RockShox: Prove Can't Wrong

Aug 6, 2014
by SRAM  
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Whether it’s pulling off your first bunny hop, or winning a World Championship title, we all have a “can’t” we’re chasing. People once said “suspension can’t make up for the added weight.” That didn’t stop RockShox from changing the face of mountain biking in ’89. And it hasn’t stopped riders from doing what “can’t be done” ever since. This short film salutes, amongst others, Danny Hart's competition shattering World Champs run in 2011, one of the most prolific products in DH history – the RockShox BoXXer fork, Brandon Semenuk's gravity defying Crankworx winning run in 2013, and many more of those who go out and prove that “can’t” is just a matter of opinion.

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 This is how all marketing should make you feel.
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 gave me the chills
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 Is chills a code word for boner? If so, I know exactly how you feel.
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 SRAM nailed this one. Insanely inspiring video
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 i CAN'T ride like these guys.
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 @fullbug prove can't wrong man win joyride, rampage and the world cup
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 @scott-townes not what im referring to. a boner is a possible side affect of the chills but not the cause of the feeling
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 Peaty's face near the end, for his Champs win. Now that gives me chills, no boner though!!!!
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 @biker3335- I'm gonna compete @ the pinnacle event & prove don't right
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 Marzoochi had an inverted fork way before RS!!! they didn't come up with that
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 rider or not that will pump you for everything.
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 So if people are saying I can't ride 26" wheels anymore on certain bikes, I tell them to shut up? Hope this works!
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 can't give you enough props for that
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 Can't!?? Looks like you just proved Sram wrong...
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 considering you can run 26" wheels on pretty much any 650b frame & fork, yea you can pretty much run what you want.
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 Shut up groghunter! Am I doing it right? Honestly though I understand that the 26" is smaller than the 27.5" and likely fit wherever, I simply just want the option. Don't force me to purchase something new and different. I've been riding the (now small) 26" wheels since I received my first bike. I have fun, I don't need to shave milliseconds off of my time. I don't notice the extra "struggle" through the odd rock garden. My smile on any wheel size will always be the same, I just want to choose what size of tire that I get the biggest smile from.
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 SRAM will make your 27.5 feels like 26.
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 I want that toy bicycle with really working suspension!
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 they were pretty rare, made back when fingerboards were all the rage. I've got an Intense M1, & it even has a 4 bar linkage. Big Grin
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 hehe...I have the yellow Santa Cruz Super8 with red Boxxer...and a red M1....Smile

About the vid clip....why are they pushin the "can't" angle so hard while advertising an inverted fork? It's not like it hasn't been done...
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 Something to reward your fingers after long year of doing THE job.
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 @loopie you have any luck replacing the "chain" on those? mine dry rotted off years ago.
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 My chains are still good...they've spent most of their life in a drawer I suggest looking around in a Craft store...might find something there : )
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 I have a FLICK TRIX Fohs DHS still sealed in the plastic box that it came in. For some reason, I never took it out since there is a port in the plastic that you can stick your finger through to bounce the suspension. It has a Boxxer up front and an unidentifiable coil-over rear shock. Looks nice on my shelf.

