Pump Track Photo Epic - Crankworx Rotorua 2018

Mar 22, 2018
by Cameron Mackenzie  

In the usual fashion, today's RockShox Rotorua Pumptrack Challenge presented by Torpedo7 was threatened by intermittent afternoon showers, however, the sun made an appearance and shone down upon the maze of fresh golden turns. For 2018, Rotorua saw a fresh, longer and faster-paced track host the tight and frantic racing, which was a welcome change for the riders. Starting higher up the hillside in the shadow of the Dual Speed and Style Course, builders were able to utilize more elevation to help rider build speed quickly.

With Keegan Wright overseas for the EWS in Chile, the massive crowds had to re-shift their cheers to the other local, Matt Walker. The new format resulted in the field being narrowed down to the final 16 early in the day, the fans only had a brief opportunity to show there support for Walker before he was bested. However, as the night progressed, so did the story of the other kiwi on the hill, who was quickly moving up the rounds, Michael Bias. Once more, the lined hillsides had one of their own to get behind. On the Women's side, last years victor, Caroline Buchanan was missing from action whilst still recovering from that nasty car accident, leaving the door wide open for Jill Kintner to reassert her dominance.

It was no secret Rotorua's hopes were resting on the shoulders of Matt Walker. Matt was progressing through the ranks well but got knocked out in the final round of 16 against a pinned Adrien Loron.

The no chain rule came into full effect tonight. Old habits die hard for Jill Kintner. She was seen towards the end of her final run trying to pedal.

Rotorua's pump track race has always been a big crowd pleaser and the new location for the track on the hillside allowed for even more spectator access than previously.

The new layout pump track made for some of the tightest racing we have seen to date.

These front straight turns were high speed and super deep. They claimed a few victims over the course of the event as riders tried different ways of entering and exiting them while pulling some large G's.

Under lights but still epic.

Crowds of people as far as the eye could see.

Chaney Guennet opting for the huck, while Tomas Lemoine pumps.

As the night progressed and the beers flowed in the VIP tent, the racing got tighter and tighter.

Plenty of Autographs
Kyle was more than happy to sign whatever the kids so pleased.

Tomas Slavik looked be a podium threat, but also fell victim to the might of Michael.

Jill Kintner and Kialani Hines going head to head in the Finals. Kialani had Jill under pressure coming into the final run of the night, but Jill comes into her own in these high-pressure situations.

Technology ae! Just about every person on the hillside tonight had their own takeaway moment, be it a photo or video.

Dani pushed as hard as she could but had to settle for 4th.
So did Kyle. He had stiff competition in the men's small final but tried as best he could against the ex NZ BMX star, Michael Bias.

Dani Beecroft vs Jonna Johnsen in the small final for 3rd place. Dani dug deep and gave it 110%, but a strong start had Jonna pulling ahead.

Michael Bias, take a bow! You've done NZ proud!

Fresh faces atop the men's podium, but the top two women's places didn't change since last night.

1st - Tomas Lemoine
2nd - Chaney Guennet
3rd - Michael Bias

1st - Jill Kintner
2nd - Kialani Hines
3rd - Jonna Johnsen

Click here for the full results.

Mentions: @cameronmackenzie @officialcrankworx @SramMedia @Torpedo7


  • + 16
 What about the guy who crashed just before the beginning? I was just in front of it, I don’t remember his name but he had a nasty crash and wasn’t moving at all... any news?
  • + 1
 D’apres les premières news, tout a l’air ok, rien de grave
  • + 1
 @chaneyguennet: dac merci ???????? Et félicitations à toi!!!! ????
  • + 2
 Yeah, it seemed to be quite the spill. Attracted a ton of attention from the other riders. Odd they didn’t give us in the crowd any sort of updates. Hope he’s stable and doing well...
  • + 6
 It's a whole different ball game when you ditch the chain!
  • + 34
 It’s called gwinning
  • - 2
 @macross87: you've won the comment section today.
  • + 2
 Interesting how all these companies are ditching their dj, dual slalom, and slope style bikes yet there are competitions like this (relatively) frequently.

The amount of dj frames you can buy new are dropping like flies.
  • + 4
 its great to see podiums filled with some less familiar faces
  • + 4
 A huge novelty check for $500 is weird.
  • + 6
 I bet it wouldn't be weird, if your name was on it.
  • + 1
 WOW so Kyle Strait is with TLD helmets now? Just cooool new today
  • + 1
 Bell Helmets
  • + 1
 Who is the unnamed YT Fasthouse rider in 2 of the pics?
  • + 1
 Bubba Warren

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