Riding the Caucasian Trails in Azerbaijan - Video

Sep 30, 2017
by zam  
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Have you ever seen someone zig-zag riding among the poisonous snakes of sun-dried steppes in Azerbaijan? Have you ever got an idea to reach the highest village of Caucasus mountain to ride down the narrow streets between stone houses heated by fuel bricks made from manure? And what about cycling on the beaches polluted with pesticide and oil from the sea drilling?

These and much more was done by the European rider Richard Gasperotti who visited Azerbaijan this year with his long-term project ,zam. The word comes from Mongolian where the project has started 5 years ago and which would be translated as ‘a journey’. The recent expedition was joined by the very special guest Michal Maroši - the Red Bull athlete with a sports career including taking part in Red Bull Rampage. Through the eyes of a cameraman Martin Smolik, you will see biking in the incredible landscapes of a country only a few riders have visited so far.

zam a journey of one freerider - zam6 Azerbaijan foto Adam Marsal Canon

zam a journey of one freerider - zam6 Azerbaijan foto Adam Marsal Canon

zam a journey of one freerider - zam6 Azerbaijan foto Adam Marsal Canon

zam a journey of one freerider - zam6 Azerbaijan foto Adam Marsal Canon

Riding down the Caucasian trails in Azerbaijan

Featuring: Michal Marosi and local riders of Azerbaijan

Lukas Marty gaspi Adam

,zam team: Lukas Jusko - holidayman / Martin Smolik - camera / Richard Gasperotti // Adam Marsal words and photo


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 My sister. She is #2 best whore in all of Azerbaijan.
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 Wrong country dude, your sister is #2 best whore in Kazakhstan,unless she's been spreading her wings as well as her legs .......I'll get my coat.
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 "She gives....the best sex in the mouth....of all the girls" HAHA
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 You know this because?
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 Man I love Borat
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 This is not a documentary about the society of Azerbaijan and it does not claim to criticise anything that might be going wrong there (in terms of western standards). This is a biking video and it fits quite right in the cliché of what freeride is known for.

Having said that I thing it is a nice freeride video with pictures that I could very well enjoy.
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 Sick video, cool songs. Gaspi looks like Peter Sagan, his way of talking too. Some gringos on PB need to wake up, not all videos are shot in Canada or the US, nor they feature nice houses with green yards and a huge Cadillac or SUV parked outside.
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 @javijavi: Well SK and CZ are brothersSmile
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 For a country that's been trying so hard to raise their profile, they still live in the dark ages.

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flag makor86 (Sep 30, 2017 at 17:25) (Below Threshold)
 pinkbike it not a place for politics. should i say in usa white police murder black citizens or in usa communism and nazism are legal and promoted?
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 @makor86: I looked at your page, for someone trying to avoid politics most of your posts are political. Hypocrite much, bro? Let bikes be bikes, this is Pinkbike.
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 I think Azerbajian has more serious issues than "anti gay raids": For instance a GDP per capita of about 6000$.
But anything to serve your agenda, huh? Just let the guys ride and keep your social justice warrior ethics to yourself.
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 And you @mungbean are #sofkngawake that you feel the need to post this crap in here. It is people like you that make blokes on the edge to sympathize with fkturds you think you are fighting. If this sort of self righteous narrative gets so popular, no wonder people like Trump get elected
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 Not being an SJW or whatever your lame worn out cliche of the week is. Was just throwing it out there. Sometimes people just want to know things. And sometimes people should know things. If you don’t like, boo fn hoo.

Sorry (not sorry) you losers go so amped about it. Eat a d!ck.
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 They were in the news for imprisoning gay people this week. Not a country I'm comfortable wearing spandex in. Or giving them any of my money.
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flag makor86 (Sep 30, 2017 at 17:31) (Below Threshold)
 still much better than crimes what usa do like supporting al qaeda, isis, communist terrorists or neonazis and murdering black americans left and right. i will not mention murdering children in syria and iraq every week, supporting terrorist states like ukraine, israel and saudi arabia and much more crimes like e.g. executing american citizens and their children without a trail
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 Its a sick video and its interesting how when a sick video from a western country comes out we dont start commenting on some of its past or present humanitarian issues. I guess its just always open season on some 'types' of people. Nice movie and the soundtrack was dope too.
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 that was pretty epic. at times it looked like the West, other times like the East. What a unique (and complicated) place. It's definitely on my bucket list. I hadn't ever thought of riding there, but maybe bikes are the best way to see and experience a place... rad project, thanks for sharing.
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 It looked a lot like the poorer, dryer parts of Turkey. I've spent quite a bit of time in Turkey, and there's some great riding if you know where to look, you might even find the odd company out there who do rides! Like www.bikinginturkey.com - I rode with them in Cappadocia, and it's some of the coolest singletrack I've ever done.
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 the only two Czech riders who did Rampage back in the days Smile
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 Tomáš Zejda was invited for 2015, but did not took a part in the race.
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 Buys monster bag of weed at 5:43
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 nice video, need more stuff from "outlying" regions of bikedom.
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 You don't hear about the trails in Azerbaijan, everyday. Now how many people know where that country is? ????
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 It's just south of Vermont! duh!
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 Being ignorant does not mean that the country does not exist..
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 That film reminded me a little of Kranked 1. Sticking to their freeride roots these guys.
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 Awesome! More videos like this please!
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 Jagermeister? To se neodpousti...
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 Što se to...?
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 Thanks for these great actual freeride video. this are rare nowadays.
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 Nice! I'll definitely be down to ride there!
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 Does one have to ride a Whyte bike while in the caucasian mountains?
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 What the hell is a "European rider".
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 Well, apparently not an American nor Canadian. Gaspi´s name sounds Italian, but he is Czech and the same Michal Maroši.
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 That taxi!!
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