Results: XC Team Relay - Leogang World Championships 2020

Oct 7, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  
Team relay start.

The first results from the 2020 World Championships are in and France have claimed the top spot in the XC Relay event. The lead swapped many times as different teams' tactics revealed themselves. The USA led the early laps before being overtaken by France. Austria then took the lead at the start of the last lap but fell back strongly to allow France back into the lead to take gold.

1. France
2. Italy
3. Switzerland

Full results:


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 France. Strong across the board, going to dominate the Worlds again this year I think.
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 Big, if true
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 I'm beyond excited to be honest
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 I don't think France will ever beat what they accomplished at the 98 worlds where they almost won everything lol
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 Canada sends 27 athletes to Leogang for World Champs and couldn't field a team for relay?
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 Ya, I am 51 but would have been good for a 22 minute lap. National Team for a day...
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 Team needs to have 6 riders: MF×elite, MFxU23, MFxJunior
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 It looks like the Blevins may be a legit podium contender for the US moving forward, which is great. Dude is an awesome rider (and not just at XC).
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 I agree, but I will be honest if there is going to be any USA rider placing top 10 in any kind of xc men event, Howard Grotts is the only guy that can do that. He finished 2nd just seconds before Swenson on a hardtail with no dropper at 2019 Winter Park Nationals. I was really hoping he would come back this year but he has his own life and he knows that winning doesn't lead to happiness in his case.
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 @btbsps: true but the WC XC races are not really suited to Howard's style it seemed. He was so good at the long races that were a lot of grit to finish fast. The WC XC races are just 90 minutes of maximum effort. I think Keegan and certainly Chris are more suited for. The move up to Elite's is a crazy hard shift though.
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 @Supermoo: good point!! i keep forgetting how Grotts 3peat the 100 leadville! I met him once and he is so tiny! and yeah, blows my mind how insanely strong riders are outside of america. I still cant put my finger on how strong Nino is. Would love to have him do a lap at my local xc loop and see the result.
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 @Supermoo: I think Keegan may also be more interested in and suited for the longer stuff, as well. His White Rim FKT was super impressive, and he's also done very well in the Epic Ride series. And he also set an Everesting record, I believe.
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 @btbsps: I'd argue that Howard Grotts excels at high altitude, and that the more technical nature of WC racing is where someone like Belvins will do best.
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 Lol 2019 picture. Really?
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 Just for results I suppose the actual pictures are coming
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 Canada didn't bring any juniors.
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 Canada didn't send any athletes just the pro teams.
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 Solid lap for Riley Amos--US Junior!!!
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 Interesting the number of names not in the results this year.
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 @mfoga With 4 races over 6 days just last week it's no wonder. They're all still recovering and charging the batteries for the big show this weekend. Usually there's at least a little break before going into the World Championships and since there's no World Cup Champion this year this is "it" for the top riders to make their mark in front of their sponsors and the fans. I'm sure a lot of them would have liked to have ridden it. They all seem to be having a great time in the past ones I've seen; but priorities, priorities, priorities...
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 @Augustus-G: I know they did all the racing, I was kinda shocked how hard they all went a week before world champs . I would think get a warm up race and then get ready for world champs. I also wonder how much weather was factor.
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 @mfoga: I think last week very well could have gone down exactly like you said. Then a bunch of U23 and 1st year elites got on the track and started riding like possessed demons with their hair on fire. Next thing you know the vets are upping their game to match and whallah you've got an all out race, next week be damned.

The weather, IMPO some benefitted and others got hammered by it. Looks like this week is going to be more of the same. From the few photos and very short vid-clips I've seen of today's Team Relay it was absolutely miserable.
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 That say relay?

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