Ride Concepts Partners with High Fives Foundation to Raise Funds for Adaptive Bike

Dec 7, 2020
by Ride Concepts  

PRESS RELEASE: Ride Concepts

This summer, our neighbors at High Fives Foundation approached us to partner with their Adaptive Mountain Bike Camps. It was an easy “yes!” and we were immediately astonished at the level of perseverance and dedication of the adaptive athletes on the mountain. Their enthusiasm was addictive and their skills nothing short of impressive. We immediately knew we wanted to become further involved.

Throughout December, we are putting our best foot forward to support initiatives that are meaningful to us within the mountain bike community. In doing so, we are proud to partner with High Fives Foundation where $5 of every shoe purchase will go towards buying an adaptive mountain bike for a disabled athlete.

High Fives Foundation’s mission is to prevent life-changing injuries while providing resources & hope if they happen in the outdoors. In essence, they are the safety net of the outdoor sports community by keeping adaptive athletes active.

At High Fives, we believe that the best healing is done with friends, outside and doing something that makes you smile. We find that mountain biking is one of those sports that embodies all those essentials and a program that we have heavily invested and expanded in 2020.Roy Tuscany, Founder/CEO of High Fives Foundationbigquotes

The steep cost of an adaptive mountain bike for an individual with a disability provides a major challenge for the High Fives organization. The average cost is over $10,000 with some as much as $25,000. To date, High Fives has supported 62 individuals with a disability the gift of an adaptive mountain bike.

To raise awareness of healing through adaptive riding and offset the burden of the cost of the adaptive bikes, Ride Concepts is donating $5 for every full price shoe sold on rideconcepts.com and ca.rideconcepts.com through December 31 to the goal of buying an adaptive bike for a High Fives Athlete.

We are excited to share this opportunity to give back with the greater mountain biking community. So, as a community, let’s end this year with some positive cheer and buy that 63rd bike. Feel Good. Give Back!

Happy Holidays,
Ride Concepts x High Fives Foundation

High Fives Adaptive Mountain Bike Camp at Northstar California this summer


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 This is awesome. I didn't know about the adapted camp at Northstar. My daughter rides a similar ("tadpole" style) bike because she has mild cerebral palsy and can't ride a standard bike. It's not anywhere near burly as these bikes, but she can do some light gravel riding in it. Her younger brother rides with me. A few days ago he was pushing her up some big dirt bumps so she could ride down the other side... she loves it. We're gonna have to check this camp out. I only knew about the one up in BC.
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 Can we get a techy report on this bike? Would love to see the Pinkbike treatment to this awesome machine.
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 Bowhead builds many of them- bowheadcorp.com
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 Holy crap, that dude is getting some serious frequent flyer miles. Rock on!
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 We can debate this but... uh... I think that's a dude-ette.
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 @Sscottt: D'oh! In my defense it could be a lady or a dude with massive pecs. LOL
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 @crazyXCsquirrel: how about we just use they/them
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 Wish we would see more big companies like SRAM and Fox getting down on this. $5 bucks is chump change for some of these companies that claim to care.
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 Okay, just how "disabled" do I need to be to call a "not bicycle" a "bicycle" for the purpose of riding on the "bike" trails? While I am 100% for accessibility...the same thought process' got to where people needed their "Service Turkey" to fly to Seattle and expected the rest of us to accept it with open arms.....Few months ago a guy was on the pump track on a moped...maybe he was disabled? It did have pedals.....
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 What exactly is your question? I see a concern that "fake" disabled people are gonna ride mopeds on your bike trails, but is that a real problem and does that apply here? Edit: checked out profile and all your comments are like, preemptive complaints about people u don't like (eco nuts, teachers, etc)
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 @lafayettebiker: It is a VERY valid question. For instance, our local trails "banned" e-bikes until folks took to ADA and they are (rightfully) allowed on all trails. Then we have the guy (similar bike) that triggered the idiot on a mountain bike and made internet fame with the fool yelling at a disabled man on the trails....Where I am we have "Stava Line Nazi's" who make me want to take every "Strava Line" there is, just to trigger them and watch their senseless ranting about zigging instead of zagging.

But, alas - at what point does a motorized vehicle NOT be qualified to be on a "bike" trail? As we know, if there are not very clear set rules - someone will simply press the envelope too far.
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 these look like fun...even though I can ride a normal bike. I want one ... n+1!
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 Sweet! I need a new pair of shoes....nevermind nothing I’d want even made in size 14.
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 Is it just me or does it look like the steering breaks on the bike at 0:19?
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 Heck yeah! Would love to see more of this from other companies too
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 More of this.
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 This is super rad!
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 This is so awesome!

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