Results: Pump Track World Championships

Oct 18, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

The results are in from the Pump Track World Championships with Tommy Zula and Payton Ridenour taking home the first-ever rainbow jersey for Pump Track.


1st. Tommy Zula
2nd. Tristan Borel
3rd. Eddy Clerte
4th. Niels Bensink


1st. Payton Ridenour
2nd. Nadine Aeberhard
3rd. Christa Von Niederhaeusern
4th. Michaela Hajkova

Stay tuned for the full results once they are available.


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 Is it just me but does being the worlds best pump track rider really deserve rainbow stripes ? not being a dick just curious what other people think ?
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 How do you feel about the world's best ebike rider?
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 Sure. He's/She's a legit world champ,

I think it's really cool that cyclists earn the right on a jersey that makes them recognizable. It's the only sport with that kind of iconic memento.
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 @Ronkol: it's definitely not the only sport in which champions get mementos
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 With pump tracks being built in cities accross the world, it's a sport that everyone can practice and the bikes are affordable. An accessible discipline means more chances of gifted athletes making their way into our sport.
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 It’s a bike race. I don’t see why not. Used to be rainbow stripes for slalom eh?
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 Yes. Doing it right is really hard. It seems simple enough but I have spent hours on certain rollers and berms trying to feel as fast and fluid as possible. And the workout is phenomenal. Why not a jersey? I think if you don’t think it deserves a jersey then you don’t ride pump tracks and you don’t realize many of the top riders in cycling were bmx racers.
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flag brooce (Oct 19, 2019 at 12:22) (Below Threshold)
 Pumptracks used to be a training ground for other disciples (or just a fun event by the way). I can't really imagine a rider spend the lifetime of his trainings to prepare solely for... a pumptrack race. And that's what a rainbow jersey should represent after all. Any wonders why the top 4 consist exclusively of BMX racing guys?
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 @brooce: psssst. BMX racers get rainbow stripes too
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 @brooce "Any wonders why the top 4 consist exclusively of BMX racing guys?" No, not a tiniest wonder. Actually what is weird is why they didn't take at least 10 of the top spots. Check some insta accounts of top BMXers like Niek Kimman or Michael Bias, or teenage girls like Aiko Gommers or Sae Hatakeyama.

Power output bordering with track cyclists, outlifting any other kind of cyclist, and then sending stuff bigger than A-line, just on rigid with 20" wheels. Then you go to a BMX SX track and realize you wouldn't make it to the end of second straight without getting a heart attack. BMX racers are a pinnacle of fitness and skill in cycling.
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 @WAKIdesigns: couldn't agree more ! After 15years of Mtb and many of those soingn DH exclusively I started BMX racing this summer and oh boy did I get humbled ! And by 13yo running circles around me no less ... No wonder why the most succesfull DH racers have a background in either DH or MotoX, look at Daprela which has stormed the DH WC Juniors and will be doing some damage once in Elite, kid was until recently a full time racer. Anne Caroline Chausson, Gracia come to mind in my youth idols for exemple.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I think my favourite quote ever from bmx is the one where taj mihelich talks about accidentally getting put into a race event way back when.

Bmx racers are track monsters.
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 I think if any part of our sport has a possibility of getting into the Olympics first (sans XC), it would be pumptrack. One of the large reasons DH and Enduro are not is because of terrain accessible to Olympic venues and “dependence on equipment technology”. Pump tracks solves all of this. The bikes are super simple as they use minimal suspension, one brake, and no drivetrain. Also the tracks are easily constructed anywhere with flat ground and possible to have head-to-head spectator-friendly competition without requiring massive terrain.
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 @kleinblake: That's exactly what I mean, they are extremely skilled in pumping for BMX races and pumptrack seems to be a playground afterwards. So why create a separate title for it?

Oh, we can always block BMX riders from competing there, similarly as UCI did with 4x racers at XCE (after Lopes started to win everything in the first year). That would have some sense, but...

@mtnbykr05: BMX racing already is at the olympics, so it would be a similar issue as what I mentioned Wink Just a 'small brother' placed next to the 'real sport' (with all respect for the great skills of the riders)
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 @WAKIdesigns: This is one of your best comments
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 It hints of swimming where there’s so many event types & medals for days... although cuz I ride it’s a million times more fun to watch so I’m stoked for more things cycling.

