RockShox Recalls 29-Inch Lyrik and Yari Forks

Jul 3, 2019
by Richard Cunningham  
RockShox recall
RockShox 29" Lyrik (left) and Yari (right) forks are affected in both red and black colors. The lowers have casting marks visible behind the arches (top center) that are numbered "0" and either "18" or "19" (lower center).

Bicycle Retailer reported today that RockShox recalled over 900 of their Lyrik and Yari forks with suspect lowers that might fail. The CPSC, who handles recalls in the US, says no injuries or failures have been reported in the field.

Affected forks were sold in both the US and Canada to OEM and aftermarket retailers. Everyone who owns or suspects they may own an affected fork is warned to stop riding it immediately and to contact SRAM or their local dealer to check the serial numbers and arrange to have the lowers replaced. Serial numbers can be checked on line at by clicking in their product recall page

Serial numbers of the affected forks are listed below:

bigquotesThe forks were sold in the aftermarket and as original equipment on several bike models. The recall involves 29-inch forks with serial numbers 02T95514009 through 08T96214665. The recalled forks are black or black and red. A casting code 18 and O or 19 and A is embossed inside the webbing of the arch. The serial number can be found on the rear of the fork crown.CPSC Report

More information:

*Affected forks were sold as standard equipment on these bikes:


Process153 29
Process 153 DL 29
Process 153 CR 29
Process 153 CR DL 29
Process 165 29

Santa Cruz: Megatower 29

Trek: Powerfly LT 7 US; Powerfly LT 9.7 US

Scott: Ransom 930

*Aftermarket forks are also affected by recall. Please verify your serial numbers before riding.


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 What about recalling every single saggy reverb...which is every single reverb?
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 It’s not a complete fix but to tide you over until you get it rebuilt turn the bike over upside down and lower the dropper. Doesn’t last very long but long enough for a ride or 2
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 Must be great when it happens while you're climbing :-)
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 You just don‘t know what a recall is. But I can tell you one thing: It is not the right tool for the reverb issue. What you are looking for is warranty and you can do that like now, I don‘t see the problem. Btw 2 reverbs in the last 4 years without sag...
  • 6 2
 Saggy reverbs just need a full service and then they are fine again. It sucks but due to the design of the post it can't be fully avoided that air gets in the oil chamber over time since no seal is 100% tight. However it has been improved with the b2 that comes with a redesigned IFP
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 @ArturoBandini: bikeyoke Revive 2 years not a single problem. If air ever gets in it's a 10sec fix.

Comes with the adapter to change air pressure.
Comes with a good remote don't have to pay extra for the good one.

Have to look real hard on the net to find anything bad said about it.

