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Jul 11, 2016
by Retallack Lodge  
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Now in our 5th year of operation, our network holds 75km of premium Enduro/All Mountain and DH trails that that perfectly blends hand built singletrack and machine constructed loamy shredding. Descents ranging from 2500ft of forested loam to 6000ft alpine singletrack to cater to almost all skill levels.

Retallack Lodge

Rider Johnny Smoke

Retallack has spent years building our very own backcountry network suited for a variety of skill levels and bike types to ride together. We pride ourselves on keeping trails in mint shape through exclusivity, design, and maintenance. Think heli-skiing but on bikes. We are mountain biking’s premium destination and once again crews have set out to mark another milestone in epic singletrack descending.

Photo Paris Gore

Photo Dave Heath

Three and four day guided trips start at $350 + tax per person/per day and include 4 gourmet meals, three nights accommodation, shuttles, and access to the many amenities within the lodge including our hot tub, sauna, games room, pump track, and new 18 hole disc golf course. Our widely popular heli packages are an additional $450.

Photo John Wellburn

No doubt you have some more questions and we are happy to answer. For more info please call 1-800-330-1433, email or visit

Inside our 12 000 sq ft lodge

Photo Bruno Long

Rad POV video from last year's intern @brendangauthier
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Retallack Lodge
Learn more about us, atRetallack Lodge!

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 @SithBike: having ridden Retallack before I can say the trails are built so well you can rip hard on your first lap down (and I normally suck riding trails blind). The trails are all fast and flowy. All the guides are plenty quick as well, so you'll have someone fast to follow. Furthermore, unless you're familiar with the terrain and area, you wouldn't know where to go as there is no map that I'm aware of
  • + 2
 i wonder if you can ride without the guide and meal part? might be cheaper to stay there, get dropped off and ride and eat on your own? Looks like some really amazing riding though. Also, unless i missed it, is the $450 just for one dropoff, or all day? and does it include a high altitude auto-rotation? hehe
  • + 6
 I believe it's all built on crown land leased by Retallack Lodge so technically you can go and ride the trails without a guide.
  • + 24
 Yeah but I'm surprised, only $350 a day which includes a baller hotel/lodge, meals and guides. I bet that's in Canadian Dollars also so in reality that's like only $78 bucks a day! What a smoking deal!
  • + 14
 @AussieDreamZ: yes but with a good conscience you wouldn't poach trails that guys have spent so much time building for a business to support their well being. Pay to ride or don't ride it I say.
  • + 12
 All day bud. I've been there 3 times in the past two years. The guide service is top notch as is the lodge staff. Trust me, you will get more than enough runs a day. Honestly this is a way better value and experience than staying in the whistler village. Food is killer too.
  • - 10
flag SithBike (Jul 11, 2016 at 18:58) (Below Threshold)
 I'm not going to heli shuttle up something, and have to ride the brakes down because I don't know what is around the corner. So I'll hike it all the way up, and rip all the way down. All for free. And if the trail builders don't consider it trail poaching because they have built it on public land in good conscience. Then I might consider the shuttle packages next time.
  • + 7
 @SithBike: You're only writing that because you haven't gone heli biking... or know how to look ahead Wink Its an incredible experience and I bet you've ripped down plenty of trails without hiking up them first.
  • + 3
 @SithBike: Have fun with that hike... Get off your wallet and spend some cash
  • + 0
 @justinhodgson: But it's a two way street, you know when they are guiding on trails outside of Retallack (which they do)
  • + 6
 @ukr77: Retallack does not operate on trails that are outside of the tenure. There is a trail that we did not build, but have tenure on. In that case maintenance is contributed by the trail crew.
  • + 5
 I am going next year for my 40th birthday! Man it sucks getting old
  • + 4
 Apparently not, your going here for your bday to ride bikes after all Wink
  • + 3
 Considering that there's a good chance that your guide will be considerably older than you, that's not a card you can easily play.
  • + 4
 Helicopters aren't exactly cheap to run or maintain. Heli skiing will run you about $500 a head too.
  • + 1
 Most heli ski operations in Canada are much more than that, Selkirk Tangiers near Revelstoke has a bunch of different packages but all are around 1000pp a day.
  • - 1
 bout time I got my act together guys. I am so overdue for the adventure maybe I have to spend a few less weeks in Jamaica this season. Cookie and everyone knows my thirst for a heli rip. Not sure if my Mojo will cut it as my Nomads live in Negril now. Major props to the trail gurus doing unbelievable work there.
  • + 3
 How many laps per day????
  • + 1
 That often depends on your crew, but the stronger the crew then the more you'll ride. At least that's been our experience in the past.
  • + 1
 It's hard to say with laps since trail lengths vary. Riders have been getting between 12-15,000 vertial feet per day. Current record from a single group is 20,200ft per day w/o heli assistance. Any challengers???
  • + 1
 @retallacklodge: I might know a group of guys that would take that challenge on!
  • + 3
 see you in 3 days! boom! so pumped...
  • + 2
 please please please can someone tell me the song name for that first video, it was awesome!!
  • + 1
 Blind melon
  • + 2
 Darude Sandstorm
  • + 1
 @AlpineNate: ??? blind melon - no rain ... except somebody put it through a synthesizer for some reason ...
anyways better melon songs that no rain are:
- change
- mouth full of cavities
- st.andrews fall
- paper scratcher
- time

and so many more ... no rain is all you will hear on your radio unfortunately though.
at any rate, enjoy & of course, an RIP to shannon hoon.
  • + 1
 @coupstair: Thanks so much bud, awesome music by them, but the song in the video was remixed/edited, ill have to hunt around for it... AAAND update as im writing this.. the song is no rain pumpkin remix !!!
  • + 2
 See you guys in a month!!
  • + 1
 Let's hear what the locals think...
  • + 1
 So pumped to be headed there Sunday for a week!! Build it, ride it
  • - 3
 All i wanted to know was where this was. But no mention of location? Sub par writing IMO. Never answered the basic "Where?" we all learnt about in elementary school writing class.

All I got was "backcountry, trails, heli, backcountry, trails, great stuff, backcountry." Makes me wonder if they'd skip any other important basics. A boy can dream....
  • + 3
 Ever thought of checking the website?
  • + 2
 They have a link to their site, but Retallack is under an hour from Nelson, BC.
  • + 1
 Anyone else here headed for the Sept 2-4th trip?
  • + 1
 retallack should play better with others...
  • + 1
 This trip is going to happen.
  • + 1
 Where's the contest then?
  • + 1
 no contest, just sponsored content. :-\
  • + 1
 Here, finally, is an ad I don't mind reading. So beautiful!
  • + 1
 Will cook for bikes
  • + 1
  • - 2
 One day when we all can afford $2000 for 3 days
  • + 6
 Is it in Canadian rupees? If so it's not2bad. (which will be out tomorrow Eek )

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