More racing = more advertising dollars = more sponsorships = more pros that make livable wages
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 Couldn’t agree more, recently got into dirt jumping and pump track riding and it has been incredibly challenging ,humbling and absurdly fun! The upside is that it has increased my downhill and trail riding abilities ten fold. For anyone out there riding MTB who hasn’t tried this cycling discipline I can’t recommend it highly enough, it will change the way you ride everywhere else. @Balgaroth:
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 @WAKIdesigns: Preach. My thought is that they are so talented because the kids program is so strong compared to anything else cycling. And its repetitive so skill dev is strong, not just riding trails. My 7yro is pretty talented on a mtb and can send soke mild black technical freeride lines etc. But damn when we see the bmx kids...I've seen kids the same age manualing corners and throwing 720's on bmx. Crazy. Wish we had local track and team.

Rant: the expensive Islabike type bikes have ruined a bunch of kids that should have been on a bmx. When they show up to pumptrack, most have zero skills and just sit and pedal.
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 @core-macneil-rider: Taj actually raced a decent amount. He would come out to the track pretty often with some of the other Austin bmx icons.
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 @thejames: yeah but there’s an interview where he talks about accidentally being entered into a pro level race with top level dudes and having no chance.
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 @brooce: cross country riding is arguably training for downhill, yet XC racers get a jersey.
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 @kleinblake: In other news, there will be a world championship racing on indoor trainers. Live coverage at with Rob and Claudio.
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 @vinay: there’s a powerlifting world champs ya twat
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 @Balgaroth: "No wonder why the most succesfull DH racers have a background in either DH or MotoX"

You mean bmx or MotoX?
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 @me2menow: Honest question; in which sport do you get the right to wear a jersey (or something else) which identifies you as World Champion?

Sure, in Boxing they get a belt, in the NBA/NFL a ring, but those are hardly something you wear during sport.
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 @brooce: it would be the smaller brother or BMX in a way but pumptrack is somewhat different to BMX racing. After-all we see 20 different types of running at the olympic (from walking to 100m to wtf in between to marathon) so why not seeing a more compact no pedaling version of bmx ?
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 @Isey: I mean both but for different reasons. MotoX makes you comfortable at high speeds and stupidly big jumps, BMX makes you an intensity machine and gives you incredible control over very precise and unforgiving machines. Point is if you want to be good at DH you best chance is not to do DH.
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 @Balgaroth: yes. But more specifically BMX teaches (cuz it absolutely requires it) an excellent or perfect hip hinge movement pattern and timing of it’s execution. Hip hinge movement is the basis of any good movement on a mountain biking. Bunnyhopping, manualing are the most obvious applications, but we use energetic hip hinge to either squash or boost jumps of all kinds. What is least obvious is that good cornering, be it offcamber roots or berms also rely on good timing of good hip hinge. So does riding through a rock garden which is nothing more but chosing where do you take off are where you land, each time you lift, you use hip hinge. In mountain biking, this fundamental movement is not apparent, it drowns in the loads of variables, and we often focus more on how to ride a certain feature or line, than perfecting movement that makes riding all of them obvious. Sure there are differences between let’s say drops, but the difference often boils down to where you apply hip hinge. Timing, duration, power of the movement.

