Richard Cunynghame Interviews Gee Atherton - Video

Apr 19, 2017
by Atherton Racing  

Catch up with the Trek Factory Racing DH team as they chat to old friend Richard Cunynghame on the "Buddha bench". Taking a break from pre-season training the team agree to answer nine of "Cunny's" most searching questions. This new series of informal interviews kicks off with Gee for an insight into his favourite tracks, worst crashes and Rachel's best excuses for trainer Nick Grantham.

MENTIONS: @trek / @shimano / @BellBikeHelmets


  • + 25
 Is gee's knee meant to look like that?? ????
  • + 3
 Scary, looks like he has a club in there. Gee, pad the hell out of those dogs. Don't let them get smashed -again, please! Stay healthy.
  • + 11
 It's a custom built in knee pad.
  • + 0
 Having some weird issues with my right knee ATM, I was like - Aaaawwwwgh Lord - let me unsee!
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 Exorcizamus te, omnis immunde spiritus, omni satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica, in nomini et virtute Domini nostri Jesu Christi, eradicare et effugare a Dei Ecclesia, ab animabus ad imaginem Dei conditis ac pretioso divini Agni sanguini redemptis

Big Grin
  • + 22
 I'd take Richard over Claudio in the commentary box any day.
  • + 1
 I second that! Why did he leave in the first place? Anyone here know?
  • + 1
 @mazze: i thought he took over the ews commentary???
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 I love Claudio's track previews but I don't think he works well alongside Rob Warner (who is obviously a set piece)
  • + 18
 Totally forgot about that snow gap crash. So massive.
  • + 16
 I hope here wins one this year.
  • + 11
 Gee is a sound guy, bought a bike of him years ago and had a number of phone calls with him, don't judge him by his 'game face' he's a pro athlete who wants to win.
  • + 12
 Cunny's back. yus!
  • + 7
 Big respect for Gee, hope he has a cracking season, can't wait for it all to kick off!
  • + 7
 15 concussions... Damn.
  • + 5
 "I cut my balls." —Gee Atherton
  • + 4
 Stay healthy this year, Gee! Look forward to watching you race, dude
  • + 1
 how do you tuck your ears in? are those special oversized hats?
  • + 1
 In the U.K. Most hats are one size fits all! Its tuck in the ears or have the pushed out! Every cap I tried on the other day made my ears stick out!
  • + 1
 what a brilliant question :')
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  • - 1
 He's nothing but skin and bone...
  • + 2
 Shut the front door.
  • + 12
 I guess muscle is not in your vocabulary then
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