Revel Bikes is Giving Away a Custom-Painted Rascal to Raise Funds for the Love Your Brain Foundation

Oct 7, 2020
by Revel Bikes  

Press Release: Revel Bikes

We had so much fun raffling off a custom Rail last year that we decided to do it again!

LoveYourBrain is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving the quality of life for people affected by traumatic brain injuries (TBI). More than 3 million people in the US and Canada experience a TBI each year and we are partnering to up again to improve their lives. Last year, the mountain bike community helped us raise over $30,000 for their mission and we hope this beautiful bike raises even more.

With help from our friends across the bicycle industry, we have put together a truly one of a kind bike. We started with our 130mm travel 29er, the Rascal, painted a very special “LoveYourBrain Purple.” SRAM and RockShox supplied an AXS drivetrain and suspension duties. Endless Bike Company sent over their brand new chainring to add even more purple to the project. Ergon provides the comfy touch points and an Industry 9 A35 stem holds our Why Cycles titanium handlebars. The whole bike rolls down the trail on Revel RW30 rims laced to purple Hydra hubs and the rubber meets the trail courtesy of Maxxis tires.
one of a kind Love Your Brain Rascal

Every $5 donation gets you one chance to win with 100% of the money going to support LoveYourBrain's mission. The winner will be selected at random on November 7th!


To learn more about LoveYourBrain watch this video

All the details of this build can be found HERE

Thank you to all of our friends who made this build possible!


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 Lovely bike and cause.

I have TBI/Post concussion syndrome after crashing into a tree 6 years ago, head first (side of forehead). Life has been a struggle many years and at points still is after that, with brain fatigue, concentration issues, nausea, headaches etcetera. Little medical treatment can be had, much is about learning strategies to cope and spread your energy/minimize unwanted cognitive input over time and give yourself a balance between rest and output. I'm not 100% yet but I'm happy for everything that works rather than the parts that still don't work as before.

I feel for anyone having this and like I did, living in a state of unknown with little help to be had. I know several bikers who have it worse than me so I consider myself lucky.

Take concussions seriously, consider wearing rotational injury protection and really rest a long period after a concussion folks.
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 I completely get what you are going through. It's been over four years since my crash resulting in the same issues as you. I wish I had your positive outlook, but as you say there is little treatment and I am finding it dragging me into a dark place. I am happy for your successes and wish you the best in your recovery. Like Frederik says take care of yourselves and don't ignore your brain
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 @OnkleJoachim: sorry to hear, but I hear you. I've been there too. It's tough to take. I went from working a lot, bikeing a lot, travelling a lot to not being able to do anything, lying in a dark room with sunglasses on.

Depression and angst are classical symptoms coming from PCS/brain fatigue. Don't let it win. You will win. You are still there inside.

I tried mindfulness as it works for some. For me it didn't. I like bikefulness, so riding in nature helps me. Clears the head. But I can't get my pulse over vo2max for too long as lactic acid gives me headache and tiredness after. So easy does it. I can still work on my technical skills, pumping and playing, line choice etcetera. If you can't ride, find some other thing that you can do which gives you something back. For me I rediscovered fishing which I did as a youth.

I also do the japanese shinrin-yoku, "forest bathing". Go out in nature, hug trees (yeah really, but also figuratively) or seat yourself up high with a view and the back free. That relaxes the reptile brain, as no animal or other cave man can come attack you.. which apparently helps with feeling calm for me and many other people. In Japan it's science.
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 Lots of people you have never even met are deeply hoping for better days for both of you. Stay strong.
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 @FredrikWestman: You definitely qualify for a no-beef e-bike pass.
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 Thank you for sharing your struggle with the world. These are exactly the conversations we want to facilitate with this. Stay strong and maybe even hit up LoveYourBrain and see if they have any additional recommendations for you.
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 @FredrikWestman: Thank you for the encouragement and advice Fredrik, it helps a lot. I agree it's tough to take but like you I won't let it take me down. I wish you all the best in your road to recovery and take care. Thanks again. Take care of your brains everyone, much love and peace to you all.
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 What size is the frame??????? and why the heck didn’t cane creek get involved and donate some tie dye ee wings?
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 They were limited edition o think so they probs don’t make them
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 Any size you choose
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 Headline says Rail, text reads Rascal. Based on photo, it appears to be a Rascal.
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 Official Rules & Regulations says prize is a Ranger! Big Grin
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 @AndrewFleming they'll actually just send you a session.. but hey its free and for a good cause!
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 @borisimobike: Free? Are you sure?
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 i wish i’d win one of these donation raffles eventually
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 Love the colour, would buy if made available.
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 I think the universe would implode if someone raffled a BMX for brain injury.
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 Why Cycles link is directs to (no "w"). Those are sweet lookin bars tho
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 I try to love my brain, but it sure doesn’t love me.
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 Did anyone else donate/enter and still haven't received a confirmation email?
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 Wish it was a rail
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 They did a Love Your Brain Rail last year...

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