Revonte Launches a Stepless E-Bike Motor

Aug 23, 2019
by Revonte  

Revonte ONE
Revonte ONE
The first stepless & automatic e-bike drivetrain
The Revonte ONE System offers the whole package to the e-bike manufacturers with a high degree of customization options.


Revonte is launching a pioneering drive system for e-bikes. The Revonte ONE System introduces a whole new way of how e-bike motors and controls are made. First of all, our motor – the Revonte ONE Drive Unit – is stepless, can be run on an automatic mode and removes the need for a derailleur. On top of this, our software layer offers customization to the highest degree and some unprecedented features that haven't been used in e-bikes before. To have the Revonte ONE System powered, we collaborated with the leading battery e-bike manufacturer BMZ.

Got excited already? It only gets better from here. Please read further to learn more!

The Revonte ONE Drive Unit is based on time-tested and therefore robust technology that´s been used in varying types of industrial applications and hybrid cars for more than 20 years. On top of delivering the performance we are after, the design is also reliable with little maintenance needed. What might interest you the most, however, are the features that the Revonte ONE system can offer:
Revonte Facts
• Founded in 2018
• Number of employees: 12
• Develops e-bike drive systems
• The Revonte ONE System includes: the drive unit, controller, battery & app

1) Stepless and automatic transmission. Our Drive Unit features a stepless and automatic transmission, meaning that the rider can use their preferred cadence, no matter the terrain. A traditional indexed shifting can also be used, of course. The point is to make the riding as simple and intuitive as possible. Keep the pedals turning and the bike will move!

The Revonte ONE Drive Unit - opened
The Revone ONE Drive Unit is a feat of mechanical and electrical engineering with the sole purpose of creating the best ride experience possible.

2) Single chainring and a cog. The Revonte ONE Drive Unit runs on a single chainring and a cog that simplifies the whole drivetrain by several magnitudes. Although the derailleur is a fine piece of engineering, that and a cassette aren´t the optimal design when it comes to power transfer on an e-bike. Ditching the rear derailleur and the cassette creates a better drivetrain since it is simpler, more robust, almost maintenance-free and lighter. On top of this, even the suspension performance will be improved because of the considerable reduction in unsprung mass.

3) Low center of gravity. Our drive unit is integrated around the bottom bracket, which is the superior placement for a motor in every aspect. Getting the center of gravity as low as possible improves the bikes handling characteristics in all areas. Of course, we are not the only manufacturer who employs this design, but it's still worth mentioning.

4) One motor for all bikes. Yes, you read it right. The Revonte ONE Drive Unit fits all types of bikes, no matter if it's ridden on roads, or up and down the A-line in Whistler. The best part is that we can do this without any compromise in performance or functions and the ride characteristics can be tuned solely by software. More on this later!

bigquotesDitching the derailleur and the cassette creates a more simple, more robust, almost maintenance-free and better working drivetrain.

The Human-Machine Interface dilemma: Revone ONE Controller Is Built from the Ground Up
New riding experience needs a different type of HMI (human-machine interface) to complete the full experience. Therefore, we designed the Revonte ONE Controller from scratch. Even though if the hardware itself would be superior, a poorly designed HMI can be a true deal-breaker. Therefore, less than stellar performances aren´t tolerated in this area department.

Revonte ONE controller
Several design iterations were made before the Revonte ONE Controller reached its final form.

The goals which we wanted the Revonte ONE Controller to fulfill were:

• Intuitive. If the rider needs to think about how to use the controller or the learning process takes a considerable amount of time the design hasn't met this goal. In other words, controlling the behavior of the bike must become effortless according to the “No look” principle.

• Screenless. An overflow of information will distract the user while riding - “Keep it simple”. All the needed indications can be conveyed through a led indicator. Our motor does not require a screen and if the user wishes to use one, mobile phone or a dedicated ride computer will provide a platform for all the necessary information and most importantly, with a customizable view.

