Review: Hunt Trail Wide V2 Wheels

Apr 29, 2022
by Henry Quinney  

Hunt are a UK-based brand focusing on a no-nonsense and value-minded approach to bike components. That’s not to say they don’t have other projects in the works, though, they’re the same group behind the Privateer bike brand.

They’re also trying to establish themselves as a brand that not only offers value but also genuine innovation and engineering merit. On paper, their Trail Wide wheels look to strike a nice balance between price, weight, and features, with a price tag of $459 for the 1872 gram wheelset.
Hunt Trail Wide V2 Details
• Wheel size: 29"
• Intended use: Trail riding
• Rim material: 6069 T6 Alloy
• Rim width: 30mm (internal)
• Hubs: 5° RapidEngage
• Weight: 863 g (front) / 1009 g (rear) / 1872 g total
• MSRP: $459 USD
• More info:

It does what it says on the rim.


The wheels were part of Hunt’s reworking of their wheel range for more aggressive riding. Its terminology is rather simple too. Trail, Enduro and Wide. Simple enough, really. Both the Trail Wide and the Enduro Wide wheels underwent a complete reworking. Although they share a similar design ethos they’re very different wheels - right from the rim to the hub.

Hunt tried to establish two key thresholds - how much force a wheel should take before sustaining damage, and how much should it sustain before failing. They built their own jig in their workshop and began testing both their own and competitors' rims. In fact, they were even kind enough to let us use the impact tester during our insert test last year.

During their testing, they showed not that their wheels were far out and away the best on the market, but rather tried to demonstrate that rims are often a trade-off between stiffness, strength, and weight, and it’s hard to alter or improve any single aspect in isolation.

30mm internal width is very commonplace for trail wheels.

The 28-hole Trail Wide V2 wheels have a 30mm internal width front and rear. The front wheel has an actual weight of 863g and the rear 1009g. The wheelset comes pre-taped, with tubeless valves and spare spokes. They also feature Hunt’s RapidEngage freehub, which features 5 degrees of engagement and double-butted spokes. They're available in both Boost and Superboost and have a recommended tire width of 2.3" - 2.5".

These wheels are available with your choice of freehub body and in both Boost and Superboost spacing.

Hunt claims the V2 has provided a 20% improvement in impact resistance compared to the original version, which puts it in very comparable territory to the Stan’s Flow Mk3 and DT’s XM 481 rims.

The wheels are available with either XD, Microspline, or HG freehubs, as well as Super Boost spacing.

Test Setup

During testing, I ran these rims with and without inserts, as well as with DD Maxxis DHR2s and Deliums Versatile tires - both with and without inserts. For my weight, of around 80kg, I tend to run pressures between 21 and 26 psi in the front and rear depending on conditions when using these tires. The wheels have been used on everything between 170mm enduro bikes and shorter travel trail bikes that have been sprung slightly firmer.

On the Trail

The Hunt freehub has an unobtrusive click. Yes, it’s there but it’s not an annoyance. The engagement is respectable on the tech sheet and out on the trail, it never faltered or failed. In fact, after a period of inconsistent wheels and tires on test bikes, it was nice to be able to come back to a set I could depend upon.

The wheels in many ways just blend into the bike. They don’t offer any overwhelmingly obvious characteristics. They’re not obscenely stiff, and you could definitely get them to flex laterally as you pushed through turns but, then again, they’re an 1800g alloy wheelset and they were well within tolerance in this regard. Personally, I would normally take comfort over stiffness, within reason, since I like to ride looser, more natural trails that are more about maintaining speed and traction rather than hitting berms. With their relatively low rim profile and 28 spoke count the wheels are very comfortable and offer a noticeable reduction in vibration and harshness compared to stiffer wheels.

When reviewing a product that offers distinctly better value than its competitors, I always come back to the same question - do they need to be better on the trail? Or merely offer similar performance at a lower cost? The Trail Wide V2s are definitely part of the second group. Bang for buck, you could do far far worse than these wheels.

Simple black and white branding is always going to be my preference.


