Results: Timed Training - Maribor DH World Cup 2019

Apr 26, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
Photo: Rick Schubert

Timed training is always questionable but with tight times at the top and not much different from last weekend's iXS European Cup which was run on a very similar track it looks like plenty of the riders are looking fast and ready to race. In the Elite Men, it would be Loic Bruni on his new 29/27.5 Specialized Demo that would take the top time by just 0.224 seconds over Gee Atherton. After struggling to find speed last weekend it looks like Gee is back up to race pace and looking like a strong contender on board the Atherton prototype bike. Alexandre Fayolle would be incredibly close to Gee's time with a gap of 0.047 between second and third. Bernard Kerr and Charlie Harrison would complete the top five which were all within 1.682 of Loic Bruni.

In the Elite Women category, Marine Cabirou would secure the top spot with a time of 3:32.139, this would be almost five seconds ahead of Rachel Atherton. Monika Hrastnik and Nina Hoffmann would sit in third and fourth before Mariana Salazar would fall back to fifth 17.989 seconds off the pace. Notable riders such as Tahnee Seagrave and Tracey Hannah would fall further behind in the pack with clear signs that they stopped on their way down the track. Interestingly Tahnee Would set the fastest split one in the women's category by 0.061 and Tracey would set the fastest split three with almost a second over Marine Cabirou.

Thibaut Daprela and Vali Holl would continue their domination of the Junior categories with big margins back to second position. Vali Holl's time of 3:40.383 would have placed her fourth in Elite and even Atherton Bikes Mille Johnset would have placed herself sixth.

Elite Men

1st. Loic Bruni: 3:02.406
2nd. Gee Atherton: +0.224
3rd. Alexandre Fayolle: +0.271
4th. Bernard Kerr: +1.031
5th. Charlie Harrison: +1.682

Elite Women:

1st. Marine Cabirou: 3:32.139
2nd. Rachel Atherton: +4.843
3rd. Monika Hrastnik: +7.489
4th. Nina Hoffmann: +8.799
5th. Mariana Salazar: +17.989

Junior Men:

1st. Thibaut Daprela: 3:09.310
2nd. Elliot Jamieson: +5.407
3rd. Kye A'Hern: +5.645
4th. Matteo Iniguez: +7.939
5th. Jamie Edmondson: +8.934

Junior Women:

1st. Vali Holl: 3:40.383
2nd. Mille Johnset: +10.400
3rd. Anna Newkirk: +19:53.562