I think I will keep it as a retirement investment. (Unless someone wants it today for.. oh... say $20 million.)
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 Think my buddy got the Foes when I got the Intense. Just curious: yours actually has something inside the spring? all mine has is a spring, with a nub for it to seat to on the frame, & a socket to sit in on the rear linkage.
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 Yup. You're right. On closer inspection, mine is like yours. It is a coil over nothing. So does that make it an air-spring shock?
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 it makes it "Not a shock." :p fork is probably the same, though: I'm doubting that there's a damper in there. :p
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 "coil over nothing"...the next big thing in hardcore Enduro'ing Bro! haha
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 No E-word bikes in the FLICK TRIX stable bro... FLICK TRIX ONLY RIDES PARK
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 Zink should have his own 2 minute segment for this subject.
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 only 2?
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 FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 rampage flip. where.
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 I bet SRAM can't make my dreams come true of being a millionaire by sending me monthly checks for absurd amounts of money. Your move SRAM, prove me wrong.
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 Fuck you SRAM, you make me spend my money...
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 Had to watch Dannys run again after this \m/
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 At first I thought Google translated the title from Russian.
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 If thats what Rockshox came up with as an advertising stratagy. I cant wait to see the other big rival suspension firms version.
Cant huck 75ft drops
Cant have 12" of travel
Cant have USD forks
Cant have strippers and booze in your ads
Cant "my arse" we all know who im talking about :-)
Never owned a boxxer, ive always run BOMBERS but that ad makes me.want some.
Well Done Rochshox
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 Wait, what about that other suspension company that used to use booze, lightning bolts and hookers as their ad pitches? And where did they go?
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 my bomber 888 literally has a sticker on it that says "long live goatees, pornstars, and rock and roll" came from the factory like that, talk about advertising
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 I [can't] get laid by Dianna Dahlgren tonight, but I will try to prove [can't] wrong!
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 Don't you mean Diana Palmgren? Wink
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 pretty new to riding and watching bike porn so didn't know about danny's 2011 run, just watched it on youtube. His run with the commentary is the best thing I've seen in a long time
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 Go watch Peaty win Ft. Bill, that's another good one.
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 Can't forget Sam Hill's amazing run in Champery in 2007. During finals it becomes a downpour and the track goes to shit. Top level riders like Gee and Minnarr were dropping back considerably(68th and 74th), everybody thought the day was over. Then #1 qualifier Sam Hill comes up and puts down a time like the track was dry... it was a freaking mud soup.
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 [can't] stop laughing at the inverted fork
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 Now all I wanna do is get out there on the trails...please tell every advertiser out there this is how it is done!
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 That's some amazing mountainbike history right there and a great motto as well!
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 Wheres my god damn bike ! Must ride now !
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 Amazing video.
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 you [ can't ] make me put any SRAM product on one of my bikes no mater how many [ nice ] videos you post Mr. Marketing...
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 YES!!!! agree.
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 I say well done to Paul Turner and Steve Simons for being though of as crazy all these years ago, before people tried out front suspension on mountain bikes and realised what a difference it made
Not you should really know why sealed drives don't exist?
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 When is the new boxxer charger damper coming out? and will it go in a set of domain forks?
  • 2 0
 its out over here,and no it wont work with the domain forks.
  • 2 0
 yeah i think its here too now
thats weird, the chassis of a domain (dual crown) looks identical to boxxer
cheers Smile
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 im told its the internal threading. it wont work with any BoXXer stuff,ive tried.
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 I am guessing here, but it may well work if you buy a boxxer stanchion to put it in. i asume the foot nut will work with the domain lowers. dont take my word for it tho....
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 if hellhound is looking for a affordable upgrade to domain d/c. find a little used BoXXer r/c and then put in the charger damper. That way there's no guessing.
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 yeah I'm not serious, my dad has domains on his bike and was just wondering if he could get the upgrade and if rock shox are missing a trick/ saying you can't when you can
no pun intended Wink
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 I like all the SRAM videos that are being released lately. It's making me feel all warm, fuzzy, and RWAR inside!
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 Like it or not but marketing bullshit is very good these days :> Video is great btw Smile
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 "Prove can't wrong" - RS, you make excellent suspension products but can you please stop mutating our common language?
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 Cant go wrong!? I think I disagree!!! My shock did go wrong and snapped in half mid ride!!! What is this bullshit :mad:
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 That Norbs high five made me want to watch from the inside out again...
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 Wham. Bam. Sram. Thank you, Ma'am.
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 So i have a Domain, but i can't have more money to buy a boxxer, I'm wrong ?
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 That was pretty emotional
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 Awesome video. Goosebump moments for sure.
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 "Can't wrong" Just as long as they don't ever build another fork that is anything like the Dart fork... Sorry had to vent although the add is awesome!
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 it's been emotional!
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 herbold cut the course....
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 This is the kind of video that makes me wanna ride!!
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 Holy shit. Almost made me cry. So good.
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 I love how they included Peaty even though his now with Fox
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 I can't play this video on my phone - "Prove RockShox Wrong"
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 Can we please have Tom Hanks narrate this
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 [can't] ride 26"
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 and at the and BOUUUM an USD Boxxer! nope.
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 im crying!
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 and this is why i ride sram
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 "Can't" you make a DH/FR fork that don't look like a bitch?
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 2003 called..........they want their marketing slogan back.
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