I had several large impacts on these wheels, and the rim sang out in protest, but no failures or burps. In fact, on one occasion I tagged an unsighted rock on my front so hard on the run out of a double that my immediate thought from the noise was that it would have inflicted serious damage - but the rim came away with just a cosmetic scar.

Ultimately, as Hunt points out in their testing, a wheel is always a compromise between weight and durability. I think for around 1800g you can’t go too far wrong.

The hub’s internals came well lubricated and never missed a bit. After a whole winter of riding and many, many jet washes they’re still spinning freely, too. The rims are still spinning straight and they never lost any tension. Should you need to inspect the freehub, the axle comes apart without the need of tools, not that I ever need to perform any maintenance, but it is a nice feature.

How do They Compare?

Of course, Hunt isn't the only one to make good value alloy wheels. Last year, I reviewed these SILT AM Alloy 29" wheels. In terms of price, dimensions, and weight these are similar, but both give very different feelings on the trail.

The Trail Wides are noticeably more comfortable, and the SILTs offer more support going through high-load turns and all-round stiffness. Both are good wheelsets, and the difference isn't a massive gulf, but the way they damp the trail is noticeable.

What would I choose? Well, for the trails I like to ride, and the way I ride them, I would take comfort over stiffness. Then again, I'm not somebody who enjoys riding hard and fast man-made trails where the SILT's definitely come good.


+ Good value
+ Comfortable


- Might not be stiff enough for some

Pinkbike's Take

bigquotesThe latest version of Hunt's Trail Wide wheels do exactly what they're supposed to - they're decent wheels at a good price that are gimmick-free. Although they’re not the absolute stiffest, they are very comfortable and easy to just get on and ride. For me and the trails I ride this has been great and I wouldn't want them to be stiffer, but those that are pushing a large lateral load through their bike on hardpack might find them a little flexy. Henry Quinney


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 Same pros and cons my wife has about me
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 Thank you for this.
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 @mikelevy note this one down as contender for comment of the year 2022
  • 18 2
 That extra stiffness is key when delivering those “lateral loads”.
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 OK. Comment of the month here
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 Comment gold!
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 We're at 420 upvotes. Nice
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 My wife laughed at this.
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 Comment gold @Hotwheels09
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 This dude deserves a fucking medal
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 So much for the 420 upvotes...
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 comment of the year, no doubt
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 that made my day
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 Best response of the year
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 "Let's go for a Trail Wide, wascly wabbit!!"
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 same weight as most other wheels, alu, cheap, not made of recycled nappies, not crafted with the tears of elephants. TAKE MY MONEY
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 Was about to pull the trigger on a pair of DT XM 1700 for a "downcountry" hardtail build, but then got aware of these Hunts. The Trail Wides are marginally lighter, way cheaper and I kept getting great feedback from people I respect. This while being way cheaper. I simply couldn't justify the price of the DTs.

Went for the Hunts and:
- costumer service is absolutely great
- they come with spare spokes and nipples included
- been riding them for some weeks on very light XC tires and now on an hardtail to make things worse. Combine that with a rider used to a long travel enduro bike on DD tires with inserts and a rear wheel heavy, flat pedal induced style and they are taking a beating. Couldn't be happier
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 @Arierep: my wife got me these for Christmas (27.5) size, and I couldn't be happier. On a Canyon Spectral AL6 that came with DT M1900s, and this was the most logical upgrade for the money. Noticeable lighter, great engagement, and for where I ride, the less "stiff" feel is nice.
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 Fully recyclable almost anywhere as well.
And might be made of recycled beer cans, you’ll never know. Which is what recycling is all about.
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 I have these on my Forbidden Druid. Set it and forget it. Solid ass wheels. The freehub is...not great honestly, but otherwise they're great.
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 @sethlowe: I've been wondering how they would compare to DT M1900s?
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 @Rance: DT hubs are better, rims of these might be better.
  • 2 0
 @Rance: on the latest grnzDT 1700 series everything from DT is better, except price and maybe the customer service judging by the comments here
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 @JohSch: if your bike comes with the 1700s just do the star ratchet upgrade and you’ll have incredible wheels. The upgrade isn’t economical for the 1900s. The engagement on these wheels are great, and the weight savings are noticeable.
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 @Rance: much better wheels than the 1900s. Way faster engagement and lighter.
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 I have their Trail Wide V1 and XC Race. Both are great. The XC Race are silly light for the money. I use these for lighter trails with faster running tyres and they are so fast. The Trail Wide is still pretty light and have proved to be really dependable, even for enduro.

