Ride With Sam Hill, Brook Macdonald, The Gehrig Sisters & More as They Take Part in the Wahoo Shred Sessions on Zwift

May 4, 2020
by Sarah Moore  
Brook MacDonald had a rough day on the hill crashing hard first run and then going down hard once again third lap down. Tomorrow he ll be out to teach this track a lesson.

With many trails closed and more people than ever riding indoors, Wahoo has decided to help mountain bikers connect with some of the sport’s biggest stars through the Wahoo Shred Sessions series. The Wahoo Shred Sessions will kick off on May 6th and ride leaders will include Troy Brosnan, Brook Macdonald, Noga Korem, Sam Hill, Anita and Caro Gehrig and over 50 other pros across Downhill, Cross-Country and Enduro.

bigquotesSuper stoked to be leading a Zwift ride on the 9th of May I hope to see you there riding with me.Noga Korem

The ride will continue every Wednesday and Saturday (Time zone dependent) in May, with three times offered throughout each day to ensure that athletes in most time zones will be able to join. Each ride will feature a different Pro MTB rider serving as a ride leader, who will be available to chat with ride participants and ensure that the ride stays at a civil, inclusive pace where cyclists can ride together and commiserate about the challenges facing our community during this unprecedented global health crisis.

bigquotesWith trails closed in many places, or too crowded to allow safe riding, we wanted to give mountain bike athletes the chance to ride together and socialize in a safe environment. For many mountain bikers, this is a special opportunity to ride with some of the sport’s biggest stars -- the kind of interaction that would be singular and memorable, with or without a global pandemic.Colin Eustace, Vice President of Global Marketing for Wahoo

 during the third round of the Enduro World Series in Olargues Mont Caroux.

bigquotesWhen I approached our sponsor Wahoo to organize a single ride for the Enduro World Series riders I never thought a few weeks later we would end up at this and find ourselves with a list of the most decorated riders in the world keen to take part in a whole series! With no racing happening it is an amazing opportunity for the athletes and fans alike to ride together. It's a cool way to stay connected and fit at the same time through these troubled times, I can't thank Wahoo & Zwift enough for providing this virtual meeting ground. I can’t wait to meet some other riders and MTB fans!Caro Gehrig

While the weekly rides are intended to be casual and social, the month will conclude with an MTB ‘Royal Rumble’ to give everyone the chance to race each other, just for fun.

There will be a total of 24 rides over the course of four weeks covering all time zones twice weekly. Complete information on the rides, including a separate list of times in other times zones and instructions for signing up, can be found here.

bigquotesGet yourself a good indoor trainer setup and download Zwift to start yourself off with a quality indoor training. The most annoying thing about riding indoor is an old trainer that has weird resistance, is grinding somewhere and you're are just counting down the minutes until you are done.Caro Gehrig

See the Pinkbike Guide to Indoor Cycling here to get ready for the first ride on May 6th!

bigquotesI think it's great to keep that feeling of riding together during this difficult time. It may be virtual but we are still sharing that feeling of riding together!Jesse Melamed
All smiles and another dominant performance from Isabeau Courdurier

bigquotesI am missing riding with my friends from all over the world and if we can take advantage of the digital world to hang out and ride then fire on!Isabeau Courdurier

bigquotesWhen the lockdown started in Spain we weren’t allowed to leave the house for anything so I didn’t have a way to exercise and stay active. I haven’t had a trainer in over 8 years but luckily I was able to buy one and it changed my life. Zwift has made staying healthy such a fun thing that it changed my attitude and mood. I am very excited to share such a cool project and activity with the rest of the MTBers around the world.Iago Garay

bigquotesI'm new to the world of Zwift and I'm fully hooked already. It's given me something to focus on during these times when training goals are pretty vague, it keeps training fun and interesting while still getting a good suffer on. It's like playing a video game with your legs instead of thumbs! I'm looking forward to seeing more MTB riders coming on to enjoy the Shred sessions, see you there.Greg Callaghan


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 The race will be fun seeing the Worlds top MTB’ers get obliterated by a 6W/KG rider that no one in MTB has ever heard of.
  • 11 0
 ....that nobody has heard of! I don't get it, seems like there are an awful lot of strong riders on Zwift that don't seem to have bikes that leave the basement....
  • 11 0
 Cheating in Zwift is all too common (and easy). I see guys around where I live who are way stronger on Zwift than they are on the roads. For what?
  • 4 0
 @deadflat: I hate to call folks cheaters, but based on my results in "outside" races, I'd expect to do much better than I have to KILL myself for in Zwift races. For probably the same reason guys cheat in real-life as amateurs....peer group status I'd think?
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 I often have to remind myself that it’s just a game. Especially when racing 58KG guys who are putting out 350W...
  • 2 0
 @deadflat: Fake Internet Points.
  • 1 0
 Too true. I saw a Crit on Zwift the other day where the "winner" averaged 9w/kg. GTFOH.
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 Here is a pro roady explaining how to cheat easily on zwift (in french but you get the idea) : m.youtube.com/watch?v=K08AlzT6Qu8
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 @scatterbrained: yep kills me as well. I have ridden for quite awhile now and am aiming to get to 5w/kg for a 20 minute FTP test. I get trashed on all the KOM”s on Fulgaz. Would love to head out on a ride with some of these freaks and see how good they are. Have my bike in at @ 11kg (about right with two bottles of water tube etc for a long ride). Wonder how many riders put in 6kg bikes with 60kg body weight when 8kg bikes and 80kg rider is more like it.
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 @scarper55: even then, doesnt explain why guys are so fast on flats. "Weight" doping is one thing but bumping up wattage seems to be an issue too which is much more devious...
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 Do you think Sam Hill will ride in flip-flops?
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 Hi Guys, this rides will be social rides so we don't care if someone is cheating on tuning his watts on Zwift or not. The race will be a friendly training ride that we can all share together. I guess as there is mainly gravity riders racing we can all live with the fact that we might get our asses kicked in a virtual race (as long as we are faster than most out on the trails) Haha! Hope will be a lot of people joining! ;-) See you soon!
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 Now when MTB is a thing in Zwift, when will there be a virtual adjust powerband so I can actually get anywhere on the flats using mtb gearing?

It should be an easy softtware upgrade to implement. I am not talking about cheating just how actual watts translate to roadspeed ie. virtually changing chainring size. As it is now I spin out with 34-11 gearing so anything other than pure climbing routes is dead boring as I can´t get enough virtual resistance (running a Wahoo Kickr Core 34 chainring 11-40 cassette).

This has been brought up 1000 times on various forums for years, just do it already!
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 I hear there´s uplift spots still available?
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 Is it possible to do these rides (and keep pace) with a Kicker 2017 with a 1X12 drivetrain?
Can it be done while at ERG?

thanks in advance
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 Shame you can’t get a smart trainer (worth having) anywhere at the moment...
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 Just gonna wait until lock down is over and the second hand market gets flooded.
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 Excited about that!! Let's ride :-)
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 This is pretty great!

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