Revelstoke Mountain Bike Vacations

Jan 23, 2015
by Matt Yaki  
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Wandering Wheels Revelstoke

Wandering Wheels is pleased to announce that we will be offering a wide range of full-service mountain bike vacation packages in Revelstoke, BC, beginning this summer, 2015.

Our vacations are carefully designed by passionate mountain bikers and expert guides to provide you with an action packed holiday and a truly remarkable mountain biking experience. Stay at our mountain town lodge, enjoy delicious meals prepared daily by our gourmet chef and let us take care of the logistics. We know all the best trails and the best ways to ride them. We know the best shops, bars and restaurants in town and where to find the most incredible soothing natural hot-springs and the sweetest secret beaches!

"Real MTB vacations for real riders," we've created six distinct trips for all different styles and skill levels. Get a brief overview of these trips below or check out all the details and full itineraries here.

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Our Vacations

Revelstoke’s Definitive Downhill View itinerary
Heli and truck shuttled DH riding on all of the big mountain trails surrounding Revelstoke.
3 Days / 3 Nights, July 27-30, $1299pp

Big Mountain Supreme Singletrack View itinerary
All-mountain alpine riding by pedal-power, truck shuttle and helicopter.
4 Days / 4 Nights, July 30-Aug 3, $1549pp

Kootenay Pedal Progression View itinerary
Beautiful BC rainforest and alpine riding mixed with skills progression sessions and an afternoon of stand-up paddle boarding.
5 Days / 6 Nights, July 12-18, $1999pp

Cross-Country Crusher View itinerary
The Kootenay’s best rainforest riding and alpine singletrack explored entirely by pedal power.
6 Days / 7 Nights, Aug 8-15, $2199pp

Enduro Extravaganza View itinerary
The Kootenay’s most scenic rides and biggest descents featuring pedal-powered alpine rides, huge truck shuttles and a heli-drop!
6 Days / 7 Nights, Aug 15-22, $2599pp

The Ultimate Kootenay View itinerary
Simply the best mountain bike trip in BC! A solid mix of XC rides, all-mountain shuttles and alpine adventure rides, combined with a heli-bike drop, an exhilarating white-water rafting experience and 2 nights at Sol; a backcountry lodge with 20kms of private alpine trails.
10 Days / 10 Nights, Aug 22-Sept 1, $3499pp

Wandering Wheels Revelstoke

What’s Included?

All of our vacations include

- First class accommodations at our charming mountain town lodge
- On-site gourmet chef, 4 delicious locally prepared meals daily*
- Certified, professional and experienced local guides and instructors
- Safe and friendly, professional shuttle drivers
- All transportation and shuttles in our 4x4 F150 shuttle trucks or passenger van, with secure custom bike racks, for the duration of your trip
- Helicopter bike drop included in most trips!
- Additionally listed activities such as S.U.P., white-water rafting and admission to hot-springs
- Donations to local trail and bike clubs
- Your first ice-cold local microbrew at the end of each ride

Not Included

- Transportation/travel to and from Revelstoke
- Travel/medical insurance
- Bikes and riding gear
- Alcoholic beverages, aside from your first ice-cold après beer daily
- *Most trips feature an occasional meal out at a local establishment, which is not included (see individual itineraries for details)

Wandering Wheels Revelstoke

Why ride with us?

Small groups

Our small group format is ideal for the big rides, truck shuttles and heli-drops around Revelstoke. We have one guide per group of 4-5 riders and never more than two groups per trip. Add in our friendly and local chef, lodge staff and drivers and we guarantee that you will be well taken care of during your vacation.

Our tenure, giving back to the trails

Unlike many other MTB tour operators, we possess a legitimate crown land guiding tenure! A tenure is a lengthy and detailed, provincially regulated requirement put in place to ensure that operators have all of the necessary land use agreements and licenses in place to ensure safe and sustainable commercial trail use. We work closely with The Revelstoke Cycling Association, The Golden Cycling Club, The Shuswap Trail Alliance, and The Regional District of Central Kootenay and we are provincially recognized by Recreation Sites and Trails BC. When you book a trip with us you can be certain that a fair portion of your fees go directly back into building and maintaining the trails we ride!