When Shimano released MicroSpline I wanted to upgrade the freehub, but it turned out I had the very early V1 Trail Wide hub which couldn’t be upgraded. Hunt swapped the whole rear wheel for me and I only paid for the freehub upgrade and postage to them. You can’t beat their customer service. They made a Hunt customer for life here.
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 Same here, I'm not a heavy guy, but I have done my best to beat the sh*t out of my Trail Wide V1s over the last three years riding Welsh rocks, learning how to bunny hop and casing jumps. They've been bombproof the whole time.

The only option I'd like is a quieter (/silent) version from the factory.
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 Agreed, their communication and customer service is superb.
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 They do have mint customer service got a set of trail wide v2s a while ago and just got a new set of pikes sent them a message about torque caps and they sent the caps for free. Top notch company always willing to help.
  • 43 19
 Yes hunt have indeed done a great job of slinging Chinese catalog wheels
  • 10 1
 Yup they must have hired the same marketing firm as Enduro bearings. But at least they have good customer service and stand behind the product.
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 I have Hunt wheels on my gr*vel bike that I ride MTB trails on, and they're fantastic. I'm pretty bad at absorbing landings and unweighting the back so they get new dings every ride but they've stayed true and still seat perfectly.
  • 11 1
 Man made trails are the worst
  • 9 1
 I won't be able to to stop myself from placing a letter "C" sticker over the "H" of Hunt if I got a set of these.
  • 16 2
 Maybe in a few years you’ll be able to overcome that urge.
  • 8 0
 @Mike-Jay: You think he‘ll grow out of it? I have my doubts.
  • 1 1
 At first I was wondering why you would want to do that. Then it dawned on me it's like a threesome with two C+#@'s. I think l get it!
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 Something mtb related that is reasonably priced in 2022?! I am shooketh
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 I have been running V1 EnduroWide wheels for a few years now. First on a Meta TR and currently on a 161, and love them. Prior to getting the Hunt's for the Meta I had been destroying 2-3 rims a season. Since I went to Hunt I've yet to need to replace a rim. I am a heavier rider, 200-215 depending on the season, and the Hunt's have been the nothing but reliable. On top of being 200lbs+ I ride hard and live in a really rocky area, so with the addition of cushcore I can't recommend these enough. The review is spot on, not the snappiest, but they are no nonsense, burly, quick engaging wheel that I can rely on day in and day out.
  • 3 0
 Last fall I was on the Hunt (ooh pun!) for a new wheelset for my bike - ideally before I left for a big season end trip to ride the incredible trails in Marquette Michigan. Being smack in the middle of covid availability shortages, the Trail Wides that I hoped to order would not begin production til after my trip - but, the Enduro Wides would be available if I ordered soon, and so I got my Enduro Wides a week before my trip. All I can say is that the wheels really transformed my ride, and I couldn't be happier with my Hunt wheels. As Henry said 'you could do a lot worse', and sometimes that's all you need - or want!
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 About 200 grms a pair heavier than fancy carbon wheelset.
6069 is an excellent choice .
Aluminum is recycled yayyyyy.
Affordable for your wallet and the planet .
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 It would be great to see a comparison review between these and the Hope Fortus series. Very similarly priced, yet the majority of components on the Hope wheels are made in the UK and not shipped in from China. Sure, the aluminium has to get here somehow I suppose. I know which hub I would prefer.
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 I went from hope hubs on stans rims to the v1 trail wide last year and you’re absolutely spot on… I’d take the hunt hubs over hope hubs every day of the week.
  • 4 1
 What testing jig did PB use to measure the 'stiffness' - and what other wheelsets were it compared against on the same jig? Can we see the results chart?

