RideWrap Celebrates Earth Day By Partnering With Trees For The Future

Apr 22, 2022
by RideWrap HQ  


We’re a small business that enhances the enjoyment of mountain bikers and cyclists worldwide. We do so by making some damn-fine bicycle protection components. While protecting bikes can increase their working lifespan and reduce their likelihood of a premature trip to the landfill, the production and distribution of bike protection products have adverse side effects on the health of our planet.


We’ve decided to partner with Trees For The Future to offset some of those adverse side effects.

This partnership is a step towards our ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral.

We chose to partner with Trees For The Future because they do much more than planting trees to offset emissions. They create sustainable livelihoods. Training farmers in agroforestry, they teach farmers to grow sustainable farming systems called Forest Gardens. Forest Gardens restore the soil and natural biodiversity of the land while providing food and income opportunities to the farming family. The average one-acre Forest Garden is home to more than 4,000 trees and sequesters about 63 metric tons of carbon over 20 years.

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Our partnership with Trees For The Future works like this: RideWrap plants one tree for every purchase of a RideWrap Bicycle Protection kit. This includes products purchased from dealers, distributors, and the RideWrap.com website. We tally the number of protection kits shipped out from all our production facilities and make a quarterly donation to Trees For The Future. That donation supports Trees For The Future on its mission to protect the environment and empower people to grow their food.


We for sure don’t have it all figured out. But, we’re taking steps to develop our path towards becoming a business that supports the community that supports us. Whether that community is inside the walls of our office, in the shops and on the trails around the world, or in the greater global community, we’re taking steps to protect the beautiful blue space marble we call home.


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 Good on you guys. No one has it all figured out but every little bit helps and kudos to you guys for doing your part.
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 Absolutely Beer
  • 18 5
 Your product is basically extra plastic to wrap around bikes, and you think planting trees is going to make it all better? Bizarre.
  • 8 0
 maybe add in a couple thoughts and prayers
  • 12 1
 The unclimable hill.... If you can't jump right to the top you may as well never start.
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 Well in fairness to RideWrap, its mostly getting wrapped around carbon frames which aren't exactly recyclable or prone to quick biological decay
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 A typical planter on average ground can plant 3000 trees a day in the interior of B.C.
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 Wow that's quick, assuming a full work day that is like 7 trees every minute. I'd like to see that in action
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 The planet is fine and will be here in millions of years. Whether it's still inhabited with billions upon billions of parasitic humans I couldn't care less.
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 now if maccy d's would do the same for every 100 burgers they sold...
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 For earth day, I always make an effort to poop on the fire roads, got to remind people that we came from the earth. #LoveYourMother #StayWokePal

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