Rob Warner is Back on Giant

Feb 6, 2023
by Ed Spratt  

Giant has announced that they have signed Rob Warner to share "his love of all things MTB, especially E-bike adventures."

Rob Warner first signed for Giant back in 1996 and raced with them until he moved into TV commentary in 2006. Rob stayed with Giant until 2016 when he moved to Commencal before shifting to YT and then recently Vitus bikes. Rob and Giant have now teamed up again as we head into the first year where he will no longer commentate World Cup racing.

Recently Rob Warner has been sharing some classic riding antics including when he raced a rally car in 1995.

bigquotesWelcome back, @robwarner970!

If you’re a fan of World Cup MTB racing, then you probably know Rob Warner as the voice of the sport for more than a decade.

Our history goes way back. Rob spent most of his racing career on a Giant, including the iconic ATX 990—a bike he made history with in 1996 when he became the first Brit to win a World Cup DH.

Now, Giant and Rob have teamed up again, sharing his love of all things MTB, especially E-bike adventures!

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 Can he just commentate on his own podcast, and then we mute the race, and tune into the podcast?
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 I'd tune in for that
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 I 2nd that too!
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 Please upvote this Big Grin
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 Now thats good news thats where he is ment to be nice one rob
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 no...where Rob is meant to be is announcing World Cup Downhill.
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 @ReformedRoadie: He's meant to be wherever he darn well pleases.
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 @foreverforum260: I must have missed the part where he unilaterally made the decision to walk away from it....apologies.
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 @ReformedRoadie: Based on these comments, I now see that he is no longer commentation because of Discovery? If so, that is unfortunate.
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 Wonder if he will get a proper warranty?
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 @foreverforum260: that was announced a long, long time ago
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 @Jdricks: Welp, I guess I live under a rock.
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flag kyleluvsdh (Feb 6, 2023 at 15:00) (Below Threshold)
 Pinkbike refused to post this on the front page for some reason so here it is:
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 @kyleluvsdh: This is relevant because.................?
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flag kyleluvsdh (Feb 6, 2023 at 15:59) (Below Threshold)
 Cuz bikes.
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 Rob should be very touched by this comment section. It's proof that the PB readership's love for all things Rob Warner eclipses even its hatred of all things e-bike!
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 @nillswalk: What if Giant starts releasing bikes with headset cable routing? I can't see the PB readership overcoming that!!
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 Given how much love he has shown vitus on his channel recently this is a bit of a surprise. Good on Giant for bringing Rob on board. All hail the egg!
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 That's how you know Rob's a real pro, hyping Vitus bikes right til the end of the contract even though he's probably aware that he is going elsewhere - brands will know they're going to get the full value rather than a guy who phones it in during the last couple weeks or months.
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 @j-t-g: or he was catching up on contractual obligations to get paid. Also a "pro" move.
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 Where does he publish his adventures? is it just on social media or does he have a website? If it is just social media, this is pretty interesting how things are going nowadays. Apparently the publicity on social media (which is only going to be distributed to the people who are already subscribed to his messages) is worth enough to supply him with a bike that's worth as much as a WC DH racing bike. This is no envy at all. If it works it works. Just an observation. Also that apparently me I'm getting old, considering I have such a hard time understanding this concept. I wonder whether brands actually have a means to verify the effect of sponsored athletes. I don't think there is one single thing on my bike that I've bought because an athlete (or influencer) was using it. I just scroll through the products in the webshop until I find the part that meets my requirements and buy that. Is it different for anyone else?
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 @vinay: HE has an excellent and very funny youtube channel. This winter he has been doing the a UK bike park series sponsored by Vitus.
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 Rob- Best of luck to you, hope we get to hear your voice in a world cup again.
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 Rob should start a podcast that is actually time synchronized to the discovery stream. Don’t say any trademarked things, just rider names and racing dialogue. We could start the discovery replay on mute and start the podcast and just listen. And he’d be welcome to say whatever he wanted about… anything.
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 @Mtmw: exactly!!!! Something along the lines like Joe Rogan and “Fight Companion “ on UFC fight nights.
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 Even if it’s an after race show, we’ll still be able to hear how a racer hit the deck harder than an old lady on a cruise ship.
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 @Mtmw: I love that idea
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 @thepoolguy: Last Lap does it for F1. It will happen, the important part for it to work is the guests, he must have interesting guests that can keep up with him. Another question is if it would be financially viable for him, and if he has the patience of managing a Youtube page or a Spotify podcast. He is a Boomer at the end of the day.
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 @Mtmw: He could live stream it on Youtube and it would be available for playback later.
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 No. Giant is Back on Rob Warner.
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 We need him back on the commentary booth.
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 Could be just me but I prefer him in the booth.
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 The man changes bike sponsors more often than his chamois these days!
Is what I imagine of Rob’s self commentary on this news
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 Hopefully, on cold days, Rob will be allowed to carry his warm eggs, as part of his Giant contract.