Company actually encourages you to pick the bike up by the seat.
Total confidence in my dropper.
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 Never really have issues with reverbs, easy and cheap to service work well. I love how every one bags them, usually through some inept mechanic or lack of service. Its the only Sram part i use on my on bike, never been impressed with anything else they make.
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 Totally of topic:
Looking for support to re open 20km of MTB trails on the North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand.
Please follow link and sign the petition.
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 Yeah .... nah, they still sag for sure. It’s just hit and miss is all @ArturoBandini:
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 Have you considered getting it bled and or fully re-built by a bike shop or your self yet
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 "Serial numbers 02T95514009 through 08T96214665" — this makes no sense. How is am I suppose to identify what's in between these two?
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 Just follow the casting codes and I guess you are within the range.
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 Something like 02T95514010, 02T95514011, 02T95514012, 02T95514013 all the way through to 08T96214665 I would think.
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 You don't know subtraction?
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 @Clarkeh: there is no way, that number will be over 1 million. It would be nice if Sram just gave a list of all serial numbers affected or the way to put my in to see if its affected. I mean i like quests and all but this probably not the best time to play a guessing game.
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 Hey guys. The code logic for these is the first 2 numbers are the weeks of production, aka 02T9 means 2nd week of January, week 2 of the year. The T is the country of origin, Taiwan, and the 9 is the year code aka 2019. So this affects forks from 2nd week of 2019, through 8th week of 2019. The rest of the numbers are tracking numbers, as far as I know. Hope this helps calm any fears, and bummed to hear they're having production issues
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flag Phazz470 (Jul 3, 2019 at 22:29) (Below Threshold)
 Sram: Let's play librarian for the day. Let's see....You have to examine digit by digit. So 01 is less than 02. So 01 is out.
02 to 08 fits in. Anything greater than 08 (09, 10, 11, etc.) does not. So let's say you're 02. If you're any letter less than T (i.e. ..q, r, s), then you're out. So now let's say you're T. Then, any number greater than or equal to 95514009 is in the recall...I'm assuming to the greatest 8 digit number. Then it'll switch to 02Uxxxxxxxx, and so on. What exactly happens to the serial number when is switches from 02 to 03? I would think it should be 03A00000000 or something like that? Then when you get to 08, your serial number has to contain T or any letter less than T. So ...q, r s. And then it has to be less than or equal to 96214665. Goodness.
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 Nevermind... @kmg0 makes much more sense. Just read the comment now..
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 @Phazz470: this is a huge assumption, production codes and part numbers give much more info than ascending sequence of random numbers.
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 @Clarkeh: only a couple of billion forks affected then
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 @MattyFive: Yeah mate, big trouble for them eh?
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 @kmg0: just propped you to 69!
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 So looks like a fairly small range of production? I have two Yaris but they are 48T8 and 18T9 @kmg0:
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 You are looking for the first four digits, it tells you the production date. So 02T9 is the week 2 of 2019. 26T7 is the 26th week of 2017, and so on.
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 "I'm an engineer" "I work in a shop" "SRAM sucks" "Fox sucks"
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 Dude, everyone tells me they're an engineer nowadays. Is it like some sort of joke?
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 @Kramz: it is. It is.
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 @Kramz: you get a B.Eng (Armchair) just for creating a Pinkbike login and Honours for your first post.

Waki has a PhD in shit posting but postgrad qualifications are wanky so don't feel discouraged.
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 Real engineers don’t fart and never get itchy arses, even on long flights.
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 There probably are engineers that work at a bike shop, but likely just for fun or they are retired.
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 ur uses only a small ammount of oil to lube stanchions while fox lowers seem to wear easily
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 There's a Kona Process 165 29???
  • 3 0
 I wish!
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 2.5% of comments: how can I check my serial number?
2.5% of comments: perfectly reasonable, if speculative, musing about the nature of the defect
95% of comments: Pinkbike Pinkbiking
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 I love all the Fox fanboys that rip other brands. Makes it easy to sell Fox takeoffs at a premium.
  • 3 1
 Yes! Love thy enemies... unless you want to buy a Fox. In such case it is better with RS fanboys.
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  • 5 1
 For fox sake! It’s just prevention
  • 13 4
 So there's a problem with a sram product?? First time for everything I guess.. cough cough..
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 Tbh their suspension mostly works pretty damn well. Let's not get started on droppers or brakes.
  • 1 1
 @colincolin: Actually it works well. But typically only for a short period of time. Their stuff is not built to last..
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 Rock Shox sram definitely leads in the the recall Department
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 Womp Womp
  • 5 4
 Ouch.. earn the crown through product performance, lose the crown through quality issues. That's usually when executive heads roll.
  • 13 16
 Performance...ehhhh that’s a stretch. Most people have it on their bikes because it came stock or it’s a demo.

Quality wasn’t really their either especially for SRAM brakes. Power is pointless if you have to re bleed them every time you change altitude or temperature flux.

