Road to Rampage Episode 4 - Weathering the Storm

Sep 18, 2014
by Red Bull Bike  

It's time for the last stops in the chaotic season leading up to Rampage. Kyle and Andreu head to Retallack Lodge to take on some of the biggest jumps ever built for a mountain bike but first they will have to take on the local weather. With time ticking down Tom is still injured and doing everything he can to prepare off his bike and Kyle leaves Retallack early to help a good friend achieve a life long goal.

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 You know when it looks cool on a GoPro, its REALLY cool in real life.
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 You meant to say you know when it looks cool on the RedBull player, it looks REALLY cool in real life!
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flag peanutbuter (Sep 18, 2014 at 13:39) (Below Threshold)
 red bull player inst that bad
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 no... it is that bad.
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 Run perfect for me 1080 and smooth as silk
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 Used to be very bad, now they fixed it. Its on par with youtube and PB player now in my opinion.
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 It's still bad when it doesent stream when paused.
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 why did I get neg propped but bigburd didnt
  • 5 1
 I gave up understanding and giving a shit about props on this site a long time ago , I just write my opinion and f*ck them if they don't like it Smile
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 me too
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 Andreu is really next level, on so many levels...
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 his style is nuts. I really want him or Aggy to win.
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 somebody from the fest series will win.
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 Andreu's definitely one of the gnarliest ever. He always looks like he's having a blast, and it's so fun to watch.
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 he's just so raw. On the gas the entire way
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 Andreu is a different kind of animal for sure
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 He scares me a little. A actually get an adrenalin rush just watching him. GO ANDREU!!!!!!!!!
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 He's so sick! I really hope that he climbs on that podium! No fourth place allowed this year! GO ANDREU!
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 "No one's building courses we wanna ride "!
That's because you're too frickin good !
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 those FEST jumps are just next level - amazing stuff and so glad these guys have found a home for their style of riding as they did not fit into the current FMB tour, FMB = slopestyle, FEST = freestyle - simple really, both are excellent disciplines, but gotta give it to the FEST guys for sheer air time, they is just floatin` free Smile
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 I almost wish Rampage was further away so that we could get more of these episodes.
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 i think some will come out after rampage like last year. and i cant wait any longer to see rampage!
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 front flip the canyon gap?! holy f*ck.
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 spoiler alert...
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 I am genuinely terrified for Tom about his... when frontflips go wrong they have a habit of spitting the rider high in to the air only a few feet from takeoff... which doesn't bode well if there's a f'off big canyon gap in the middle! Fingers crossed for everyone's safety this year
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 Can't ride if it rains? We don't have that choice in the UK.
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 I Think it's a bit different when hitting 80 foot gaps on freshly built jumps Razz
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 I don't know, kids these days Big Grin
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 really am wondering what this years equivalent to the "canyon gap" is going to be. There is also going to have to be a huge drop that is somewhat equivalent to the Icon sender. I have seen photo's of a go-pro feature that is said to be 50' out and 20' down which is huge but not quite the same as the other two I mentioned.
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 Andrew, Zink and Aggy for the podium
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 i can't wait to see how many pounds Kyle Strait has lost on weight watchers
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 Andreu's 3's over the massive second booter is magical. Must be an unreal feeling to be able to do that
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 Is it just me or does Sorge look like a more badass version of Chuck Norris
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 Hahahha fu, yeah...good call .lol
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 Been tryin to keep track of the weather for rampage...........dunno could be dicey.........might have weather to deal with.??? SO what happens if it is too windy or rainin on the day of finals.??????? Wash out???? MOve to new date??????? I would love to know with a big event like this.....well........ lets all pray for a good day for RaMpAgE,
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 is that pinnacle thing still happening after rampage? would be crazy to see these guys hitting jumps moto style bar to bar
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 Aggy Foot Plant drop was so stylish !
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 F.Yeah! His beard makes it even better!
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 Level of stoke for Rampage is through the roof, can't wait to get down there next week! RAMPAAAAAAAAAGE!!!
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 Cant be more stoked for RaMpAgE this year.............F yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • 4 0
 I've just watched no problem..
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 U have apple?
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 That's probably why, I'm on windows and it says I have to download adobe flash (which it will not let me on this phone!)
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 sucks all the tickets are sold out anyone want to get rid of one?
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 Dude that gnaly track next gen mtn biking !
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 love the nelson segments "fast" slow-mo
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 I always prematurely ejaculate when I watch Rampage on my Iphone.
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 I hope you have a screen protector! Otherwise the folks at the genius bar will tell you that it is not under warranty!! ;-)
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 So pumped for this year! I want to go claim my camping spot already!
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 It would be cool to see some of the riders lines being built.
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 can someone give me a link to the video where Tom rides whistler? thanks
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 i love this series 3
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  • 1 0
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 crap….. like 6 days till old rampage site riding…….. here we go. Smile
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 Hopefully theres still another fest this year
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 Crazy to see how much these guys "work" the bike on the big jumps -- check @ 7:15-7:18 for an example of what I mean…
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 yes qhhfjhgfjgjghjgjhgj

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