Results: Slopestyle - Crankworx Innsbruck 2020

Oct 2, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

With rain forecast for Saturday, slopestyle was been brought forwards to Friday morning. Riders were still battling high winds today to pull off their best runs but the level of competition was stellar from the off.

Emil Johansson wins his third Crankwrox event in a row while Tomas Lemoine delivers a sup-smooth second place run and Erik Fedko finishes third after a great second run.


1. Emil Johansson - 94.00
2. Tomas Lemoine - 90.00
3. Erik Fedko - 88.00
4. Timothe Bringer - 85.33
5. Lukas Knopf - 83.00

Full results:

Live Updates

Here's how it looks after 1 run:

Second runs will begin shortly in reverse score order.

Second Runs

Diego Caverzasi - first run score: 26.33

First up for run 2 is Italian Diego Caverzasi who was forced to stop his first run halfway through after getting blown too far by a side wind. His second run is also wind affected and a number of straight airs will harm his score.

360, backflip, straight air, straight air, backflip bar, straight air, backflip tuck no hander, cashroll - Score: TBA

Paul Couderc - first run score: 37.66

Next up is Paul Couderc who also had wind issues in run 1. The wind is continuing to blow strongly at the bottom of the course in big gusts. Couderc gets further in run 2 than run 1 but gets blown by the wind and misses the takeoff for the step-on-step-off.

backflip, backflip bar, backflip can can, 360, 720, off course - Score: 43.66

Erik Fedko - first run score: 41.66

Fedko called off his first run on the second hit but with no waiting around, he dives straight in to run 2 and delivers a huge run that more than doubles his score despite the wind.

360, backflip bar to whip, 360 downside whip, truck driver to tailwhip, backflip whip, 360 barspin to downside whip - Score: 88.0

Thomas Genon - first run score: 47.33

Genon had issues with a cashroll on the final jump of run 1 but he stomps a full run at the second time of asking.

360, double whip, 360 table, 360 truckdriver to tailwhip, superman seat grab, 360 one foot can to x-up, cashroll - Score: 80.33

Torquato Testa - first run score: 57.66

Italy's Torquato Testa is hoping to improve on his first run and stomps his line but a big mid-run case may have harmed his score.

backflip tuck no hander, backflip tuck no hander, opposite cork 720, straight air, 360, backflip, cashroll - Score: 73.00

Tom Isted - first run score: 69.66

Tom Isted cases the whale tail in run 2 and straight airs out. He doesn't improve on his first run score and it looks like he's going to slip outside the top 10.

backflip, backflip, frontflip, cork 720, cashroll, 360, straight air, superflip - Score: 69.33

Alex Alanko - first run score: 75.33

Another stylish Swede, Alex Alanko is up next and improves some tricks but finishes with a straight backflip. He'll just about finish in the top 10 with his first run score of 75.33.

oppo 360, frontflip, 360 whip, 360 bar, 720, backflip barspin, 360, backflip - Score: 70.00

Lucas Huppert - first run score: 77.00

Lucas Huppert looks super smooth at the start of his run but ends up switch footed and straight airs the last 3 jumps.

360 bar, frontflip bar, 360 whip, backflip whip, tailwhip, straight air, straight air, straight air - Score: 53.00

Max Fredriksson - first run score: 79.00

We're now into the last 5 riders and Max Fredriksson is up next. He had a super-clean run 1 but gets hit by the wind on run 2 and will take his first run score.

360, backflip, 360, straight air, backflip, straight air, straight air, 360 - Score: TBA

Lukas Knopf - first run score: 83.00

Germany's Knopf is one of only 4 riders to get into the 80s in run 1 and he'll have to stick with that score as he doesn't improve in run 2.

360, backflip barspin to whip, 360 can, double whip, 360 whip, straight air, straight air, backflip - Score: 52.00

Scores on the doors

Here are the provisional standings as we head into the final 3 runs:

Timothe Bringer - first run score: 85.33

The rookie who made his debut at Crankworx Rotorua was the surprise package of run 1. He ruins his back wheel coming up short on a cashroll but will no doubt be stoked with a top 5 in his first Crankworx year.

tailwhip, cashroll (crash!) - Score:TBA

Tomas Lemoine - first run score: 90.00
Emil Johansson - first run score: 94.00

Lemoine and Johansson seem to be happy with their first runs and are going to ride a train to round out the competition. "Let's get this over with."

Lemoine - 360, whip, backflip, 360, 360 table, barspin, 360,
Johansson - 360, 360, 360, 360, oppo 360, whip, 360 x-up, superman seatgrab.

An awesome finish!

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 Tom isted got robbed
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  • 14 1
 Place is windier than I am after eating beans
  • 5 0
 Red Bull, I've got an idea. Instead of sponsoring another athlete, please take that salary and pay a software engineer who can fix your completely worthless Mobile and Apple TV app.
  • 6 0
 Nice to see Lemoine & Emil finish the comp with a train, real brospirit in this sport!
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 Emil is just completly on another level ????
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 Watch party anyone? Speed and style starts in bout 30 min.
  • 1 1
 Feels like in the next years riders will only compete for the 2nd and 3rd place on the podium because emil will take first anyways. Nobody comes close to his level.
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 Dailly made the dual slalom and no slopestyle. He should have tried, at least, in enduro mode.
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 Winning machine MK1 and MK2 didn't compete?
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 Bringer. Hell yeah man.
  • 2 1
 It's a shame Jakub Vencl got injured, bet he'd be in top 5.
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 3 swedes in top 10! Wow!
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 Wow what a international field.
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 No Branden, No Brett, No care.

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