Elite Men

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Elite Women

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Junior Men

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Junior Women

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 I’d normally dismiss it to a degree, but those top times are super close
  • 22 0
 @kleinblake: that's the spirit!
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 Have to edit fantasy team at least ten more times before its locked in.
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 Well actually the time between all those splits mean something. Maybe Gwin or Brosnan are out of the top 5 in time training, but in terms of splits they have a lot to play with.
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 @kleinblake: I kind of judge the trap speed vs. placement at the end of timed training. Looks like the top riders are up in the 51-53kmh range.
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 @adrennan: do you mean we are not talking about the game?
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 @adrennan: I would not expect the younger MTB crowd to get that but it sure made me laugh.
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 @adrennan: not sure anybody outside the US will get that but I thought it was brilliant.
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 Well, he better start posting results if he wants to sell his namesake bike. I suppose when your rider is also the sponsor it adds a bit extra motivation to win.
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 He's gonna have a year
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 conspiracy theory: Gee sandbagged the last few years in preparation for the release of this new bike...
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 Probably not
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 27.5 ain't the rear.
  • 18 3
 I’m sure most folks that had 27.5’’ in rear are dead. I did meet a girl once who said she could take 20...
  • 6 1
 @Monkeyass: Would it be any coincidence that you're Monkeyass?
  • 2 0
 @Monkeyass: I prefer to have 29" in my rear, but I have 27.5" hanging out front.
  • 4 1
 @Monkeyass: You know my ex girlfriend?
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 i’m with u on the 29’’ in the rear. But back on topic, @miketizzle was your ex a single mother of 3 from Cheltenham with ginger hair and a fanny like a tattered wind sock? If so yes.
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 May I be the first of the season to say, scribd still sucks the high hard one!
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 +1000000000000 Still useless AF.
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 Gwin was running ahead of everyone before he stopped for a sangwich and a redbull before split 3.
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 I'm guessing he stopped at least three times on track
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 Congrats to Loic on the win!!!! I can't wait for Fort William!
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 He looks scary fast in the Fox Head vid put out today. I'm curious how much wheelbase has increased on new Demo.
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 6 for Dakotah Norton Nice!
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 I think the most impressive thing here is how Vali Holl would already be 4th as an elite! That girl is going to dominate the field in a few years time!
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 Luckily the best female ever will probably have retired by then.
  • 14 2
 @jclnv: ACC retired awhile ago.... But yeah Rachel will probably be retired by then too..
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 @Leethal-1: I was around when ACC was dominant. I think the level is far higher now and Rachel still dominates.
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 Gwin was up almost 2 seconds after 2nd split. #stillmeansnothing
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 0.3 seconds...
  • 4 3
 Dude definitely has a strategy that works for him.
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 I feel like he gauges himself against the field part way to see where he is at then lays off the gas.
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 He's washed up. The Frenchies will thrash him.
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 Gwin wishes he had his YT again....
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 Surprise I was right again.
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 Atherton Bikes not so bad...
  • 5 2
 See now I don't know if I need to change my fantasy team or if all my riders are just holding back for race day....
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 Panic and change everything
  • 7 0
 Change everything then panic
  • 3 0
 Change everything and then panic and then change it back again
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 Top 3 elite men separated by 2 hundredths! Looks like this race is shaping up to be really exciting! Nice to see Gee up there!
  • 4 1
 Looking forward to seeing how the Atherton's do on their new bike. Time for Gee's comeback hopefully.
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 Geesus lives!
  • 4 1
 @BenPea: You can't call him that, he's an atherist.
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 @metaam: you got me
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 @metaam: That's gold!
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 Why does the timed training list differ so much from the entry list (57 vs 164 for the elite men and 12 vs 34 for the elite women)??

Where are all the other times?
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 Remember that Gee gets up to his top speed really quick and stays about the same all the way through to race day. Still, I hope he can challenge come qualifying and race. Would be good to see him on one of the steps.
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 So you're telling me Luca Shaw didn't do any timed training runs?
  • 2 1
 Doesn't need to - he's got this.
  • 2 0
 @endlessblockades: Well, no. The reason I asked the question is because he would've practiced, but as it turns out, he's down with a broken collar bone. So unfortunately he doesn't have this one.
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 Well my number one goes number one go on loic
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 Has timed training ever reflected race results?
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 its not that meaningless , but only in a positive way. being fast in tt usually leads to a good result, being slow in tt usually doesnt mean anything
  • 19 1
 Well, my cousin Larry has never been in either timed training or race results so, to an extent, yes.
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 It sets up a lot of silent battles in qualifying & finals you won't hear anything about. Riders are marking one another, knowing who they typically compare favorably to.

When they see a contemporary pop a timed run that's fast & they had maybe a poor run they thought was fast, it has it's effect.

I'm a fan of timed training because if I recall, used to Gwin would change everybody's strategy when he first hit the scene & you'd see blistering timed runs from him (which scrambles big names & teams minds when you're coming from nowhere).
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 Yes. Never.
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 @bizutch: Only show some speed, and all of it when it counts. Been working good for a few years. Yew! Let's go racin.
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 @richhouseman: You need to climb on an XL 29er DH & go stop the clock again big dog now that there are bikes that actually fit your height.
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 When Gwin acts like he already has it in the bag, he already has it in the bag..
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 Anna Newkirk with a blistering time of 23:33 minutes? Was that the course walk clock?
  • 9 2
 Shes running 26" wheels.
  • 1 0
 Gee certainly wasn't hanging around through the speed traps!
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 Shit, merde, Schieße, mierda... the French are back...
  • 2 1
 where is Maes?
  • 5 1
 Maes is not racing
  • 1 1
 Maes is not winning. Clearly.
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 @PHeller: fix the fantasy !!!
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 Where is Brendog?
  • 2 5
 No link to the full field results? Just top 5... cmon!
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 @gcrider: that wasnt there earlier...

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