...Or is it merely an opinion of 'stiffness'?
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 I have the Hunt Wide XC and they're great for the money. I run them on a SC Highball, and the comfort of the wheels is -very- noticeable on a carbon hardtail. And they're plenty light. Love me some Hunts.
  • 2 0
 Been running these on my YT Jeffsy for a year, freehub needed some attention after it fell off (fitting inserts) and wouldn’t spin right. Clean and a lube and all good. No other issues, seems pretty serviceable so all goo
  • 1 0
 I have the Hunt XC Race Wide's on my 2022 Rocky Element, and they are impressive. Only 24mm internal, but great hub engagement, 1507g, and only $680 shipped. With XC Cush core in just the rear and lowish tire pressures, 300 miles later they are straight, tight, and no dings. Very please, and will likely try their enduro/trail wheels next.
  • 5 0
 That Mike sure does know how to make some deeeeecent wheels.
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 Two years on Trail Wide V1 (Pole Evolink 15Cool and they have been flawless. Not one issue with the free hub, engagement is good, my last hub built up is a King ISO, only reason not to use the King hub was it was 142mm so I needed a 148 wheel set. Hunt was priced right to get rolling but I’m super happy with them. I’m looking at buying a set of gravel wheels from them now. Hard to beat them
  • 1 0
 Hunt has a very good warranty and they stand behind it. When I found that I had cracked the spoke bed on one of my Trailwide V2 rims last winter I sent them a picture of it and they said they could replace the rim for me or send me a rim and pay a local shop to do it. I sent them my wheel and got a brand new wheel in return. They said they ran out of rims so they replaced the whole wheel. You can't get much better coverage than that.
  • 1 0
 I was told by hunt in email in February they would not continue making super boost enduro wides or trail wides. Maybe they changed their mind.

“I believe the Superboost are being phased out as the uptake hasnt been quite as expected, so the stock we have of Trailwides is most likely the last we get in.“
  • 1 0
 I can vouch for their fantastic customer service too. I've had their gravel wheelset and trail wide 27.5 wheelsets. I lost some pawls in the freehub because the cassette came off in transit when the wheel was off the bike. They sent me a whole new freehub immediately. I then split the freehub seal and they sent one free of charged also. Had some issues buckling my rear trail wide but that was due to me not checking spoke tension before ridng bikeparks! I have ridden hard uk singletrack on the gravel bike too and they haven't budged in 3 years.
  • 7 5
 Wish they made a 35mm trail rim. These look more appealing for my hardtail then the spanks I've been looking at but I prefer a 2.6.
  • 36 2
 A 2.6" on a 30mm rim is no problem.
  • 10 0
 I run 2.6s on 30mm and 35mm on two different bikes and the setup/tire profile/feel is really similar. You wouldn't be giving up much support running 2.6s on a 30mm rim.
  • 3 0
 Get the enduro wide front then. 33mm id.
  • 1 0
 I have the enduro wides and run a 2.5 maxxis Assegai on the front no problem. The front is 33mm, rear is 30mm, but with more spokes than the trail version.
  • 5 1
 @uncanny: seconded, 2.6 tires on a 30mm rim as well (at least on the front). The rim certainly isn't too slim for that, even though modern recommendations tend towards a 35mm rim. To me it's not necessary and just results in a heavier wheel, if I'm not willing to pay big bucks for it
  • 5 3
 The bearings in the freehub aren't great, barely get through one winter season here in the UK. I'm on my 3rd freehub in 2 years on the v1 endurowide wheels.
  • 5 0
 Are you swapping the whole freehub every time the bearings go, or have you had another issue that’s made you swap them out?
  • 1 0
 I have the v1 trailwides and suffer similarly. Also drive side spokes on the rear seem to self destruct regularly too. Still on the original wheel bearings though.
  • 2 0
 @mashrv1: I have two freehubs and rotate them, replacing bearings in one when the other is in use. No other issues with the freehubs
  • 2 0
 Aren’t they the same (rebadged) hubs that Ibis use? My rear seized after about about 18 months. My companion had to push me home and is still receiving therapy…
  • 4 0
 I have a set of the v1 enduro wides and the freehub cracked internally around the pawl mounts. The telltale sign was the cassette 'sticking' after pedalling before freeing up to coast. Hunt were very good and replaced it free of charge though, very impressed with the customer service.
  • 4 0
 The V2s have a different hub.
  • 6 5
 Aren't these just off-brand Chinese wheels with a "brand" thrown on them? I was interested in a set until I saw how many people complained about their longer-term reliability.
  • 1 0
 My Endurowide V1s lasted me 3 years of hard use before I had a break, I have a set of V2s I've been running for about a year now. No issues so far. Compare that to the I9 Enduro S aluminum wheelset I broke in about 6 months...
  • 1 0
 Literally 5 days after I got my EX 1700 set lol. I was looking at these Hunts for quite a bit before I pulled the trigger on the DT Swiss. Just couldn't find enough info back then.
  • 17 1
 you didnt hunt hard enough mate
  • 9 0
 Don’t regret it. The whole 1700 line from DT Swiss is fantastic. If I’m not running carbon I’m running DT Swiss. Plus I’ll take the serviceability of Swiss hubs.
  • 3 0
 @MillerReid: Oh I'm definitely not regretting it! I went with DT Swiss solely because of ease of serviceability as you mentioned. So far they're great!
  • 1 0
 I have two pairs of trail wide V1 and these are damn good value for what they cost. Another plus is that servicing the inners is not a fuss and can be done easily. I recommend Hunt to everyone that asks about my wheels.
  • 2 0
 I'm gonna hold out for the high nonsense, wastrel products they teased in that intro.
  • 1 0
 I like the comparison between these and the Silts. Would altering the spoke tension alter their stiffness to suit a preference?
  • 2 1
 I run hunt wheels on my XC hard tail, full suspension trail, and enduro bike and they are the best wheels I’ve ever had. I will always but Hunt wheels!
  • 1 0
 How well do these stand up to UK winter riding? My Nukeproof Horizon V2’s were excellent at keeping the crap out the freehub. Not seen much about the sealing on these.
  • 6 7
 "They also feature Hunt’s RapidEngage freehub, which features 5 degrees of engagement and double-butted spokes." ... what do double butted spokes have to do with the freehub lol?
  • 3 0
 Read it as if that but about the spokes was in parenthesis.
  • 5 1
 @ryan77777: oh like "They also feature Hunt’s RapidEngage freehub (which features 5 degrees of engagement) and double-butted spokes."