Then, BMXers have a kind of fitness that is easy to translate to gravity MTB. Accelerating, then maintaining high power. I have ridden with folks who come top 20 in ironman in 45+ category. Dudes older than me by almost 10 years. I stand no chance when they put the power down on gravel. They can put out 27-30km/h on gravel. I barely do 22. Butbthen a steeper climb happens and they have nothing. They have no torque at low RPM. I rode XC behind Swedish ex national Champ in BMX. Man, everytime he could throw a few pedal strokes between corners he was disappearing. I worked hard on better lines through corners and everytime he put power down, he was riding away. And he wasn’t even trying and he never looked like World’s BMX elite, which are mountains of flesh.
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 @WAKIdesigns: well said !
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 @WAKIdesigns: I don't know about your theory of hip hinging as you can have good hip mobility and still be a bad rider but it is an interesting point that I only noticed in the start gate but now that you say it I can see it is a factor for many other moves. Also repetition on a almost 100% consistant track helps to master technique.
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 @Balgaroth: hip hinge as to hip drive. Quite a few people can’t tell deadlift from squat.
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 I mean generating power while hinging in the hips. It has little to do with mobility as long as you can reach whole palms below your knees.
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 It strikes me how little attention BMX race is getting. For the 2020 Olympics, the Dutch cycling federation is allowed to send a limited number of athletes. However an athlete competing in one discipline is allowed to compete in one other discipline. The track cyclists have done well in both the Worlds as well as the European Championships lately and they want to send more riders to the Olympics than they are assigned. So now they are looking at options. One is to send one fewer XC racer and sign in one of the track racers as being an XC racer. He may not do well at XC but then also gets to race on the track. Slight (!) issue is that both male XC racers have a direct qualification for the Olympics and they think that they may like to have that taken away from them. The other option is that they sign up some track cyclists as BMX racers. Both men and women are #1 ranked at the moment and they get to send lots of riders. Two of the track cyclists have a history in BMX too. So one thing they're considering is remove two real BMX racers and send these two track cyclists as being BMX racers instead. They will probably not make it through qualifications but they will likely not die either so they'll still get to race track. It is the most disgusting "solution" I've ever heard of. Sure theoretically there are only six medals in total if they manage to sweep the whole thing (realistically far fewer, they've never won gold at the Olympics though the ladies have swept the Worlds podium in 201Cool but damn, the Olympics are all about participation not shiny metal isn't it? I want the real BMX racers out there in full force, the ones who live this thing and who managed to pull in so many Tokio tickets. Hopefully the exposure will get us even more pumptracks or BMX race tracks here. Sure track cycling is legit too but let not parasite them on the effort of others.

On a positive note, I just found a new official pumptrack a ten minute bike ride from home. Sure I already have one three minutes from home but unlike that one, this one actually has the bumps level perpendicular to the riding direction. The one near home has all bumps curved (so more or less oval humps) so that if you stray to far from the middle (especially when exciting a corner) your bike drifts off the side and your body smashes into the bump. Especially as it is this gravely Gralux material. So that always had me riding a bit conservative. I'm excited to try this one this week. Apparently it was opened May this year but it is near a shopping center which I usually avoid, so that's why it took me this long Wink .
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 @WAKIdesigns: I see what you mean but hip mobility is still interesting if you want to keep your lower back and be able to push/pump deep. On another level I always thought that my background in ski racing helped me in DH Mtb but now thinking about DH/BMX from a hip hinging point of view it makes a lot of sense in terms of similarities in the body-mechanics on top of the balance, trajectory, spread of the pushing and reactions. Ski season is almost upon us, I am getting side tracked sorry lol
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 @Balgaroth: I am not sure about mobility when it comes to hip drive/ hip hinge power generation. I have quite good mobility so it is hard for me to know how it feels to have too little of it. I think increasing your mobility as a mean of injury prevention when crashing, requires certain range of movement which already puts you into the area where your hip drive is unobstructed. I know a few folks who can’t reach their toes and send it big time.

Keep in mind that the main factor here is coordination and timing. In which sequence and at what strength are your muscles firing in order to perform a bunnyhop derived movement, then the location/thus timing of it. Range of movement is potentially increasing the power that can be generated from the movement but it still falls short if the movement is uncoordinated and applied in wrong moment. For instance, let’s say you want to boost a 10-15m jump. The take off is 3-4m long, you ride at 30km/h. You will spend around 0.3s on that take off. Imagine that. Where do you begin crouching to be fully extended in a powerful manner as your rear wheel leaves the lip? If you want to squash it, because you are going 40km/h you want to execute hip drive so that you are getting light and as tall as possible just before the hip so that you are fully squashed just behind it. Now what is the duration of the hip hinge movement? Just crouch and jump up a bit. And you have to do with it just right amount of power, depending on the jump and speed. We wall can explode up as hard as we can. But how do we explode in a measured manner? How do we explode with a bit of lean back or a bit of lean to the front?