We call it like it is

Ever notice how other tour guides offer “6 day and 5 night trips” that are more like 5 nights with only 4 days of riding? We don’t think that checking in and driving somewhere should count as a day, so when we call a trip 6 days, we mean 6 big, full, epic days!

You get more

We give you more than any other bike tour operator, guaranteed! We provide more meals and more riding compared to any other similarly scheduled and priced MTB vacation package. You will find our trip prices to be very reasonable for what's included.

Your $ goes a long way

Other MTB tour companies operate out of big cities and hire third party guides, paying them a fraction of your trip costs while putting most of your fees into their big corporate pocket. We are a small “mom and pop shop” and we live and work right here in Revelstoke year round. We partner only with other local businesses and individuals to round out our tip packages. You can be assured that 100% of your fees stay right here in our community, helping to develop mountain biking, build trails, create new youth programs and contribute to our local economy.

Stay at our Revelstoke based lodge

Most other vacation packages seem to spend lots of time on the road, driving from place to place, loading and unloading gear, setting up and tearing down at every destination. Revelstoke is the epicenter of the best riding in Eastern BC so get comfortable in your home base and access all the best rides without wasting any time!

We are fun-loving, passionate mountain bikers

We love where we live and the trails that we ride. We definitely do not take our jobs for granted and we are very happy to be riding bikes everyday. What a life! What we love the most is sharing our amazing experiences and our passion for riding and with all of our guests.

Wandering Wheels Revelstoke

Private group bookings

Private group bookings are available, as well as custom trips and dates. Please inquire for pricing.

Large group savings incentive

If you organize a full group of 10 riders you ride for FREE! That could mean huge savings of up to $3499!!

Wandering Wheels Revelstoke

Visit our website at www.wanderingwheels.ca for all the info.


  • + 12
 Matt shuttled us when we were in Revy in August last year for the Revy Fest. He knows the area, gives back and would be a good person to hire if you're in town and want to maximize your experience.
  • + 3
 I can say the same thing based on first hand experience.
  • + 6
 Matt shuttled my girlfriend and I up to frisbee in the fall. Great dude, professional, friendly and passionate about what he's doing. Trails were a blast in Revelstoke it is truly an amazing place!
  • + 4
 I set up a ride last year with Matt Yaki on Sail mtn. He was on time and a very rad fellow. The next time we are in town we will for sure be looking him up. His services are well woth your dollars.
  • + 4
 Matt is great. He's one the few people who in Revy who would rather be biking than skiing, which also makes him a little strange in my book.
  • + 2
 Hah!! So I got a heli day last week and it was awesome, then I went home and watched bike videos.. Is that weird?
  • + 3
 Next time let me go heli-skiing, that way you can watch bike videos all day. It's win-win.
  • + 2
 This is something i would deffinatly enjoy. I went through your website but couldn't find how you scale skill and fitness. Looking at big mountain supreme singletrack 4 days vacation. Ty
  • + 2
 @Sebchalifoux We will have that information up on the site very shortly. We are just getting the last of the details up now. You will be able to click on the skill and fitness levels and a full description will open up. Expect to see it up in a few hours. Sorry for the confusion!
  • + 1
 Alright i'll check it out for sure. Can i get in if i'm by myself or do you only accepts groups of 2 and over?
  • + 2
 Solo riders are welcome!
  • + 4
 Revy rules. I was blown away by the quality of trails there. So many activities!
  • + 3
 Congrats on the new endeavor! B.C. is a goldmine for international bike tourism, good to see you guys making a go of it. All the best!
  • + 5
 Very cool to see ALL Canadian flags on the comments! Go Canada
  • + 1
 As much as I would like to experience this, I would probably visit and explore on my own first, That being said, it's awesome that people are making a living on the MTB experience. Especially in Revy with an equally awesome winter scene. Can't wait to visit this summer, drink some Stoke coffee and ride some of the awesome trails you hear so much about!
  • + 2
 3 days of dh for $1300??? And only one beer per day??? You must be kidding me! Why would you pay that kind of money for a couple days of riding bikes?
  • + 12
 $1300 includes three nights accomodation, 4 awesome meals a day, 2 big days of huge truck shuttles and a heli-drop on the third day. Beer is cheap... this experience is priceless!
  • + 4
 While I understand the sentiment... You do realize that it includes 3 nights accommodation? And like 10 actual meals? And a heli (!) shuttle? And truck shuttles?

