Results and Recap Video: Red Bull Joyride - Crankworx Whistler 2017

Aug 20, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  
Crankworx Whistler 2017

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1. Brandon Semenuk – 89.80
2. Emil Johansson – 86.80
3. Ryan Nyquist – 84.80
4. Anthony Messere – 84.20
5. Diego Caverzasi – 81.60

MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx / @redbullbike


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 Pretty wild that Nyquist was competing x-games so many years ago before I started into mtb and 15 plus years later hes still putting up results in competitions, let alone in a completely different discipline. For me that was the high point of the day seeing how stoked he was with that finish. Absolute legend.
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 Same here. Such an awesome character too. Stoked for him.
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 He's been a pro longer than Johansson has been alive! He seemed on the edge for a lot of his run, but if that was true he wouldn't have lasted 20 years, so obviously that's just how he rides.
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 yeah, watching that today was amazing, it blew my mind that he could rip with the young guns, legend!
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flag ccolagio (Aug 20, 2017 at 19:11) (Below Threshold)
 likely not a popular opinion at all - but nyquist loves truck drivers WAY too much for me to ever enjoy his riding. he just really really loves truck drivers and threes. it's just not exciting.
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 When Brandon's bars weren't straight hahaha.
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 That was a little bit akward haha
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 maybe from now on he should always have a mini tool in his pocket haha
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 His bike could use some One Up EDC tool.
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 @Bear74: Awkward, yeah.. But it says enough about how serious Brandon is when it comes to his bike.
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 he was throwing truck drivers directly after that on his way down, I would want my bars straight as well
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 @chyu: can you imagine if he pulled a tool out of his headset? Solid gold marketing
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 Maybe the crooked bars help him?? One arm shorter than the other?
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 Crashworx Whistler lol
  • 24 3
 Crashworx Redbail Deployride
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 Crankworx 2017: How to align/adjust bars without hex key featuring Brandon Semenuk.
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 Kinda weird how it all played. But Diego should be getting an award for the front flip bar off the cannon.
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 That was so sick!
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 biggest move of the day - that's for sure. What does it cost a frame sponsor to add a rider? A few frames and a couple grand? someone hook the guy up please! Or maybe I should start a kickstarter: " Next up is Diego Caverzasi, riding for Indiegogo"
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 I was never a fan of Nyquist's BMX career I always thought he lacked style and was overscored by judges for sketchy runs. But I have to say I like the journeyman old guy persona of his MTB career, he is clearly stoked to be out there and really conveys just how crazy this shit is. Way to go Ryan.
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 Might be an unpopular opinion, but this years Joyride was pretty underwhelming. No one really had a banger run. Yea Semenuks first run was really good no doubt, but it didn't even break into the 90's.
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 Well the exact score doesnt mean anything
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 How was it underwhelming? yes some of the monsters didn't have the run they wanted. But the comp wasn't a blow out and everyone seemed to score fairly similar. however no doubt people will be debating Emil's second run but it wasn't underwhelming
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 Would say, if Semenuk dropped in last, it would have been in the 90s, the judges had to hold a little bit back for what might have been coming..
Shame for Reeder and Rogatkin crashing, I don't think Semenuks run would have been enough, if one of them made it to the finish, so absolutely stoked for next season Wink
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 @Thinnumor: I agree, I wish they would have gotten full runs so that they pushed each other in their second runs
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 @Issidor: Well Semenuk not getting in to the 90's means that the judges knew that the score was more than likely to be beaten, otherwise they would have scored him higher. Shame that Rheeder and Rogatkin crashed and Johansson couldn't improove on his first run, 'cause those three aswell as Semenuk could have all beaten Semenuk's 89.80.
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 's@NickBosshard: You're just speculating. They didnt know anything. They just might knew that there was the possibility. But saying that it was more likely to happend is just lie, you dont know that. And my point is, that they are compering the runs, they do not have any standarts that would say that some runs should be in the 90's.
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 An 89 point first calibration run is a second round 90+
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 20 years seperate Emil from Ryan. Soooo good to see the Nyquist up there!
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 I'd give anything to see Mirra right there with him. RIP to the one and only...
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 Sorry but it was booooring...way too many crashes. I don't blame the riders cause I saw how it could be in Innsbruck. That was a blast! This must have something to do with the course.
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 I agree with you. Rheeder crashed. Rogatkin crashed. After that, there was no real excitement because no one challenged the top score. But that is how the competition goes. Congrats to Semenuk and good job to all the riders.
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 Both crashed because of the tricks and not the course. In my opinion.
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 Joyride has always been a course about big features and the bigger tricks have always been sketchy. More a case of who is prepared to risk it all to win but I do agree that a "tamer" course where you see more people pulling out all the stops makes for better viewing
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 There was some gnarly wind going on. Its sucks to see fans of MTBing watch so many crashes and go, "man this is boring." How is it boring when they're putting it on the line to the point where crashes can happen? Its odd there's not much of a concern for the riders' safety and instead you're concerned about your entertainment level.
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 The course is the best there is by one of the best crews around. The pressure to put down your best tricks back to back in the biggest contest that everyone wants to do their best is what gets into everyone's heads and makes it hard to string a run together. Maybe less features and being able to practice the whole course at once instead of having pieces closed off due to other events, would make it easier on the guys but she's always a tough sport at the end of the day...