Now take this to a BMX track. During your regular BMX practice you will execute this movement at least 100 timesin 2h. If you go “just riding in the woods” it will be no more than 5 times in a clear way (obvious jump, obvious berm) depending on the difficulty. If you go to a pumptrack even more times than BMx track.

This is all difficult, to be able to generate coordinated bunnyhop like move. It takes months to learn to manual for heavens sake. Not because we need to grow muscles, that too, but mainly because we need to master the sequence allowing us to lift the front wheel high enough. It is near impossible to learn by just riding in the woods. You need to be extremely talented to just get it.

Hence non talented people who are much more common than talented ones, who spent time practicing in controlled environment of a pumptrack or BMX track are always better off than Bros and Gals who just ride mountain bikes since their way of moving is all fkd up.

And then you have masterminds who claim deadlift is unnecessary in mtb training. The most fundamental exercise of them all.
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 @WAKIdesigns: "And then you have masterminds who claim deadlift is unnecessary in mtb training. The most fundamental exercise of them all."

As for any sport for which technique is way superior to power/strength I would strongly disagree with this statement.If in a work week you have 2 slots of 2h for sports, going to a BMX/Pumptrack/Trial training will be way more beneficial than 2 sessions at the gym. DL will maybe help you get body awareness about the hip-hinging but that's about it. And that's something you can apply in Climbing, Skiing, and definitely MTB.

Too many people spend a lot of hours in a Gym, not enough practicing skills. As you demonstrated being able to time application of power to jump or do anything properly is key, if you can push 10 times harder but can't time it you go nowhere. If the Pros spend so much time in the Gym it is because 1. they spend they life training, not 6h/week (for those lucky to even have that free time outside the weekend), 2. they all have similar skills set so fitness is where they can hope to make some differences.
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 @kleinblake: I'd like to see you on the track and then talk shit...
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 Bruh.... "Do you even pumptrack?" lol...... no offense, I'm just trying to make a funny comment/remark, not trying to be a dick. On a serious side, there is serious skills/athleticism involved in BMX/Pumptrack racing.
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 @Balgaroth: that’s ok between you and me, but many people have no idea how to move at all. I meant that If they cannot deadlift anywhere near right form, they will not move right on the bike even on a parking lot. Also heavy lifting is the best bang for the buck of any training. DL in particular due to how quickly it develops grip strength. There is no 1.5min + descending a rough trail without muscular endurance. I had skill form of my life this year, but due to SI joint injury I couldn’t deadlift and it was rather heartbreaking to know I can f*cking rip it but arms and legs are burning while last year I was capable of getting down a WC DH track in one go.
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 @DJDrysdale406: talk shit on what? People that think pump track isn’t a real discipline? Aight bro see ya there
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 @WAKIdesigns: for grip strengh and endurance nothing beats climbing with the added benefit of coordination, core and general body tension and working out the antagonists upper body muscles of cycling. Plus it's fun. As for legs lifting is interesting but in winter I prefer to go Ski touring at night and since this winter I will add BMX racing. Don't get me wrong I love pushing some weight but my back has been problematic since last March so lifting is a bit of the table for the moment and when I get 10 or 20sec off some guys that barely do any cardio, smoke weed but spend their life jamming at the local dirt jumping spot it really doesn't motivates me going back at the gym instead of working on skills. I had a somewhat identical experience when I was ski racing which again does make me rush it to go back at the gym.
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 @Balgaroth: I can’t do skiing, there’s virtually no snow and altitude difference at my place. If I lived at a place where I have easily available ski slopes it would mean I could do lots of regular DH which would render most complimentary training irrelevant. No time and money to travel to Alps a lot. Climbing is not for me. Too much dedication necessary. Not a sport to do in a half arsed way, even indoors. I have too much respect to it. Gym is 5 mins away and good program gets me done in 1h. I also ride with strong guys, blowing lungs out, if I go to Dirt site, the majority of folks there flips and spins everything. Hammer hour after hour, no sitting and talking shit. Sorry, high bar for me at all times Smile Working on skills doesn’t Take that much time either. I train on the way to work. Sturns, manuals, wheelies, bunnyhops. Sometimes I do sessions with cones. There’s diminishing returns to everything.
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 Congrats to the medalists! Still, would be cool if some of the other top pumptrack racers (like those who compete at Crankworx and maybe some more WC BMX racers) would compete. Probably in the coming years. There is a rainbow jersey up for grabs, after all. I'd love to see this thing grow.
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 Tommy is a top crankworx pumptrack racer
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 I am wondering why there is no live coverage on Pinkbike or Red Bull TV. It would seem to be an easy event to cover like the Pump Track challenge at Crankworx.
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 I just found this website through which includes videos of the final runs of Tristan and Tommy (and some celebration afterwards). Not even the final runs of the ladies, not sure how they manage to get away with that nowadays. Still nothing about the full results but to respond to some other discussions here:
- They ran bicycle chains.
- Tommy was on an mtb, Tristan on a BMX

