Ride Concepts Adds Caroline Buchanan to Factory Athlete Team

Oct 8, 2019
by Ride Concepts  

PRESS RELEASE: Ride Concepts

Ride Concepts is proud to officially announce Caroline Buchanan as the latest addition to our renowned Factory Athlete team.

“I’ve been able to get to know Caroline this year, starting with the Bentonville film festival in spring,” said Team Manager Paul Basagoitia. “She’s arguably the most talented female on two wheels. Like me, she’s faced adversity with major injuries. This is when brands in the industry need to step up and support athletes. Caroline was left with only a few sponsors after her challenges. We knew we had to join forces and I’m so excited that we can be a part of her next steps.”

Buchanan, an Olympian who holds six elite World Championships and twenty Australian National titles over three cycling disciplines, is currently training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games where she will compete in BMX. “I live for that uncompromising ride and inspiring others to fall in love with riding,” said Buchanan. “I’m stoked to join the Ride Concepts party, and thankful for the support towards my mountain bike goals and overall 2020 program!”

In addition to the Olympics, Buchanan will focus on Sea Otter, Crankworx, Red Bull Pump Track World Championship, and select women’s freeride, slopestyle and dirt jump competitions.

Buchanan is especially proud to help progress women in sports and through her NextGen program financially assists, mentors and promotes the causes of young women.

Ride Concepts is a rider owned bike footwear company based in Truckee, CA with a complete offering for men, women and youth. For more information, visit www.rideconcepts.com and @ridecncpts.


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 Definite respect to a company looking out for one of our own who's been down on her luck. I wasn't considering Ride Concepts before, but I will now.
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 Sorry 5-10 (aka Adidas) but RC will be my next pair of shoes
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 I have 5.10, and Ride concepts. The grip just isn’t there on the RC’s. Stick to the best.
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 @rstokes: Have to agree. My RC shoes fit great and are built well, but the grip and durability are disappointing.
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 @rstokes: The new Powerline shoes have better grip than the live-wire series. You may like those. I have been a 5-10 guy for decades but its nice to have other options
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flag jorgeposada (Oct 8, 2019 at 10:49) (Below Threshold)
 Her shoes stink!
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 @emarquar: So they're built well but have poor durability? At least they don't delaminate like 5.10s after just a single summer of use. Sometimes I wonder if the "stickiness" of 5.10 rubber prevents it somehow from adhering well to the shoe bottom. Sure, maybe the grip of RC shoes isn't quite there...but I prefer to have a 100$+ shoe last longer than a few months. My RC shoes have been going strong since april in the super rocky southern arizona terrain - no issues whatsoever.
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 Agree, I just got a pair of RC’s and the fit is way better than 5-10 and the sole is on line with 5-10 @Phazz470:
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 @emarquar: Please contact us if you experienced an issue with durability and/or performance. We want to know right away. Thanks!
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 @Phazz470: Oof, I worded that poorly. The uppers seem really nice and didn't tear a seam on the first ride like my last FiveTens did, but the rubber of the soles seems to wear faster than it should.

@RideConcepts I honestly struggled with the grip so much across multiple different pedals that I just started using my clipless FiveTen shoes and Mallets from my trail bike. So, I haven't worn the shoes down entirely, but I'd guess the soles would be trashed after a year or so.

I got over two seasons out of my Freeriders before hitting the same amount of sole wear I had in ~15 rides on my Wildcats.
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 @emarquar: Thanks for the info. That experience is certainly not to our standards. PM sent. - RC.
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 @Phazz470: I bought some 5.10’s last season. 1st week foam in heel cup balled up and stitching blew out. My RC’s are built way better, rubber only a little less grippy and way comfier. Priced better too.
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 @RideConcepts: Hi. just chiming in. I have ridden 5/10 hi top impacts since 2008! only shoe i ever rode in. Got a pair of RC's from Cyclepaths in truckee early July. Great shoes! yes the grip is not as sticky as 5/10s. Had to get used to that, but so far the shoe has not come apart after a month like my last 3 pairs of Impacts. My 1st pair of 5/10's i re-soled them 3 times! yes you could buy soles for them. That 1st pair lasted 3 years! every pair ive bought since then started to delam after just a few rides. So yeah, bought these to hope for more durable and long lasting shoe. So far so good! wish for a high top version??? But the only issue after a full bike park summer is riding Mammoth. Those tiny breathing holes in the soles are catch holes that get filled up with pummice. They come out and get under the foot. I am a fan of these shoes! Hi Top version coming soon???
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 I want to try their TnT model, as it’s the only one that has their most grippy rubber. Anyone tried that model yet? I figured it’d be the best comparison to 5.10’s.
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 @ChachiArcola: Check out the Powerline. It also features our super grippy DST 4.0!
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 @rstokes: I have both too. RC are definitely not as grippy, but they are certainly grippy enough. I've never slipped a pedal with them...