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 @GumpiDemo: damn sure rogatkin can do barspins all day! As zink said it was the wind that took him out, if you don't ride dirt jumps you have no idea how much a gust of wind can affect even the simplest jumps, sucked to see rogatkin go down on his first run because of that, let alone the douche comment from soderstrom about it.
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 @GumpiDemo: Both also crashed (on their first runs) on pretty run-of-the-mill tricks that you'd expect they have on lock-down: a single tailwhip and an overheated bar spin. It looked like Rheeder felt the pressure and Rogatkin's style is always rolling the dice...
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 @ctd07: What did soderstrom say? didn't hear it. He always seems so positive and hyped for the other riders.
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 @plyawn: in the half time interview it was the usual bilge you hear about rogatkin... 'he has no style', 'he needs to spend more time practising the little tricks instead of the big spins and he might not make such simple mistakes'... Thankfully cam zink corrected him. Always had tons of respect for soderstrom, must be those damn e-bikes that got to him, you don't deserve to comment on anyones ability if you ride an e-bike lol
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 @ctd07: i have respected Soderstrom too but after his comment about Rogatkin, not sure what to think of him now. To think they're both Specialized riders, he should at least have a little support. He probably didn't realize what he was saying but I am pretty sure I lost my respect to him.
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 @ctd07: maybe it was not morally correct for Martin to say it but Rogatkin is kinda hard to watch.
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 @fatfingur @ctd07: in the pb livestream he said that its incredible how the sports evolving, that on one side you have guys that maybe dont do extremely difficult tricks but have just the nicest style, and on the other hand people like Nicholi who despite not having maybe the most effortless and clean looking runs they just push the boundaries of what tricks are even possible. So he does respect him on that side. Probably just slipped a word / misformulation that he couldnt get out of easily (not that you should do that on a livecast..) but I wouldnt be so harsh to Martin on this case, I´m pretty sure he did not want to discredit anyone
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 @dj100procentenduro: i agree. Watching Rogatkin is hard to watch because he looks like he is gonna crash everytime he does a trick. But it's only because he's doing the most insane tricks which makes him the most exciting rider to watch for me. As for style, I think I'm not alone to say that most pro riders who came from BMX lack the proper MTB style. Nyquist and Rogatkin doesn't have it. Even Drew Bezanson who looks stylish on the BMX lacks it. Just my 2c.
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 Bike companies please sign Diego Caverzasi, this dude deserve that
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 Congrats to Nyquist. Emil not improved??!
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 Pumped for Nyquist. I agree Emil should have scored more like a 90 and made Semenuk work for it.
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 missed no hander on the backflip barspin and had a few flat tricks
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 Emil had some improvements, but also had something missing of his first run, so overall I think the score was fair ^^ But looking forward to the next season, what he can do Wink Absolutely a great rider !!
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 Norbs got..... wait a minute
  • 20 4
 semenuk drank way to much water and crashed on the victory lap haha
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 It was the wind as he mentioned in the interview. Maybe somebody out there could invent a wind blocker or wall or something? That would make it easy for the riders. Haha.
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  • 3 0
 @terashred: Hahaha! And into the politics we go in 3...2...1...
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 Really cool to hear Brandon's regard for Emil !!!
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 Yeah when Brandon Semenuk says you´re the future of the sport.. well then you really know you have achieved something.
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 @daweil: would have been funny if he said that about Nyquist.
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 @nyhc00: hahaha true
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 Can we get Zink or McCaul to replace Brad for the rest of the Crankworx coverage???
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 It should be moved back to Saturday afternoon. The vibe was better and the riders seemed to ride better then too. It's so oriented around online viewing now that watching in person is actually kind if boring.
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 Doesn't seem like other courses have as many crashes as this one. Is this course too much or is it the pressure of Whistler?
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 I think a combination: this course has like 12 monster moves, plus is the final event of the festival that started it all. That's massive pressure to perform on a super-tough course
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 Poor Tommy G. I would have loved to see him complete a run. I like his style, even if he doesn't win.
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 Anthony Messere!! Soo stoked on this run!
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 NYQUIST! After putting my littles ones down for a nap, I fist pumped the air so hard after his last run I heard me elbow crack. Amazing results!
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 So gutted for Fredrickson..
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 Am I the only one thinking Rheeder is copying Semenuk's tricks here and there? I am mostly thinking of that "Fakie off the drop" stuff...
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 He said in the pinkbike livestream that a lot of guys he knows told him to try it, and he did, and "he had the most fun since a long time on a bike".. so..
Probably got inspired by Brandon a bit too. But I wouldnt go as far and call it copying
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 lol backflip can is the most be semenuk thing rheeder does. but yeah him & his bud made a pretty blatant knockoff of lapse too
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 Why did Semenuk have Trek covered on his downtube?
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 I think we just couldn't see it very clearly due to the colour scheme on it.
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 Wannabe SUPREME livery
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 Thought it was awesome, lots of people disappointed but innsbruck doesn't happen every time. Lot of people went down swinging, Rogatkin was an easy transfer away from making things really interesting, Nyquist threw down, Emil and Messere have insane amplitude....biggest gripe is with the pace of the event itself, seemed very slow and long. Not perfect but not bad either, and Semenuk's run was dope af.
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 How about full results?
  • 8 1
 I too want to k ownwho came 17th.
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 Benny Hill edit dropping in 3, 2, 1......
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 New joyride rule: Semenuk never drops first.

