BMXers are now able to choose wheel sizes and be dicks about it.
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 22" wheels have been around for a very long time. They may never have been popular, but they've been there. I even think the the Atherton BMX has 22" wheels too. They aren't selling it at this point and maybe never will. The PB comment section isn't ready for what it would cost.
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 @americandentalassociation: He may be running microdrive though, you won't be interested. Go floss your Eagle cassette until the oil slick has come off.
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 22” are a reality in bmx from several years as said from @vinay ..they’re better known in bmx racing as OS20..but elite riders still prefer 20”..probably in pump track they make a lot of sense..
A lot of freestyle bikes too are now in 22”..i tried one and it’s a lot more immediate in feeling than 20”..
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 22" wheel bikes have been about for ages. Popular with tall bmx riders and freestyle riders.
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 @vic690: I had one for a few months,it was a freestyle bike. It was crazy hard to do whatever in that bike. It was heavy and long compared to other 20" inch bikes,not very playful.
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 @vinay: Problem with 22" is more to do with tire, spoke & rim sizes only being made in small number
But BMX 20" size wheels also seam to be almost always made in 36 hole now to keep them different to MTB
Also now all bike components are in short supply, so not an easy job trying to test to see what size works best but that is personal preference or track specific more than one size is best
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 @aljoburr: BMX rims aren't 36h for the sake of it - it's because they're stronger. BMX riders don't have time to be fixing things.
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 @DarrellW: I only recently replaced my 48spoke front wheel with a 36spoke one. Rear wheel still has 48 spokes. It is a bike from 2004 or so, one of the first from Stolen (the BMX brand of Anthony Revell of Revell bikes). Originally came with 44x16t gearing. Now I run 36x14t but still a simple ACS freewheel but I don't mind as I only use it at the pumptrack. Modern cassette hubs are silly expensive, especially if you don't pedal anyway Wink .
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 how are times not posted with these results? lol
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 1st Place: Fastest
2nd Place: Pretty Fast
3rd Place: Not as Fast
4th Place: Kinda Slow
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 @seraph: wish I could ride Kinda Slow
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1st: WTF did I just see.
2nd: God of speed.
3rd: Mutant superpowers.
4th: Only 3 riders in all the world faster.
54th: Still *$#@'%# faster than us.
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 cos the time was unique for each race. In each timed session of 8 minutes or so,riders could do a bunch of laps to try to go to the next session. Only half of the riders go to the next session till 2 riders left. Then they only do a single lap so the fastest win. You could put the fastest time,but maybe it is not from the winner. So fastest time here is not very important in the finish table,it is not like a DH race.
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 @seraph: I was .02 seconds away from qualifying for this.. The 2 guys that beat me didn't even make it through the qualifying for the finals at world's..

And I beat 50 people.. Its amazing how fast things narrow down and humble at the top level..
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 @seraph: did everyone get a juice box and a participation ribbon at the end?
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 @swan3609: Yep, those guys and gals rip !
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 @swan3609: Time was close for most athletes,like .2 .
Wow .02 is nothing...I hope next time you qualify for the finals!
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 @conoat: at least two juice boxes
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 No 29er here soon
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 I wonder how the pros we know and love would do at this?
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 They're pro. Merel won bronze at the bmx Olympics last summer.
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 They would be very professional about it
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 Do you mean the usual crew seen at Crankworx and whatnot? Fast people are fast so I’d bet they’d be able to qualify. But I doubt it would change the names above at all.
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 Anyone knows whether some of those have tried to qualify? This Lisbon track apparently favors the BMX bikes so you clearly need riders who have a recent experience of going fast on these smaller bikes. Caroline Buchanan might do well. Adrien Loron and Tomas Slavik were there and did a demo run with Claudio, but I don't think they competed. Not sure why. Anyone knows whether they tried to qualify?
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 @vinay: There were plenty of riders on Dirt Jumpers but from what I've seen most of them were there just to have a good time.On the qualifier the day before one of them qualified running on swimming trunks.
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 @vinay: I'd say all pump tracks favour BMX bikes if they're well-groomed.
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 @vinay: Caroline did not qualify and was racing the BMX world cup when the qualifier was on. People who race BMX have massive advantage over most other riders as it is such a core element of the their sport and most have been racing since they where kids. They really need to have 20inch and cruisers class 24, 26 inch wheels for these events like in BMX there is too much advantage with a smaller wheeled bike.
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 @DarrellW: Some tracks are faster maybe less demanding (technical) you could do well with big wheels.
I think those guys from BMX had way more racing oriented bikes,build to go fast on a track. On the other hand, dirt jump bikes are not quite racing/go fast machines for pure speed,but they could do other things too.
I think that´s why Claudio was talking about this sport is new and had a ton of room for equipment/bikes improvement for the next years. The pump track bike is coming!
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 @bandwagon: Tommy Zula might disagree
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 @bandwagon: I grew up racing Tommy Zula at ABA bmx nationals back in the day. So I am sure he would be comfortable on a 20" if he wanted, but chooses a 26". I also thought it looked like it favors 20" bikes, but knowing his background and current bike choice I wonder if that is really the case.
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 @vinay: Adrien and Tomas never advanced past the round of 16. They did compete, but exited early. Only Zula advanced to the round of 8 on MTB.
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 @paolocolletti: Thanks for the answer. So that puts it in perspective, doesn't it? Adrien is one of the top guys at these Crankworx pumptrack races. Not saying he (and the other Crankworx athletes) are not as good as the top pumptrack racers here, just that apparently these tracks are very different. Would be interesting to see some of these top riders here compete at the Crankworx pumptrack races.

@bandwagon: Bummer, would be interesting to see how she'd manage. I actually thought she retired from BMX racing though.
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 @miguelcurto: That was @Cole_Suetos - he ended up 14th overall & was probably the only non-factory guy in the top 16 & for sure the only non-factory guy on a dirt jumper. He also raced Worlds for USDH Juniors a couple years ago & got top 16 @ Strait Acres this summer, on a borrowed bike (Kyle knocked him out). He's legit.
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 @vinay: Tomas Slavik got 3rd in the LCQ the day before but didn't make the top 16 for finals, so he wasn't in "the show". Feel bad for the guys who ran the LCQ the day before, they had a whole extra day of riding in vs the others. They took 4 from the LCQ, I think 2-3 made the top 16.
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