Follow the Road to Arcylon (No Lycra)

Jun 16, 2016
by Eric Kramer  
Road to Arcylon

I’ve always thought the name Arcylon sounded vaguely Hellenic like it was the name of an ancient Greek city-state. But the truth is much more indicative of the intention of this trail, and a little more clever. Arcylon, when spelled backwards, reads “no lycra.”

Which is appropriate for a trail that can be considered one of the crown jewels of the Park City area freeride trails. Road to Arcylon (which is its actual name) was a cooperative project between Park City's Basin Recreation organization and the volunteers at WAFTA (Wasatch Area Freeride Trail Association), and the result of that project is a fast, flowy trail with plenty of rollers, jumps, and berms.

Road to Arcylon

But unlike many of the unsanctioned bootlegger freeride trails we’ve all ridden, Road to Arcylon is built to high standards for safety, accessibility, and progression. None of the features are blind and they are all marked with signs indicating more difficult features. There are b-lines around all of the bigger features, making the trail rideable for those who are still reluctant to lift their tires off of the ground.

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If you hit all the features, the trail is intermediate to advanced difficulty. None of the features are huge, but to hit them well requires a good dose of speed and commitment. That’s what makes Arcylon such a perfect trail to build confidence. It’s challenging enough to put some fear in you but progressive and safe enough that you can build your confidence quickly. If you just flow with the trail and trust the speed it gives you, you’ll clean everything like a boss.


Another element to the progressivity of the trail is the fact it’s relatively short at about ¾ of a mile with a one-mile up-trail that takes you back to the top. This short distance and the fact that it’s fun as hell encourages you to lap it until your legs give out, riding it cleaner and faster every time. Road to Arcylon is best ridden on a trail or enduro bike, but I’ve seen people ride it on everything from full DH rigs to twenty-pound XC hardtails. The ride to the top is hard enough that you’ll appreciate a bike that you can pedal uphill, especially after the fourth or fifth lap.

Being at a lower elevation than many of the other freeride trails in the area means it’s usually rideable by early or mid-May depending on the snowpack, making Road to Arcylon the perfect early season trail to get your jumping skills dialed before hitting the bike parks.

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 Sweet traildog possie! That's a great shot!!!
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  • 13 11
 This is preddy awesome! Here is a vid of me literally roasting and swagging up the same trail, then winning the KOM. Check it.
  • 4 5
 @PizzaMagician: would be "preddy" cool if you actually got the KOM...
  • 5 6
 No one cares about your Strava time but you
  • 7 0
 @PizzaMagician: I wasn't expecting it to be funny! Well done. I like the use of sparkles.
  • 3 4
 @samrice10702: Its fine he rides a lefty...
  • 5 3
 @samrice10702: Those sound like the words of someone who couldn't take the KOM. Keep practicing and maybe you can win at this trail. Better luck next time!!
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 @rickster470: @rickster470: Ya right, RIckster-a lot of ppl care. Sorry I roasted up the trail 2 hard. I didn't know that winning was a crime.
  • 4 2
 @kelpaso: Thanks!!! I'm glad someone got it Smile
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 @PizzaMagician: I don't think people understand how necessary Crossfit is to taking a KOM. You probably should have included your WOD in the video so others can know the secret to going really fast.
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 @PizzaMagician: Funniest thing I've seen in years.......for a second I thought I was watching a 70's porn......kudos!
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 @Ardrock: This is a Vgood Idea! I will start making a vid this W/E 2 help motiv8 ppl win @ the trails or at least PR.
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 *This is not the trail you're looking for* *Move along*
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 Sorry your secret spot got blown, dog.
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 Is a really great trail.......thanks to all those who put it together.......also glad to finally know what the name means.....awesome!
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 great to see Brian and Ali riding!!!
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 no joke rode this last week. 95 degrees down in the valley and 15 min later its 70 degrees, breezy, and beautiful. One of the best intermediate tracks I've ridden.
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 I need to get out there and ride it soon myself!
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 @abef: Yup. I'm super lucky that it's right by my house! Awesome trail.
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 I certainly wouldn't call it "freeride," but it's definitely one of the most epic XC flow trails we've got.
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 Eh, it's all relative. For a jump noob like me, it counts as freeride Smile
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 C'mon maybe not burly freeride but has wooden features and a few doubles. Flowy but semi freeride for sure
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 Yeah love them doggies! Fun looking trail too.
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 Does Richie Schley get any kickback from all those attempted Schleybletops?
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 Brian Sweaty, them dogs getting it too, go Park City!
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 Such a fun trail

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