Rad winning run and congratulations to Semenuk. I really wish Rheeder and Rogatkin had stomped the runs they had planned!
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 Messere deserved a higher score and podium spot, style for days
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 Nico scholze got robbed
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 Weirdest Joyride ever. I sense some changes coming next year. Get rid of the helicopter and moving cameras please.
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 i'm... i'm happy with the judging, i'm not sure how i feel about that. Also, Nyquist for Hall of Fame along with Semenuk
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 Whew! Glad I got the webcast stabilized right when Brandon came on! 5 Star Salute to the Canadian MTB King!
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 Emil has a beautiful style! Nice to see Ryan get a podium. I wonder if Haro is producing that bike?
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 Blenki should have entered this, he would have come second.
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 Crazy to see Nyquist up there! Have been watching the dude almost 20 years riding bmx, now killing it on the mtb as well!!!
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 lol. still think Bizet got robbed
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 Small crowds! Looks like the rain delay of two years ago with the event pushed to Sunday ruined CWorx.
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 Nyquist's result was the best bit of the contest. Everything else didn't really get me hyped like the previous events
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 Can we get rid of Pat Parnell already!
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 he does a great job, esp compared to some of the clowns of crankworx past
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 @steezysam: Its true he is better than old Brad J. I just feel like we could move on and get some riders hosting this thing. His commentary is so sanitized, he could be commentating anything.
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 Pat does an excellent job. Even without considering the talent pool...
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 He's way better than anybody before him. But I do agree I would rather see another rider. Maybe Zink will take over and it will be Zink and Mccaul, which would be awesome
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 @jackmasta: That would be rad! Fingers crossed....
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 @jackmasta: Zink and Mccaul would be INSANE!
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 @jackmasta: There are lots of good options for color, but the formula calls for one "professional" broadcaster who maybe doesn't know much about the sport and one former pro who can add "insightful comments". The Cams are great at the later but together might sound a bit like a brodown with weird gaps of silence. Who knows though, maybe it would work - they should run some tests.
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 @plyawn: yea i know what you mean, but Cam does a pretty damn good job. If someone was watching who didn't know much about the background of slopstyle I feel like they would think he was just a normal announcer who knows his stuff.
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 Anyone else play the fantasy contest? I had Semenuk, Hult, Vencel and Rheeder. I have a feeling I didn't do so hot lol
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 There is some hope in this sport after all!
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 What are the cash prize amounts
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 No surprises here Wink
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