RockShox BoXXer Fantasy Contest Winner Announced

Oct 2, 2014
by SRAM  

In an all new location of the mountain for 2014, the ninth edition of the RedBull Rampage will forever be carved into the record books as one of the most fierce battles ever to be witnessed in the history of the event. Never before have the competitors and spectators been treated to such a spectacle of raw talent and undeniable bravery.

Having missed the podium by just one spot three years in a row now, Andreau Lacondeguy decided that 4th place just wasn’t enough anymore. “I knew I needed that extra little bit to be on the top this year," he said. "I just picked the steepest line. As soon as I heard the countdown, I just got out of the cage and pinned it to the bottom.” Showing unwavering confidence dropping in off one of the largest drops of the mountain right out of the start gate, he carefully navigated his way down the massive cliffs of Virgin, boasting huge air and blistering speed, finishing his run with a huge flat spin 360 off the Polaris RZR booter to tie it all together.

Cam Zink 360

The tension and anticipation multiplied as the 2010 Champion and 2013 Best Trick winner Cam Zink rolled out of the start gate. Spectators and competitors alike knew that he would surely have something huge planned up his sleeve in hopes of grabbing that top spot once again. His run could be defined as near flawless with a huge 360 step down off one of the largest cliffs on the hill, a move not quite the one to put him into the lead ahead of Lacondeguy, but the one that would earn him the title of Best Trick Champion two years in a row.

Kyle Strait laying out a huge super man over the booter. Hadn t even tried this trick on it yet.

Both former Champions Brandon Semenuk and Kyle Strait were still atop the hill with massive lines and shocking tricks planned, two riders that had undeniable potential to slide in between or on top of Lacondeguy and Zink. Reigning Rampage Champ Kyle Strait would respectively finish in fourth once the dust had settled with his renowned dominating and powerful riding. Semenuk, entered the Rampage in the FMB overall lead and was a sure favorite for the win again. Using his precise and smooth style he would finish in third just behind Zink, a result that would solidifying his successful season walking away with the title as the 2014 FMB Champion and also given the title of People's Champion for the event.

Brandon Semenuk winner of the FMB overall.

As all the riders had crossed the finish line, Andreu realized his fate, with his head held high and arms in the air, he would be crowned the 2014 RedBull Rampage Champion. Lacondeguy used SRAM X01 DH, RockShox BoXXer, RockShox Vivid R2C and Avid CODE Brakes on board his YT Industries bike to take top honors.

Andreu Lacondeguy

During Red Bull Rampage, SRAM and RockShoxx gave one lucky reader the chance to win a set of 2015 BoXXers. The winner of the contest was Danny Bechtel (also known as slothoncanvas here on PB.) Congratulations Danny, you will now ride the product of champions!

*Danny had the top five finishers listed correctly in order and was entered into a random draw with other entrants with the correct picks.

Rockshox Fantasy Contest - Rampage 2014

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 Beyond. Stoked.
  • 12 0
 Congrats man! Enjoy your new swag :p
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flag loopie (Oct 2, 2014 at 13:01) (Below Threshold)
 Cheers! Now you just need a bike that runs an 8" fork....haha ....(curious...were they still accepting submissions AFTER the news about Aggy???)
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 Stoked like that? it's dangerous man, watch the news. :p
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 Beyond. Jealous.
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 Killer! and...congrats!!
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 congrats man!
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 Congrats dude! (You might want to keep that fork in a safe place). Wink
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 you are gonna looooove that fork!
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 Or love the money from selling that fork... either way its awesome Big Grin
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 Money! Enjoy those bad boys!
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 Congrats, no doubt!

... Would be interested to know how many entries actually picked that lineup?
I know it didn't include me.
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 How the hell did you manage that? I'm curious.... how many other people guessed the correct top 5 in the right order? That seems beyond belief especially with the top qualifier (Graham) dropping out just before the contest.
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 congrats man, I also guessed the order scott, I noticed the contest just before rampage started so Aggy had already unfortuneatelly injured himself and was out. .
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 I've got some boxers they can win.
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 How many people guessed that correct order?
  • 21 0
 the problem was that almost everyone put aggy in their top 5 ( including me) but then didentt change it when aggy was too injured to ride finals.
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 I tried to change my vote but it doesn't work after aggy was injured ;p Can't believe it that someone has 5/5 with correct order! Btw what kind of boxxer winner won? Anyway Congrats! Big Grin
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 I did, didn't hear anything about draw dates or anything
  • 16 3 wonder he went so fast!
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 haha, i see what you did there. i agree, i have avids on my rig, theyre crap
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 Congrats man. Many entered and only 1 is a winner.....
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 ...said the hooker.
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 ^^well played
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 The chance of winning went up significantly when aggy got hurt, because about 95% of people had aggy in the top 5.
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 How wonderfully grand.
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 Congratulations on the win/drawing. Sincerely. Enjoy your "set of 2015 Boxxers". But I have to ask, did one of the fabulous commentators write this? Did they even watch Rampage? Is a back flip now called a "flat spin 360" or am I misreading something? And I can't imagine SRAM being happy about the misspelling of "RockShoxx". (granted, it was only once) Clearly, someone needs an editor, as these aren't the only mistakes, but "that's just nitpicking, isn't it?"
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 In all honesty the recent lack of editing here is slightly disturbing and embarrassing. I've read quite a few recent articles with less than stellar grammar and punctuation. Mistakes your average high-school student would identify. The outside world reads these articles as well and having sub standard writing makes us look unprofessional and childish. If I was a first time reader and found as many errors as I have I would walk away turned off and questioning the validity and professionalism. Get it together, Pink Bike.
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 If I win I will go to a machine shop to make it fit for my L.T. fat bike. ( just kidding) I have the rock shock bluto and it rocks you guys rock. ..
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 nobody cares about your fatbike.....
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 How many sets of boxxers did they win? How many forkses?
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 I wonder if he wound up winning a "front forks" or a "rear forks"...
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 I was also wondering how many boxxers constitute one set and how to fit the whole set on one bike. Does the travel multiply by the number of forks in a set?
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 what if he doesn't have a dh bike just curious he would proably sell it lol
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 Congrats. Enjoy that charger damper. It works nicely.
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 Hey what is whit uvex and ion contest from district ride?
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 Smooth fest banner placement!
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 congrats yo ....stay on ur forks danny...haha
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 Über sweet !!!! Enjoy dude
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 Congrats dude !
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 Good man, congrats!!!
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 use boxxer you have win
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 That's awesome
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