• Right-hand side. Since the traditional shifter is gone and there is space to occupy, the right-hand placement is an obvious one and supports what the rider is used to at this position.

• Integrated. The goal was to integrate the controller into the cockpit rather than occupying new space.

The list does not might sound like much, but when you get to work on designing one, it's not an easy task. The difference in getting it right vs. not quite right in the controller to the level of ergonomics and tactile feel is a big challenge. Nevertheless, we are very confident that the result will be very pleasing.

Most of all, we wanted to give the choice to the rider how he or she likes to run her bike. The Revonte ONE Controller itself is quite minimalist and almost stealth. On the other hand, it is entirely possible to set up the cockpit with our app and a mobile phone so that the level of data seen rivals even a vehicle that is used in the field of aerospace.

Customization to the Highest Degree
From the start, we wanted to make sure that our “hardware”, i.e. the Revonte ONE Drive Unit, will stand out from the current market with the features it delivers. We are not a one-trick pony though since that is not the only thing we have worked on long and hard.

The ride characteristics of the Revonte ONE Drive Unit can be customized solely by software and in two steps:

1) By the bike manufacturer. Depending on the type and model of the bike, the bike manufacturer can decide what kind of ride characteristics and performance are required and tune the motor system accordingly. The long, low and slack enduro or bike park weapon can have a crisp acceleration that produces a feeling similar to an MX bike. Respectively, a cargo bike can have the highest amount of torque available for moving heavy loads up even the steepest of hills, etc.

2) By the end-user, meaning the rider. The customization window does not close when the bike leaves the factory floor. The rider can fine-tune the ride characteristics via our app all the way to the level of assistance modes. By doing this, we wanted to ensure the most enjoyable riding experience. A true tinkerer might find it interesting to search and try every cranny and nook that the motor and software offers. On the other hand, the setup and forget style of approach is just as justified.

The Revonte App
The Revonte app provides the platform for customization but can also be used as a screen to follow and log ride metrics.

bigquotesThe same motor can be used in all types of bikes without any compromises when it comes to performance or other functions; therefore the name - ONE.

By building a versatile, and most importantly, a robust drive unit and pairing that with highly developed software and service layer with open APIs, we can offer a level of customization that hasn´t been seen in the industry before. This will benefit all parties involved: smaller and less complex inventory for bike manufacturers and more customization choices for the riders which all lead to the best possible ride experience.

Continuous Service
Not only are we offering the leading hardware and software, but also to top it off with regular software updates. Usually, products start to deteriorate once they leave the shop floor. We want to make the opposite happen by providing the latest updates to everyone whose bike is powered by the Revonte ONE System. In other words, the customer won´t be left hanging when he or she walks out of the shop with the new bike.

To start with, our App will include features that are unheard of in the world of e-bikes. For example, the Revonte ONE Drive Unit has an inbuilt 4G connection and GPS-tracker which enables us to build Find-My-Bike and Anti-Theft functions into the app. We are aiming to create a reputation that a Revonte-equipped bike isn´t worth stealing since the bike can be made unusable by remotely opening or jamming the motor rotation. The bike is connected all times (when there is coverage, naturally) which makes ride data acquisition easy and effortless.

bigquotesThe Revonte ONE System has its foundations on cunning mechanical engineering, but just as much we are a software service company.

To Summarize
All of the features described and much more can be found in the video below, in which our CEO Otto Chrons summarizes the design philosophy behind the Revonte ONE System and our take on the current e-bike drivetrain market.

What Next?
We are working long and hard to have the components perfected. Finishing touches are being performed, tuning is being made and software is being refined to have all systems fully running during this autumn.

No matter what´s the domain of the challenge, the most simple solution often time prevails. We believe that the potential of the current derailleur-based drivetrain has been used off and it is time to move on. The Revonte ONE System is our answer to the e-bike drivetrain design challenge. After trying out a fully automatic transmission e-bike you will never turn back to “stick shift” again.

You can find us from Eurobike at booth FG-O/405. Take a look at our updated website that provides plenty of more information to the level of technical details at

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