I get it
  • 2 1
 Had to go to their website to find nipple material hoping it would be brass, but nope.
  • 1 0
 Who puts brass nipples on a pre built wheel? DT don’t.
  • 3 0
 They put brass on the gravel wheels but not the mtb for some reason.
  • 2 0
 @Mike-Jay: Hope do.
  • 2 0
 Isn't the expression "missed a beat" not "missed a bit"?
  • 3 0
 @GrandMasterOrge: That would be an Ecumenical Matter
  • 2 0
 Comparaison on crossmax xl s would be interesting
  • 1 0
 Can you show us the hub's internals?
  • 1 0
 So what's the stiffest alloy wheelset out there?
  • 5 1
 Whatever 36H laced 3x you decide to custom build for yourself is.
  • 1 0
 "More info:" link is broken. 404 - Page not found, from the US.
  • 1 0
 Spoke count? Are these 28h and the silt 32h?
  • 1 0
 28 by the looks of it... 28 makes a "y," 32 makes an "i" if you're looking at the lacing.
  • 1 0
 I have a set of these on my steel hardtail they are fantastic!!!
  • 1 0
 If there was a 32hole version at this price I'd be sold!
  • 1 0
 How do these compare with Tairin MK2 Wheels?
  • 1 1
 not... stiff enough you say?..
  • 13 1
 There's a pill for that.
  • 1 1
 I like me wheels stiff, just like my 6am shadow.
  • 1 1
 that's a kickstand......
  • 2 2
 Or just buy them from Ali Express and save 50%.
  • 1 3
 bought a set of these a month ago and left them in a corner in a box. Will get them up and running now.
  • 1 0
 still in the box.........
  • 1 0
 @jokermtb: No no, finally got them out and installed. So far the difference is: unnoticeable.
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