Other than that, these runs felt like incredibly long compared to what we're seeing at the Crankworx pumptrack so I can imagine it may favor other riders. And of course this is on (wet) tarmac instead of dirt so considering the number of riders I've seen wash out at Crankworx, it is a big difference here too. BMX racers are used to pushing themselves on tarmac whereas on an mtb you've learned to hold some reserve for when a wheel goes wobblyslidy in the dirt.
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 Just some additional info after scanning the rulebook ( Rules aren't numbered like UCI does so it isn't easy to point at them. But either way:

- You don't need a federation licence. Not sure where it was stated you need an UCI licence?
- No engine allowed (just to inform those clowns here in PB asking about this, you know who you are)
- T-shirt mandatory, so apparently you can't ride sleeveless. Not sure why that is.
- You start with one foot on the ground, the other on the pedal with the crank arm pointing towards the ground.
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 @edspratt :
Results can be found on UCI webpage: Click => Mountainbike => Results => UCI PUMP TRACK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.
Sadly I cannot make a direct link...

On it is stated, that a UCI licence was required:
"Please note: All riders need to have an official UCI ID to participate at the race! Without ID you´re not allowed to ride."
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 @Flo356: Alright, managed to get this link from your instructions:

I found that bit about the UCI licence on the website. I think it is a big omission to put it on the website but mention it in the rulebook. Not that I'm anywhere near the level to compete but if I would, I would definitely just download the rulebook, study that and consider it good instead of browse that website for other and sometimes even conflicting other bits and pieces of information. I do realize that there is probably just a small passionate and busy team putting this event together but in this case I think it would be up to the UCI bureaucrats to check whether the rulebook of the event matches their own criteria for a world championship. If they can't even be bothered to do their part, damn right they don't deserve the licence money from the competing riders.
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 Was good fun to ride the Qualifier, even if I was not going to win, but now with rainbow stripes feel will ever be fun any more You do not have as much fun racing with rainbow stripes!
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 I rode the LCQ on friday. And yes compared to the normal race in gempen it wasnt as chill or as fun but way more serious.
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 Are these races done chainless like Crankworx? Seems to me to be an easy way to level the playing field, relies more on the participants skill rather than their ability to get out of the start gate.
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 If you pedal on a P'track You've lost
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 Rode qualifier chainless, as said in rules that bikes need to be chainless, but difficult to get up to any good speed, with no chain. so no chainless sucks!
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 Tommy Zula is a fantastic rider. Well deserved.
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 video! more coverage please. if it's worlds, it should be a big deal!!!
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 Just wondering... how did the fastest wheel size get on... 29 or 27.5 so we are told ... lol
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 Where can one find the rest of the results?
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 Yeah, how is it even possible that only part of the results are available a good while after the race? Let this happen to the UCI WC DH and watch Pinkbike explode. Even on, I can find something about the cycleball worlds but still nothing about the pumptrack worlds. Also, it says Red Bull in the tags but are they even involved? Can't find anything on either.
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 Nike checks please!
  • 3 0
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 I'm just glad that his fox gloves velcro comes undone like mine.
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 Where’s the eBike cat results?
  • 1 2
 Never heard of any of those riders ...??
  • 3 5
 I'm not sure these are legit. Where were Kitner and Ropo?
  • 5 0
 Pretty sure both competed. Kintner got beat by Hines earlier this year. Guess there is more to pumptrack racing than just crankwerx huh?
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 @trails801 I'd love to see you go up against Zula lmao.

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