$200 a night for a lodge X 3 = $600
$20 a meal X 10 = $200

That's $800 right there. That only leaves $500 for 3 days of guided riding and heli and truck shuttling. Seems like a steal when you put it that way. Granted I'll have a hard time every justifying it...
  • + 2
 it is a real deal. Three days of being lodged, fed, trucked around, taken care of, tech support, wet nursed ...........insurance......advertizing.......TAXES...gas.......the list is endless. The catch is you get the real deal run and led by leaders in our field. Support all the tour companies and I assure you that you will be thankful for the guidance and protection.
  • + 2
 I always find that its a great deal when you look at individual pricing; however, once you add in a partner its 400 dollers per night for lodging. My wife and I travel to mountain bike all the time and we are finding these look so good, but the cost per night kills it for a couple, or anyone travelling in pairs

End up just going, finding our own lodging, and getting shuttles.
  • + 1
 That's true... I wonder if there is a "we are sharing the bed" discount?
  • + 4
 No discount but it'll get you a private room with twin beds turned into a king.
  • + 1
 Still crazy expensive for riding bikes. I could never justify that kinda money on 3 days of riding trails I could shuttle or explore myself. I wouldn't want all the fluffy extras, give me a fire by the river/lake ,a blow up boat and a cooler full of goodies for the "après ride" as you call it and I could do a weekend like that for a couple hundred bucks and both me and my wife are looked after. $1300 is a lot of gas that could fund multiple trips through the summer, not just one play weekend full of hoity toity lodge podge guide in front of me kinda day money out of my pocket kinda trip....
  • + 1
 Cro-Mag... You are entirely missing the point.

Just out of curiosity, do you live in a cave?
  • + 1
 Yes obviously I live in a cave....
  • + 1
 It's not cheap to run a helicopter...
  • + 1
 And if it's not for you, it's not for you. Myself? I'd spend that money for the experience and being shuttled to the peak of a mountain in a f*cking heli! Have fun doing that on your own dime...
  • + 2
 Booked my trip. Can't put a price on epic memories
  • + 1
 One fantastic company. BC can teach the world about mountain biking and that is one solid fact. My only problem is I have too many friends now who work/own/lead and my choices are crazy.......now this is on my plate.......
  • + 2
 Looks amazing. Big props for running a business that invests in it's own community.
  • + 2
 It's funny I just booked my trip with Matt @WanderingWheels a couple days before this got posted
  • + 1
 So stoked for that one!
  • + 0
 My wife is going to Mexico for an all inclusive trip for 5 days and it will cost $900 why is everything MTB so expensive?! Mind you this is for a wedding and she is getting a great deal.
  • + 2
 Heh, Mexico is not Canada... Our wages and costs are at a completely different level.
  • + 2
 What's the lodge at which you stay Matt?
  • + 1
 eastern bc???? i thought we were in the west side of canada
  • + 1
 the east side of BC is next to AB. Revy is on the east side of BC. but it's in the West Kootenay. did that overload your brain? it's all pretty simple, check out a map of Canada
  • + 1
 Revelstoke has definitely his place. Winter and summer.
  • + 1
 I prefer one week in whislter for that money !!)
  • + 1
 Are those frames resting directly on the metal cross bar ?!?!
  • + 2
 Do you honestly think I would still be in business?? Here's a better photo of the rack: www.pinkbike.com/photo/11716637
  • - 1
 I'm more concerned about Revelstoke Ski vacations right now.
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