Rider POVs: Windham DH World Cup

Aug 6, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  



Check out the helmet cam run of Loic Bruni from here in Windham for the second to last round of the World Cup series! Bruni & Vergier Against the World helmet cam series is sponsored by RIDE 100%, Lapierre & SRAM MTB (SRAM, Avid, Truvativ)Produced by Creative Concept

Posted by Team Lapierre Gravity Republic on Thursday, 6 August 2015


Windham World Cup is all go! Practice today was awesome on a fast loose dusty track! Here is footage of my timed practice run which put me in 16th place.Trek Bicycle Pacenti Cycle Design MRP Works Components Fusion Design Studio Bontrager Schwalbe tires (official) Mojo Suspension Ticky Bikes RockGuardZ Dirt Factory (Indoor Mtb/bmx park) DNA Sports Performance Eastcoastairbrush

Posted by Jack Reading: Downhill Racer on Thursday, 6 August 2015

MENTIONS: @ms-racing2 / @Lapierre-Bikes

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 Holy shit, Bruni's run - so light. He's looking unstoppable. Ratboy doesn't even sound out of breath. This race is going to be killer!
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 Danny seemed out of breath and sounded like he was riding on a shopping cart. Ratboy sounded smooth, quiet and totally in control. Loic was on some sort of Star Wars vehicle.
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flag mrwynnewillson (Aug 7, 2015 at 8:20) (Below Threshold)
 Danny's camera was mounted on his bars, it makes quite a lot of difference
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 Its not mounted on to the bars, you can see the visor and also the bars lol
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 Oh yea my bad. That camera's xxxxxxx dry
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 Loic's run seems way faster than the rest. Not that that means much, but damn, he looked pinned!
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 As much as I like Danny Hart... that camera is awful! The angle is bad, the quality only up to 360p? Whats the point of that (I guess the camera can record in at least 720) Also its not very wide compared to the nearly 180 degree view of Gopros etc...
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 Had to stop the video. It would have been pointless to state at the Bell logo for 3 minutes.
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 *stare (f**king auto correct)
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 It can record in 4K! (At a crap fps) Apparently there's a problem where for some reason the video will only upload up to 360p on YouTube. The camera's actually supposed to be pretty good really...
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 Supports my opinion that Gopros still the leader... TomToms first camera though
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 yet another low quality video from Danny. why oh why? and yes,his bike sounds like a shopping cart with 100 loose bolts.
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 I've been meaning to say the same thing for months. With all the people employed by these teams and it the marketing investment they represent from the bike manufacturers there's no-one with the nous and initiative to walk over and flip the guys' cameras up by 20 degrees so we can see more then 5 feet beyond the front wheel?
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 It's not all that bad, sweet to see him huck the fall line at :42.
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that was pretty intense.
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 Usually with Danny's vids (at least the ones I've seen on youtube), they automatically load at low quality...but this one was different.
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 It is likely angled that way to get a really good video of the ground he is travelling over so when the team reviews the video after they can help him choose the lines. While these videos are nice I expect they primarily are not for our benefit, but for team training/line choice.
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 Guaranteed it's angled that way for the Bell logo.
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 Woah, thats the worst advertisement for TomTom cameras ever!
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 well, it's only uploaded in 360p....
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 dont think the mounting angle helped out much either
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 Danny and his ToyToy camera. Pfft.
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 I love watching danny ride but that camera angle hurts my neck.
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 I just played all four over the table whilst i tucked in to my breakfast (eggs on bagel)... Loic was the only one that stopped me eating! Very special! I think i remember he got 5th here as a junior too? This could be the weekend that 2 plate becomes a 1 :-)
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 Definitely not buying a Tomtom Helmet Cam - Cheers Danny!
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 Bruni's a f'n surgeon. Watch his front wheel track down that whole run. Only time it flops around is when he's sprinting. Amazing.
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 Can't wait for tomorrow. Good time to watch in the uk. About 7pm
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 Ta for that.... save me looking.
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 Hard to tell who's fastest, but who cares, its all on tomorrows run. I'd much rather see them from the track side than pov with helmet cams. I don't care what brand of camera you stick on your helmet, in my opinion you will always look daft.
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 Reading looked the most relaxed and was so smooth. I have no idea who this dude is but I can't wait to see him bring it. GO RAT GO!
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 is it me..or does danny hart sound waaay more out of breath than the other three
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 Jack Reading may not be a top dog, (yet?) but that was a fast, clean run.
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 Stoked all these povs actually load, unlike claudios redbull pov page/last two.
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 You can really tell how tough this coarse is by how much the bumps kill the speed
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 chest mount will give us the best view, we'll get some of the bike action and wider longer view of the track
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 Chest mounts make it harder to see the track because the chest moves around much more than the head. Heads are like a steady-cam mount.Absorbing shock through the neck and keeping a constant viewing angle. On the other hand chest mounts do give a better indication of the roughness of the track and what's going on with the bike handling. You can either see the track well or experience the riding well, not both.
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 I have a chest mount. Never use the thing cos the footage is so god damn shakey. As dfiler says, your neck does a pretty good job of being a built in steadycam.
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 Chest mount on 1440p wide angle is the best.
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 Under visor wide angle= best mount. You need to be able to see handlebars to give at least some indication of the track roughness.
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 tell that to my eyeballs...
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 www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt4DFiipXps heres a 1440p chestmount of a friend riding. I think it's great as you see much more the surroundings than with 1080p so you get less sick watching it and you also see a good portion of the bike aswell as the track
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 I've got a slogan for Danny: "TomTom Action Cameras; and you thought Drift was bad!"
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 I've got a drift and a go pro. Prefer the drift by far. My mates Sony is better than either.
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 idk man, the drift has a far better shape and size than a gopro, but for pure functionality and versatility gopro every time. and film quality is gopro any day of the week. Sony i cant really comment on, they seem a tad too long to be as good as a gopro for chest mounts/front helmet mounts, but as i said i cant really say whether they're any good as i havent tried one. To be completely honest, i do have a feeling that youre just paying for a logo with gopros a lot of the time, but my hero 4 black was free, so i cant complain!
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 Curious, How many times do these guys run the track on average over the course of a week? 20? 50? More??
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 I think most tracks are closed a week before so no one gets an advantage. Plus if you had that many people riding a track for a week before, there would be nothing left come race day.
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 is it just me or did Jack Reading totally annihilate the course!
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 Nobody else thinks this tracks abit tame/boring compared to the rest of the WC?
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 I loved watching Danny's front wheel
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 That youtube compression is terrible.
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 Pretty neat dude
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 Those whoops are huge!
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