Outside of their drive train, I didn’t see any wow factor of performance for any SRAM subsidiary.
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 Rockshox just replaces your broken stuff typically. And clearly the problem was caught before any accidents. Rockshox has the manufacturing capability to simply give you a new one, so you get a cheaper fork often with better tech. I am sure they have way more production capacity than they could ever use. Anytime I have had an issue with a Rockshox fork they have taken care of me.
  • 12 3
 @Happypanda1337: the lyrik rc2 is as good as it gets and it just got better with the damper changes.
  • 14 3
 I wonder how many heads rolled in Fox when the X2 had an even bigger recall.
  • 7 3
 The Lyrik is a great performing fork, I don't know how anyone could say otherwise...
  • 8 2
 Lyrik is a fantastic fork... as is the Yari at its price. This is a pretty tiny little recall, only about 900 forks so they say. I will continue to purchase Rockshox products, especially seeing as I can't afford Fox. (not that fox has a better history with recalls... in fact quite the opposite...)
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 @Happypanda1337: So true... Frown
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 @R-trailking-S: So that doesn't ,make you nervous when it holds the front wheel on your bike???
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 Bummer for Konas
  • 3 1
 What about their flaky R.S Monarch plus rear shock too? Can that be shipped back to them in the same box as the fork???
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 If the only treks that are affected are superflys but I have a slash within the serial range (04T something) does that mean I'm still affected?
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 I don't believe Kona bikes make a process 165 29 as far as I'm aware the 165 only comes in 27.5 and is designed as more of a park bike.
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 Rockshox to Kelowna BC mayor - "don't worry. Well take out these thieves and make it look like an accident".

Gotta love how you can't get free replacement lowers if you stole it LOL.
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 I just learned what OEM stands for!
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 my serial is supposedly affected but I have a 19/D embossed not 18/0 or 19/A, guess I need to call sram!
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 Only serial numbers within range that ALSO have the matching casting numbers are affected.
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 Was about to by Lyrik forms, glad I changed my mind and stuck with an other brand......Peace of mind.
  • 1 0
 Oh my Eek wonder what the failure is? Will the lowers crack in half, the arch snap or the dropouts crack?
  • 1 0
 So no EU brands affected?
  • 3 2
 What about those creaky fox CSU's?
  • 4 1
 Right?! I've had mine warrantied twice, and they refused the third one. Switched to a DVO, which has been good for a year so far. Talking to the service guy, it seemed like anybody over 150lbs that actually rides is gonna get a creaky crown eventually.
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 Exactly. 2 Rockshox forks, 2 creaky CSU's in 3 years.
No warranty left = a fork worth less than the stickers on the sides.
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 Loctite fix has worked for me so far
  • 2 0
 @enki: why did they refuse to warranty them?
  • 2 0
 @ssteve: What Loctite did you use?
  • 2 0
 @wenedi: doesn’t work for long.
  • 2 1
 @MrBurger: is it dangerous to ride with creaking csu, or just annoying ?
  • 1 0
 @GZMS: just annoying, I was told by Fox when I had the issue years ago.
  • 1 0
 @fox @rockshox is it to much to ask to have bolts again? Literally never creeks?
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 @wenedi: Loctite 290 afterlock is the one to use. It is designed to wick in between assembled components.
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It was Loctite 290 if I remember correctly. As said it wicks in to the gaps that have no air, fills and dries. I applied it a number of times.
I did it with my third (unsuccessfully) and then my fourth, brand new, crown/stanction assembly from Fox. The first application happened direct from warranty, the following over the course of a couple months.

I can't see on a microscopic level but I would say it probably has more of a sealing effect in this case than actually holding the bond together. My thinking was that a. it couldn't hurt, as my warranty was ending and b. that if I could get some sort of capillary effect from the dried loctite, to keep the crap out of the interface, it couldn't hurt. So far it's paid off.
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 We always said 29" was bad for MTB :-)
  • 11 0
 Bought a 29er recently and my life started going downhill. Developed depression, suicidal thoughts, nobody loves me anymore, in massive debt now. 29ers ruined my life!
  • 4 0
 @Pavel-Repak: you got me at going downhill
  • 1 0
 @Pavel-Repak: Yes. Same thing happens when I ride my road bike.
  • 1 0
 So just in us and canada?
  • 1 0
 Soooooo......... “A” ”18” is ok, right?
  • 1 0
 Specialized enduro ?!?!
  • 1 0
 Kona process 165 29er
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