Must also be said that I would rather have shoes with 80% of the grip than 5.10 but with 2 - 3 x the lifespan
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 @rstokes: how would you compare style stiffness between the two brands? I'm currently wearing Impact Pro for all my riding. It's nice to have other options, but if they're not equal they're not really other options. Haha
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 @cky78: came from impacts to livewires. I’d say they are just as stiff but can actually feel the pedals. Not going back to 5.10 anytime soon
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 @cky78: impact pro are my favourite as well. They last me 16months of riding 5/6 days a week so not sure about people’s durability claims. The RC hellion are plenty stiff, nearly as stiff as the impact pro’s but just not as sticky. Great build quality and durability too. Probably plenty sticky for chill trail riding or dirt jumps, just not hard tech riding imo
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 @rstokes: Super, thanks for the feedback! I hear you about the durability claims. I've had mine going on 2+ years? They're fine (knock on wood) save a spot wear the leather is cracking from walking. I'm sure there is something to the claims as there are so many, but luckily I haven't been caught up in anything yet. Thanks again!
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 Just picked up my first pair of Ride Concepts (Wildcat). Coming from 5-10. My thoughts:


Wildcat is the perfect DH shoe.

-Mid-top for ankle protection / support - CHECK
-Laces - CHECK
-Velcro Strap - CHECK
-Flats - CHECK
-Hard sole - CHECK
-Don't look too stupid - CHECK
-Sticky - CHECK (not as much as 5-10 but the above makes up for it)

It's like they listened to the Pinkbike comments. Just sayin.
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 Those don't look stupid? I think we have a difference sense of style...
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 So they aren’t uncomfortable like the shitty 5/10 ?

I ride Giro S and I love them but I’m considering getting some shoes for flats
As the vans don’t offer enough support

Are they okay ?
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 @barbarosza: you gotta try the bmx specific vans if you haven’t. Apparently they’re a lot better for riding in.

If you’re looking for a decent riding shoe check out almond footwear. Bmx brand associates to we the people and eclat if I’m not mistaken.

Had some delam issues with their first batch of shoes but they warrantied everyone who had an issue with that. Super comfy too.
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 @Rudy2455: What's your idea of a good looking flat shoe? I said "don't look too stupid" - stop twisting my words.
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 @barbarosza: They offer the perfect amount of support. Really the perfect flat shoe to me - though more for DH specific use.
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 Woo, wait on! Women’s free ride, slope style AND dirt jump competitions?? Why don’t they show this stuff on TV?! My whole family is keen and we always watch big names like Rheeder, Alanko and Johansson at crabkworx and wonder where the hell the women’s events are. Damn shame. But great to see her getting back into it. I’ll be turning my eye to RC shoes from now on, and definitely keeping an eye on Caz for the Olympics ????????
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 This is great!
Checked out a pair of RC a buddy got. Loved the quality. I have fat (pronounced wide) feet though so none of them fit. RC if you make wide sizes, I will buy them!
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 The holding the shoes like jesus shot is weird, but, I like this news. Congrats Richard Cunningham
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 Equally weird as the over the shoulder profile shot. Seems the photog didn’t get that MTB shoes require a bit more than fashion 101 poses.
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 If you guys are looking for any more info on the ride concepts flat pedals I made a little video kind of explaining the different options. Hope it can help a little!

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 Anyone got an input on how stiff the sole is on these? Still trying to find something to replace nike 5.0’s. That super stuff sole with the bottom layer of Uber soft rubber was perfect.
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 Riding RC shoes this season, started in Wildcats, the shoes softened considerably, so RC took them back after three months of continuous use, refunded in full. I replaced them with a pair of RC Hellions, two months in and I couldn’t be happier.

RC makes great shoes and they have excellent customer service. Based out of Trucker, owned and operated in the States, no Mega Corp ownership, just folks who like to ride.

Five Ten sucks, they haven’t made a shoe that lasts a season since 2010. I wouldn’t be surprised if Addidas got them for a song ... bike shops have been dumping the brand for a couple seasons.
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 I was excited to try these shoes, but if you've got big feet don't bother. I ordered a pair of size 14s off their site and paid in full. After 2 weeks of hearing nothing I contacted them asking about my order and they said they would be unable to fill it after all, and would refund me. Then a full MONTH after my initial order they finally refunded my money, which, thanks to exchange rate changes since the time I bought, was $10 less than what I actually paid initially. Sucks, I was totally willing to jump into the brand as a loyal customer.
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 If anyone is looking to try the Powerlines I have had a pair up for sale on here since 17 Sep with just 2 rides on them. They are a little to big for me. Just check my profile if your interested. Less then half price since the price is in Canadian.
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 Wide sizes ??
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 Yeah, good question. Look really narrow
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 @RideConcepts Can you also confirm why you only go to a size 46 Euro? I really want a pair of these to replace my falling apart 510's but I wear a 47 510 and have quite a wide foot.

Any plans to add either of these options to the line up?
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 @FairGoFalcon: Larger sizes coming in early 2020!
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 @RideConcepts: Looking forward to ordering some then.
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 She's a great spokesman. I can't imagine her having trouble finding or retaining a relationship with her sponsors. I must have missed something...she always great on the bike and in the hunt for the win.
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 spokesperson my bad.
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 Great job RC ,and she is oh la la ,great rider ,competitive,always full of energy,nice one ,now convince her to join and try some DH world cups or even Ews races.
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 Headed to RC... adios Adidas.
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 Wow, found another one! Boy -girl. Thought they were hot before I was awake.
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 Had my RC’s for a while and imo they’re better than adidas 5.10.
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 she, of all people, deserves better sponsors than a whole bunch of youtubers...
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 “She’s arguably the most talented female on two wheels...". Hey Paul, do the letters PFP mean anything to you?
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 RC cola
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