Reverence Movie Now Available On iTunes

Nov 6, 2018
by Reverence Movie  

We are very stoked to announce that Reverence is now available to the general public! We had our first premiere in Reno for Interbike back in September and here's what some folks had to say about the movie:

bigquotesThis movie shows how intense injuries can be and what it takes to recover from them physically and mentally. Loved the part with Rachel Atherton. Such a badass woman who inspires us girls. Great work!Anneke Beerten

Reverence Reno Premiere

bigquotesIt is refreshing to see a movie that has action, but isn’t entirely about the action. These guys did a great job on unveiling how it feels to take chances, come back from injuries and simply manage fear, in a super dangerous sport.Richie Schley

bigquotesReverence makes riders face their fears head-on. Bearclaw is outstanding and brutally honest. Rachel Atherton has the most cringe-worthy segment...what a badass!Aaron Chase

For other locations and dates, keep it locked to

Upcoming dates and locations:

- November 7th: Carlsbad CA at the GoPro Amphitheatre
- November 8th: Schorndorf, Germany at Traumpalast Schorndorf
- November 9th: Errington BC at Trails End Pub
- November 10th: Whitecourt Alberta at the Road House Pub and Grill
- November 10th: Cumberland BC at the Waverly Hotel
- November 12th: Calgary Alberta at the Plaza Theatre
- November 15th: Powell River BC, Max Cameron Theatre
- November 17th: Vancouver BC at the Imperial
- November 22nd: Kimberly BC at the 64 Center

If you are interested in hosting a premiere in your neck of the woods reach out to for more info. We've had a couple premiers already and it's a great way to bring communities together to support local causes.

bigquotesBeing able to host a premier for a film of this caliber was huge! The night brought the majority of our riding community together, who are rarely all in the same place at the same time, It was awesome. We used this night as a kick off for a major fundraising campaign -#sametrailsbetter - to repair and make better recent flooding damage at a few of our trail systems. Thousands of dollars were raised and good times were had. Thank you Reverence crew and riders for the support!Dan Dacko: Wisconsin Wyoming Organizer

Available in 4K at

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 Would be ace to see it as a ‘rent’ option too. Most films I watch I never go back to again. I know the royalties would not be as much but it widens viewer choice so maybe it would....just a thought. Not a fan of iTunes!
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 I just wait until it's free on unless there was a new nwd movie
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flag LOLWTF (Nov 6, 2018 at 12:47) (Below Threshold)
 You have to be absolutely delusional to think people will splurge on a movie with all the quality free content we get. This is 2018, wake the fuck up Reverence...
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 I would pay for a rental on i tunes 4 sure
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 @madmon: it says available for rent on iTunes on Dec 4.
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 @sprockets: its a dissapointing watch....should have been free but thats me.
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 For all the germans out there: German premiere will take place at Traumpalast Schorndorf (near Stuttgart) this Thursday night! For more info and tickets check:
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 Thanks a bunch! (FOCK M$)
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 I love fear , it is the reason I am still alive . I hate fear , it makes me feel like a pussy
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 I was lucky enough to check out Reverence in Reno NV for their 1st premier and with a number of the riders in the film. Good times sharing the stoke with them and knowing what the film meant to them.

Doubled my luck to follow it up with my local crew in Madison WI for a fundraiser for our local trail group (thanks Dan Dacko and Reverence for making that happen).

I've seen a lot of MTB films in my years riding MTB and very few taps into such a wide range of emotions. If you live anywhere near a showing of this it's really cool to experience the live showing with a bunch of other riders.

Big props to the Reverence crew for putting out a quality film.
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 Thanks Sprockets! Appreciate the positive review. Stoked you got to enjoy a couple premieres.
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 Worth a watch... Different from most MTB films... Gives some perspective on injury, physical and mental recovery. Agree with Richie Schley's comments Smile
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 also on google play....cheaper than itunes rip off cough
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 Anyone have any updates on Paul Bas? Great to see him in that photo.
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 he's riding around a bit.. follow him on instagram, he's doing really well now
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 He's doing well and has a new movie coming out in the near future. We're stoked to see it when it lands.
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 Wish it was being premiered in Edmonton Alberta. Surprised with the Whitecourt Alberta Choice.
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 We would love to help get one set up in Edmonton if there's interest.
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 @Reverence: I'm interested too...
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 Clipless pedals is my biggest fear.

And Gee's fall at 00:25 can't help with that.
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 Its a good watch, but I think it's one of those where you have to watch it again to really appreciate it.
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 中国区 可以看到/购买吗
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 "Can China see/buy?"
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 Doesn't "Macduff" have an "a" in it?
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