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 @AppleJack76 He is, but I believe the contract stipulates that they have to be ostrich eggs.
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 @excavator666: *whistle*... those are some huevos grandes!
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 @excavator666: how would he sit down with eggs that big?!?!
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 Don’t they sell normal bikes?
  • 15 63
flag mcozzy (Feb 6, 2023 at 10:49) (Below Threshold)
 Who cares about flintstone bikes these days.
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 @mcozzy: Real riders do
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 @mcozzy: TIL strider bikes are 'normal' bikes
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 I've only caught a few of his YT videos (and that was enough for me), but I get the impression he's not too fussed about normal bikes any more.
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 @chakaping: Nothing against Rob Warner as he is a legend (and who doesn't love a pro athlete telling a British Cycling Commissaire that they are a "bell end" when he was being admonished for not wearing his helmet in the uplift queue - standing still next to his bike) but he will probably admit that he has never liked pedalling much and if he isn't able to do a track preview at a DH course then riding an e-bike just makes sense. He also has a back ground as a trials rider (another admonishment from a British Cycling official for playing on his trials bike behind the pit area at the same race).
Ah the good old days, when the Athertons were riding for Animal (and about 15 years old?) and Rob Warner was telling officials that they were "bell ends". So much entertainment for one's race entry fee!!
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 @mcozzy: uh hmm…it’s acoustic bikes, get it right.
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 It's so depressing thinking he won't be calling DH races...
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 Sidebar - Giant is scooping up sponsored riders as other brands are cutting them down or out completely. Is there a Sale on influencers is Giant in better financial health than everyone else?
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 They make a majority of other bike company's frames, world's largest manufacturer of bikes. Overrall I would think they are healthy, but could be wrong
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 Maybe when his contract is up with red bull he might go to discovery. But in the meantime hes locked into his contract and he is where he is. Hopefully we'll get Rob back sometime in the future.
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 Rob was synonymous with Giant, great to see him back on the brand.
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 That’s got to be the first 55lb reign with enve wheels, go easy big man
  • 6 2
 I always sleep on giant, but idk why. That reign E looks sooo good!!
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 One of the greats and truly the VOICE of mountain biking. Well done GIANT.
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 ...but the bike still looks a bit small compared to his size. Since I´ve met him in person I pretty sure one of the few bikes really fitting would be Gemetron in the biggest frame size available.
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 Is Rob holding up the bike or is the bike holding up Rob? Just kidding, love you buddy! Stoked on this news.
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 Well done Giant-Rob is a legend and a true professional....worked with him for many years and he is spot on. Congrats all.
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 We need a ATX paint job/kit!
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 Michelin tires. I've heard good things. So many great tire choices these days
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 Giant news!
  • 3 0
 Rob Reigns!
  • 3 0
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 I'm just gonna leave this right here... e bikes are ugly
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 Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one.
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 @541freeride: yep sho nuff.
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 Screw you Discovery
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 haha, way to go Rob! With the eMTB you'ra also able to go for a ride with Bart together Smile
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 When Rob Warner watches the British baking show.
I'll see myself out.
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 Is literally anyone surprised that giants timing couldn't be worse?
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 How so? Do tell more...
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 @handynzl: giant has had the strangest approach to investing in racing and sponsored pros for 10 years now. And like clockwork they make their biggest signing since remi thirion two months after Warner loses his biggest gig.
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 @jtorrento: Given that Giant races WC DH, I'm sure that they've been aware for quite some time that the TV package was going to undergo changes. Rob's deal might be costing them a lot less than if they signed him six months ago.
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 @Glory831Guy: Lets assume they signed him for 2 years. And let's assume these next two years Rob does the red bull events and obviously does not do world cups. Is he more or less influential 2 years from now than he he is today?
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 Giant want to follow him on to Discovery eventually.
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 Rob could take over Cathro’s line choice vids. Have him pre run on the e-bike.
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 Yes, it is
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 It's nice of them to give him an adult sized bike this time. That 3rd shot of him on a kids bike is sad.
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 Rob Warner’s brand is long time one of its own
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 Now tell us where all the riders have moved to that is still a mystery
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 At least the IXS series will have good commentary this year!
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 In that photo Rob seems a Giant!
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 Congrats Rob and Giant! Can’t wait to see some adventures coming up.
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 Ahh this is good news Smile
  • 6 8
 For a moment there I completely forgot that Giant bicycles existed
  • 5 0
 Doesn't matter, they make an overwhelming % or bikes out there regardless of the brand on the downtube

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