Rockwell, Rusch, Westerlund & Neenan to be Inducted into Mountain Bike Hall of Fame

Sep 13, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  
Images from the 2016 MTB Hall of Fame as sent over from Hans Rey.

This weekend will see the induction of four more mountain bike legends into the Marin Museum of Mountain Biking's Hall of Fame - Myles Rockwell, Rebecca Rusch, Derek Westerlund and Tim Neenan.

The Hall of Fame has been running since 1988 to "celebrate the people, places, bikes and races from the entire world of mountain biking" and now has over 150 inductees including riders, frame builders and even trail advocacy groups.

The four latest inductees include a legendary filmmaker, two American riders and a man behind one of the most famous bikes ever. Here's some more information:

Rebecca Rusch

Despite only transitioning into mountain biking at the age of 38, Rebecca Rusch has rapidly picked up the title of Queen of Pain as the 3x solo 24-Hour Solo Mountain Bike World Champion, 4x Leadville 100 winner and multiple-time national champion. She also holds female course records for the Kopkelli Trail from Moab to Fruita and the Trans Andes Challenge.

Just as impressive is her work off the bike though, following her 1,200 mile ride on the Ho Chi Minh trail, she committed to raising money to clear unexploded ordnance and has so far raised $500,000. She also encourages greater cycling participation from the Ladies Lounge at the Sea Otter Classic through to the Wheel Girls bike camps for teens and her own Rusch Academy.

More info.
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Rusch

Myles Rockwell

The last American to be elite men's downhill World Champion and the only man to be able to break Nico Vouilloz's stranglehold on the title, Myles Rockwell is a downhill racing legend. From first racing on the Yeti team alongside Missy Giove to joining Volvo Cannondale during the most lucrative period of downhill mountain biking's history, Rockwell saw the sport develop from its early beginnings to the international operation it is today. Despite being told in 1996 he would never ride again after a motorcycle accident, Rockwell returned and would eventually claim the biggest prize in the sport.

Today Rockwell continues to give back to the sport through his non-profit, Rockwell Ridewell, that mentors young riders who could not otherwise afford it.

More info.
MTB HOF 2019 nominee

Derek Westerlund

There's no doubt that freeriding totally transformed mountain biking, and the man who documented it all was Derek Westerlund. Derek's New World Disorder films brought a new style of mountain biking to the masses and contain some truly iconic moments. Westerlund produced these films for ten years before expanding his boundaries around the world with the epic Where the Trail Ends.

More than this though, Westerlund was there to document the early days of Red Bull Rampage, the events that would eventually become Crankworx and, with Red Bull, was part of the first team to put mountain biking on NBC and national television in the US.

More info.

Tim Neenan

By now we all know that Mike Sinyard introduced the first widely accepted mass-produced mountain bike, the ‘Stumpjumper’. But the man who actually conceived the bike, built the first prototype and convinced Sinyard to put it into production, was someone else entirely, a nearby framebuilder from Santa Cruz.

Neenan combined the 700c British style ‘Rough Stuff’ bikes with the 26-inch wheel favored by the Kulnkers in North Bay and combined the two to form the first prototype Stumpjumper. He became so excited that he quickly approached Sinyard about putting this idea into production and before long he was in Japan overseeing their creation. Tim’s work was an immediate hit with the first two shipments sold out before they landed, and the modern mountain bike was born.

More info.
Hall of fame nominee 2019

The inductees will be officially awarded their place at a ceremony on September 14.


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 Myles Fucking Rockwell!
  • 2 12
flag themountain (Sep 13, 2019 at 13:14) (Below Threshold)
 Myles Pothat Rockwell Big Grin
  • 15 0
 Most US folks will recognize the irony of the Mountain Bike Museum in Marin, Marin county being pretty much anti any thing MTB nowadays.
  • 11 1
 There are spots too hot to poach and there is a militia of angry 'foot-people' in cahoots with rangers in a few areas, but the MTB is unstoppable. Don't believe everything you read.
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 You’re from Denver
  • 1 0
 @chrisclifford: I am. However, Marin makes front range look wide open for all things two wheels.
  • 2 0
 @endlessblockades: Been there numerous times. Riding mtb is a crap shoot in Marin from all I see and the few friends I know who live there report.
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 @bman33: Fun can definitely be had, but the riding in Marin isn't all that great anyway.
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 Cheaaah Myles!! I'll have to check out the Fulcrum at the museum some day. I drive by often.
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 No offence North American’s but Jason McRoy should have been inducted this year - if you don’t know then go and watch “Dirt” on YouTube or Steve Peats “Won’t Back Down”!
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 A smoke it up guy and snort it up guy made it in! nice!!!!
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 I thought Specialized just copied Ritchey?
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 That's what I thought too. Took a ritchey to Asia and the rest is history.....aside from suing anyone they could.
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 Are there any Europeans in the "Mountain Bike Hall of Fame".........?
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 Yeah, some, like Paola Pezzo, Hans Rey , Thomas Frischknecht, Regina Stiefl, Tim Gould, Ann-Caroline Chausson,Nicholas Vouilloz etc, but it is rather slanted to US riders / people.
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 So Derek Westerlund is who can hold responsible for world champs being buried BFENBC? Expect protests at his induction.
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 Rockwell was one of my MTB hero’s growing up! Awesome news!
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 One who rides bikes never grows up; Grasshopper.
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 @likeittacky: And a Hero ain't nothin but a sandwich.
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 Yeah Big D! Let the Big Dog Eat! Congrats!

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