Revelate Designs Announce Joey & Hopper Frame Bags

Nov 27, 2019
by Richard Cunningham  
Joey and Hopper frame bags

PRESS RELEASE: Revelate Designs

Answering the call for carrying capacity in hard to use spaces, are our Hopper frame bag and Joey downtube bag. For bikes with limited room for a full size frame bag, or those just needing more space, the Joey and the Hopper offer creative solutions for extra storage.

Joey and Hopper frame bags
Joey downtube bag (left): MSRP $57. available in black. Hopper frame bag (right) MSRP $79.also available in black.

Our first true universal fitting frame bag, the Hopper fits most adult sized bikes, and many full suspension frame bags with a vertically mounted shock. This mid-frame fitting zipperless bag was painstakingly developed to work well, whether the bag is empty or full to the brim. With a short length that would make zipper access difficult, We used our design knowledge from our popular Mag-Tank cockpit bag, combined with a decade of tried and true frame bag manufacturing. The result is a single-handed accessible, panel-opening frame bag with an effortless magnetic closure.

Joey and Hopper frame bags

Going “down under,” the Joey attaches near the bike’s bottom bracket and is ideal for carrying heavy items, while keeping the center of gravity low. Designed to fit an 8 oz fuel canister, Vargo BOT, Jetboil, or 2L hydration bladder, the Joey is a must have for multi-day self-supported adventures. An intricately designed compression molded foam panel, along the bag’s top, is paired with silicone coated compression straps for a downtube bag that won’t budge on the roughest terrain. A roll top closure allows for easy access while attached to the bike, eliminating problems with mucked up zippers in a notoriously muddy area.

Joey and Hopper frame bags

The Joey and the Hopper are sewn in the US and constructed with Revelate’s exclusive VX21 fabric that is two times as abrasion resistant as standard VX material. A full size printable PDF is available to determine fit of the Hopper frame bag on our website.

For more information, visit Revelate Designs


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 Well that'd be covered in dog shite in seconds round here!
  • 9 1
 Wait, is the English mud actually dog shit ??? No wonder brits excel at riding in it, it's a sufficient motivation! Smile
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 you do know you can ride around the shit instead of riding through it, right?
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 @Sethimus: but that's slower
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 yeah, well, in the UK you'll end up covered in it from head to toe anyway.
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 @Sethimus: you say this, but i moved to the UK a couple months ago and from what im able to work out the locals couldnt care less about dog poo, scary looking mud patches or puddles

or diagonal roots, for that matter...
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 @Sethimus: You must have excellent eye sight be able to tell difference between leaves & dog shit while bombing down a trail, do you brake for dog shit?
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 To all those bagpack haters, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?
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 Reminds me of those bottle collector hobo dudes with all the stuffed garbage bags tied to a shopping cart.
  • 14 0
 "Carts of darkness" a documentary of homeless people bombing steep Vancouver streets to race shopping carts full of bottles as an extreme sport. Well worth a watch.
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 @spudlord: this movie looks awesome. Def watching it soon.
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 @sino428: Honestly it stands out as one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. Definitely recommend it
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 @Grouty2505: agreed
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 They're for holding ballast to keep the front wheel down on steep climbs. with that crazy slack seat tube angle.
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 Top notch announcment, product of the year.
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 "Our first true universal fitting frame bag, the Hopper fits most adult sized bikes"

I don't think that means what they think it means.
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 If you're gonna make something that's already being done by a bunch of companies it better be better. Those look like ass.
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 No those look like bags, have you never seen ass before?
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 i gave a bike packer a ride to the gas station. she ran out of water. her bike was so damn heavy! holy shit. Jenny if your out there. hope you made it home!
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 My bluntweeds on there bruh.
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 It's not real bike packing if you don't have to shoulder your bike. Hard to do with a down tube bag. Confused on what the market is for this.
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 I'm sure all the bike packers with custom frame bags that fill ALL it nearly the entire inner triangle of their bikes and include water bladders will be shocked to learn that they aren't "real" bike packers and will go out emediatly and remove those expensive bags so you'll be happy.

OR they will just do like most people who carry their bikes and get their hand in there and pick it up high enough to rest some if the weight on their shoulder, but carry the bike with their hand... And suffer the shame of not being real bike packers.
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 So the orher news here is I've never seen a coil shock on a Trek trail bike before...
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 aaaaaaaaand their website doesn't not have either of these bags listed. Nice work folks!
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 "A full size printable PDF is available to determine fit of the Hopper frame bag on our website."

umm, no it's not
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 WTF :v
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 Slow news day then ?
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 Joey Deacon
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 Water bottlers are coming.
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 Weird marketing to call it Joey.
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 Not if you are a baby kangaroo hanging onto the mothers belly.
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 Bye bye downtube.
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 Coil on a Fuel?
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 Yeah I was wondering the same thing.
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