Ride Concepts Announces Its Adaptive Team For 2023

Jan 17, 2023
by Ride Concepts  
Sean Kent ripping Livewire at Northstar

Press Release: Ride Concepts

We're proud to pioneer an adaptive team and hope to positively influence the bike industry.

There’s an undeniable stoke that we all share as riders. It’s contagious, addictive and it fuels us to ride everyday. The mountain bike community has a growing niche of athletes that take this enthusiasm to the next level – athletes that love the ride despite physical challenges they may face. This is why we’re honored to introduce the Ride Concepts Adaptive Team. The Adaptive Team is a group of dedicated riders that, regardless of their equipment, drive passion for dirt and speed.

With our team manager and Factory Athlete Paul Basagoitia at the helm, the Ride Concepts Adaptive Team is a group of hard charging men and women that are leaders in the adaptive mountain bike community. With podiums and appearances at global events such as the Sea Otter Classic and Crankworx Whistler, the Adaptive Team brings the sport to new levels of recognition.

bigquotesI’m fired up to announce that Ride Concept’s will have a legit adaptive mountain bike team for 2023! It’s been one of my goals to create an adaptive MTB team ever since I sustained a spinal-cord injury. My mission is to help each of these individuals accomplish their goals and to give them all the knowledge that I can offer to help them become better bike riders. I look forward to building this movement and hope to one day crown the first adaptive king and queen of Crankworx.Paul Bas

The goal of the Ride Concepts Adaptive Team is to foster continued recognition and inclusion of adaptive athletes in the mountain bike community. In 2023, we look forward to offering personal guidance to the team riders, including the athletes in our marketing and content materials, and supporting adaptive mountain bike camps. We hope you will join our effort in recognizing adaptive riders as nothing less than mountain bikers, sharing a love for dirt among us all.

For more information on our Adaptive Team, check out our Athlete Page. Don't miss Different But Equal, an account of team rider Landon McGaul​e​y​ winning silver ​at Crankworx Whistler ​in ​Adaptive Men’s Dual Slalom.

Landon McGauley on his way to winning silver at Crankworx Whistler

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  • 106 0
 What a great announcement! Wish you all the best!
  • 76 1
 This is awesome!

Pinkbike: Over to you to keep this team in your feed. Lets follow them. We could all learn a thing or two.
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 I'd love to see some follow ups later in the year. Mega kudos to RC
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 This is epic! My friend Willy B. is one of the most amazing adaptive MTB riders I've ever seen!
He's paralyzed from the chest down, but still rides a 2-wheel DH bike, with a custom adaptive modification for him to ride!
Check this out if you get a chance! Keep it up! Big Grin
He is an ANIMAL on the bike, it's astonishing to watch! Smile
He had a HUGE crash at 10:27 in the video, luckily he was okay but damn that a hugie!
He was good and ready to go for more though, like a boss Big Grin

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 Brilliant stuff mate.
  • 4 0
 Amazing video and rider, thanks for sharing!
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 @sfotb: Thanks for watching, he's a Legend! More to come with Will in 2023 Big Grin \m/
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 @rideronthestorm1: Thanks for checking it out, Will is a true legend eh?! Big Grin
More to come with will in 2023, cheers my friend Smile \m/
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 Probably the most impressive riding I have ever seen. Willy B. deserves more recognition.
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 @HighMountainDrifter: He honestly does! I'm surprised he isn't already sponsored! He's the King Of The Hill Big Grin , I wouldn't even ride his bike in a flat parking lot and he rides it down steep chutes, chundery rock sections and just gives 'er in the high speed sections! Not to mention he corners like surgeon at work! Legend eh?! Big Grin
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 Rad companies sponsoring athletes of every type? More of this please!
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 Can’t stress how pleased I am to see this type of thing. As amputee that loves riding his mtb is great to see more inclusion to showcase to people that mountain biking is definitely an option no matter your level of injury.
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 Yeah Bas! This is awesome! This could really push things along and open the eyes of bike parks/events/technology and most importantly disabled potential shredders. I wish this project all the best.
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 Oh hell yeah! *This* is what sporting is all about - inclusion regardless of ability or disability. Love it.

For a while, there was a rider on here looking to get support to purchase a new adaptive ride. Does anyone remember that? He's in Europe, if I recall.
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 Not sure it's the one you're talking about but I know about one who'd desereve it badly
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 @bok-CZ: I'm pretty sure that's who I'm thinking of. Thanks!
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 @aaronjb: my pleasure to promote him
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 Great to hear such things between companies laying off people while buying a new office building while stopping conteacts with ambassadors.
One constructive criticism though: put at least a name and a picture of everyone in here. I like to know who is in the team after reading the article.
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 Hey there! There is a link to the team page at the bottom of the article!

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 @RideConcepts: yes, saw that. Still think it should be included in some way. But i know that it probably generates more traffic on your website this way too. So i get why a brand would make it this way.

Props though for A) making an adaptive team and B) for the depth of the roster. Great to see!
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 Hey @RideConcepts, I’ve been procrastinating about grabbing a set of Livewires as I only ~half~ need them (: but your active support for diversity - celebrating our differences - has me sold.

Keep it up !
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 Legends!! Stoked for 2023
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 Good people doing good things, hell yeah.
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 I’d love a blast on one of those! Having never seen one in action my big question is what happens to the front wheels if you need to apply opposite lock? Do they tilt to the other side? Could get messy….
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 gonna need a landon mcgauley bike check!
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 I can tell you that when he makes you ride it 10 beers deep it feels like you're going to die, even if its on a paved street.
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 Ride Concepts leading the charge! Adaptive athletes are legit and this is a step in the right direction for the industry. Hell yeah!
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 Adaptive MTB seems like such a good sector for the "ambassador" types of sponsorship. I dont know how many dedicated races, or how determining what sorts of disabilities dictate who or what kinds of bikes can compete against eachother in those scenarios is determined, but just having dedicated groups of people within companies developing and promoting the tech and riders would be so cool.
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 Awesome! Feel welcome to contact me directly if any adaptive racer wants to come and enter either Dual Slalom or Downhill at the GT Bicycles Malverns Classic.
The 24-27th of August is the UK’s biggest MTB Festival and one hell of a party!
Hit me up on si@malvernsclassic.com
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 Now this is sick!
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 Yes Landon!!!
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 This is Rad,
I think some other brands need to step up and support this team.
wheres the launch video budget?
  • 4 0
 Launch video coming soon! We'll be looking to do more and more content with this team moving forward
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 i had the absolute pleasure of riding with some of these athletes at the canadian downhill series.. such a rad group of riders and so deserving of this!! hell yeah for more brands supporting a more inclusive world!
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  • 4 0
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 That's super cool
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 More of this in the industry! Cool to see.
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 really dig this. I also really dig my RC Tallac shoes..
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 Nothin' but love and respect! Kudos to Ride-Concepts.
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 Great news! Also I really hope bowhead will somehow manage to make their trikes more affordable soon.
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 I want to ride that trike!
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 Brutal news.... beautiful...
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 Great to see this support Ride Concepts!
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 Way rad!
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 this is so sick!
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 Fuck yeah Bas!!!!
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 Hells yes!
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