Robin Wallner Sitting Out EWS Finale Ligure Due to Head Injury

Sep 24, 2020
by Sarah Moore  
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Robin Wallner was unable to finish the EWS in Pietra Ligure last weekend after a crash on the third stage. Today, he announced that he won't be competing in the last race of the season in Finale Ligure.

bigquotesCiao! After trying to ride my bike on a trail today I’ve decided not to race this weekend.

Being in Finale and not racing absolutely sucks but I know there are no positives that will come out of me racing not being at 100%. There’s more likely to be negatives and it’s not worth taking any big risks to just ride around. I also know there is no such thing as “just going easy” on a @world_enduro like someone told me to.

Will be trackside cheering instead.

Thanks to everyone who’s been supporting through this weird season.
Robin Wallner

We wish Wallner the best of luck with his recovery.

Photo by Niklas Wallner
A strong start to the season for the Ibis Factory Team in Zermatt.
Robin Wallner at the enduro World Series Zermatt Switzerland
Niklas Wallner photo.


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 Smart, concussions need to be taken seriously
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 Don't race in Finale this year, then recover and ride for a lifetime. Rather this than the other way around. Get well, properly!
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 @vinay: Yup, my wife had a bad concussion from skiing and it derailed her life for a bit. I could only imagine what would have happened if she hit her head while she was recovering.
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 So happy to see riders getting more serious and doing the right thing with head injuries. Bummed he is injured, but this is the right decision.
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 "Dude, just let your ibis do the job".

In all seriousness - good call on this. Concussions can have long term repercussions and it's not worth laying it on the line for just a race. Heal up fast and quickly for next season!
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 Shocking that someone had the gall to tell him to "race it easy". This is 2020, isn't it? Oh wait, its 2020...
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 In an old school coach voice..."cmon boy, suck it up, no pain no gain...if you can walk and talk, we are puttin' ya back in, you ain't no quitta"...glad things have changed
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 That's still okay for most injuries Big Grin just not head injuries thankfully. This is such an insanely tough call to make when you're just feeling a little bit woozy, but absolutely the right call! We've seen what happens when a little head injury gets impacted before it heals.
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 respect! good luck dude
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 Heal up and come back stronger next year, Robin!
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 I will always applaud people taking concussions seriously ????
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 Those questions marks should be a thumbs up...
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 I would even skip the cheering and give the brain as much rest as possible. That means relax and sleep a lot.
Yes, unfortunately i know too well what i‘m talking about.
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 @smooresmoore So, Sarah Moore posts this article about a pro rider with a head injury, right after posting a Vans BMX promo showing a load of dudes with no helmets on.

Get some standards and stick to them Pinkbike.
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 Smart call! Looking forward to 2021.
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 thanks to Lorraine, we're a bit more aware of the risks.
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 Poor Lorraine. For me this article from Danielle Baker did it for me.
Until then, you were literally dismissed by medics with "You've got a concussion. Take it easy until you feel good again." Which is kind of the worst advice to give, as Danielle taught me there. As the patient you simply aren't in the position to assess your condition. I recall once being dismissed from a hospital, walking outside when a friend (who had rushed home after the accident to get his car to pick me up) just arrived and saw me walking.
"What are you doing?"
"Oh, I could go home they said."
"How did you think you were getting there."
"By bus."
"Do you know where the bus stop is then?"
"Well, this is a hospital so I thought I take a lap around it.There surely must be a bus stop here somewhere." (I thought that was clever thinking.)
"Do you have money with you for the bus?"
"Ehm... no..."

That's the state you're in. You just don't know how incapable you are.
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 @vinay: problem is even many neuroscientists are clueless when it comes to concussion recovery protocols.

How do I know this you may ask?

First hand experience coaching HS girls soccer for 20 years. I have seen it all. Including may neurologists that have cleared players that have no right to be back out on the pitch.

One thing works and one thing only. COCOONING!!! Darkness for days - no phone, no computer, no television, etc.. The more you shut your brain down the better it will heal. This is not up for discussion - this is the best way to recover from brain injury. Once you are 100% symptom free it is a 3 week graded recovery to full activity. Assume a concussion is 5 weeks until you should be back on a bike sending it.
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 Smart decision by Wallner. Reflects well on the team too, Ibis.
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 I guess he doesn’t ride bmx
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 I thought that too. I raced between 1978-1986 and back then it was "normal" to get up and complete the race. Normally everybody would cheer and clap. I wouldn't do it today....

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