Revel Bikes Introduces New Colors for the Rascal & Rail

Jun 13, 2020
by Revel Bikes  


The same great bikes! We've just got some new colors to announce for the Rascal and the Rail.


hires Sedona

From daily rides on Red Hill here in Carbondale to launching our company at the Sedona MTB Festival, it's no secret that we really like red dirt and rocks. We tip our hat to the red rocks and add the new Rascal color "Sedona Red". It is still the same award winning 130mm travel 29er, just now more camouflaged in the high desert!

Hires Tang Rail
The Rail will still be available in the now-classic Mint and Tuxedo frame colors but we wanted to add something a bit more flashy. The new "Tang" colorway is a homage to the first bike Adam, Revel Bikes founder, custom painted as a kid growing up in Alaska. It took a little effort to get it right but we think the outcome might be the best paint job we have ever seen on a mountain bike.


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 That tang colour is gorgeous. I'd like to be part of that New Tang Clan.
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flag muddytreker (Jun 15, 2020 at 7:14) (Below Threshold)
 We are all already part of the Wu-Tang Clan : )
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 36 Flavors of Tang
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 New Tang Clan I'm going to ride with!
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 Sick like the Wuhan Clan.
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 Enter the Nu-Tang
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 Orange you glad they didn’t do a baby blue.
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 Best outcome ever? That’s a pretty good convo for an after ride beer.

For me; Klein (1992 colors)
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 My wife has the Mint Chocolate Chip Rail, it is a fantastic color, and the bike is drool-worthy.
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 Trying to work a Colorado Native hatred for Texans and Burnt Orange joke in... but I just can't be bothered. Like the colors, though.
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 Hook ‘em
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 @mtbtacolover: is that the same thing as Hail Satan?
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 @unrooted: Yes, they are pretty much the same thing. This is coming from an Austinite who does not have much love for UT.
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 I still can't get over how low the cables hang under the bottom bracket
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 Bike industry: “That’s a perfectly acceptable place for cables. Well out of harms way, and the chainring or bashguard will get damaged before the cables do.”

Maybe if you live in a place without rocks. Different bike, but after shearing multiple hoses and cables I’ve resorted to running them through old hydration pack hoses to protect them. Ghetto but effective.
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 Function over form. My last patrol routed cables under the BB and aside from being slightly ugly, I never had an issue.

My carbon smuggler runs the shift housing inside the chainring and through the swingarm at a terrible angle. After obsessing over cable/housing combinations the shifting is still a bit damped by the required bends.

Now, transition could have designed a better entry angle into the swingarm, but that's another conversation...
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 @nwfreeride: how do you pedal with a cable running through your chainring?
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 This was concerning for me when I purchased my Pivot, but hasn't been an issue yet riding out in the PNW. All different terrain types ridden also.
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 It's honestly not a problem. I ride a Firebird (which is developed and tested in AZ = lots of rocks), and I live in Denver (also lots of rocks) and never had an issue.
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 I didn't even bother opening this article initially, because the thumbnail is such a strange angle of the bike.. I thought it was just a pump or a tire insert or something! Weird
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 i think i've found my next bike.
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 She’s a real beaut, Clark!
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 Is Copper the new Baby Blue which was the new Black? I think most manufacturers didn’t want to bother with Oil Slick.

The should spec these bikes with the SRAM Copper components.
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 Sedona red + Tang (copyright) = gloss prism rust as seen on Process 275. It's a regular Sherwin Dunn Edwards Williams up in here
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 160mm travel and no ISCG tabs? Why?
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 This company is seriously pumping in the marketing/advertising dollars. I wonder who finances their operations. I've read more about Revel bikes in the past 6 months than perhaps any brand except Commencal.
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 Revel Bikes whhhheeerrreee do I send my frame for that Tang paint job?
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 Such a good looking bike. Me likey
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 Great looking bikes!!! This year's new bike money is spent, but revel is on my radar.
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 If they sold a long travel 29er with shit-scented paint, I'd buy it.
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 Infinitely better than the baby blues and pastel pinks that another certain brand seems to think is straight fire.
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 Santa Cruz colors back in the 90s!
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 okay revel, i'm ready for the long travel 29 or better yet a mullet
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 The Rail rides really great as a Mullet with a 160mm fork!
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 @RevelBikes: Gonna give this a try! I have the fork and the wheel. And the Rail. But dang - I woulda bought the Tang. I like colorful bikes!
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 Love the tang frame. Great match to Chris King mango hubs!
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 I love the cfb sus design, i really like the ethos / background and design / colours of this brand.

I’d probably invest in a frame if the geo was just a tad more progressive like yeti or transition, rather hiding in the the shadows with santa cruz and intense.

I’ll wait for mk2...
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 Even if you're getting downvoted, I think you're right. The geo is basically the same as my 2018 Canfield Balance. Which, granted, was an excellent bike...but they just came out with the 2020 Balance and it's a lot better. If I'm going to drop $3k+ on something I'd like it to be pretty cutting-edge for a few years.
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 That Rail is one of the sickest bikes nowadays. I'm in love.
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 The colors look awesome guys! Excellent job
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 Never in stock when I try to buy.
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 NeEdS mOrE oIl SlIcK.
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 looks like an intense...
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