Rogatkin's Season Wrap Up - Video

Dec 31, 2016 at 12:00
Dec 31, 2016
by Kali Protectives  
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  • + 68
 Hands down the most exciting rider to watch.
  • + 8
 Agreed! Never know what's going to happen when he drops in!
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flag henry210 (Dec 31, 2016 at 15:39) (Below Threshold)
 @bonerlog: do you need glasses?
  • + 10
 its crazy how people judge so fast sayong "no style" ... can you do what he's doing ?? he's having a blast stop beeing jealous!!!
  • + 10
 He's nuts, I couldn't pull those tricks in Dave Mira BMX back in the day.
  • + 35
 Upbox Cashroll has to be the most impressive move I've ever seen....
  • + 15
 Was NOT expecting that one! Hoping to see it on a boner log / upbox in contest next season
  • + 14
 Further proving that he can cashroll anything! Classic Rogatkin!
  • + 20
 The fastplant 360 whip was pretty sick too.
  • + 9
 What an awesome dude
  • + 24
 Well... in the timeless words of Chazz Michael Michaels... "that was mind bottling!"
  • + 15
 is this dude high on steroids and cocaine ?
  • + 11
 For a guy who seems relatively relaxed in interviews, the man gets next level stoked when he finishes a run, that's for sure. I imagine there's some serious adrenaline pumping when you're pulling some of that stuff off.
  • + 3
 He's probably super healthy to be doing that.
  • + 13
 What a season! Not sure how he's going to top this in 2017!
  • + 11
 the zwister trick (1080 to cashroll ) Big Grin
  • + 9
 Nicholi, you are always at the top of the list for radness. when you 1080 and cashroll in your runs, and no one else does, uhhmmmm... many props for top results into the 2017, send it!
  • + 12
 This dude goes full Video Game...
  • + 9
 never dissapoined when i watch a rogatkin video. the 1080 as earned him a place alongside the greats of mtb definitely. As ground breaking as tony hawks 900 trick.
  • + 9
 I've followed you from the beginning. You have a lot to be proud of you crazy legend you. All the very best wishes for 2017 Nicolai Rogatkin.
  • + 10
 Somehow I missed until now that he is pulling 720 cashrolls. Insane.
  • + 9
 I too while doing my front flip no handers hate it when my front wheel is spinning!!!
  • + 9
 Just grab it to stop it like he does... hahahahaha
  • + 9
 4:05. Why he has no visors.
  • + 23
 Rogatkin doesn't need a visor to look cool! He could wear crocs too and still look more steezy than 99.99% of riders.
  • + 9
 Steezy? Nah. I believe "steez" is style with ease, and I see nothing easy going about his style. Homedag has tricks I'll give him that but they look SO forced
  • - 9
flag brandonf (Dec 31, 2016 at 16:43) (Below Threshold)
 @shreddatlip: So true. Theres no denying he's got a huge bag of really impressive tricks but when he lands a trick completely sideways and then gets bucked side to side before somehow rolling out, its just gross. He's like the Josh Bender of slope style
  • + 8
 @shreddatlip: I don't think you can't be forceful when you're throwing down more spins, flips, and whips than anyone else.
  • - 17
flag thedriftisreal (Jan 1, 2017 at 11:14) (Below Threshold)
 @ctd07: Yeah the man has no steeze at all he looks he is having a seizure
  • - 2
 @SpinningAddiction: yeah true, but where is the line? There's always a place in bikes for going bigger than everyone else, but style is what makes this individualized sport so great. throwing under rotated sloppy things shouldn't win competitions
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  • + 9
 Excellent edit, greatness will be displayed in 2017@Rogatkin
  • + 9
 Dude is a beast. Anyone know what those black gloves with the skull are?
  • + 8
 He's comin' for Semenuk in 2017. Also hoping to see more from Drew Bezanson!
  • + 12
 Its gonna be a pretty awesome season.
  • + 19
 I don't really think they are playing the same game... It's like sport car vs monster truck to me, both pretty cool to watch, but different. This guy has huge talent and balls, but Semenuk is all about perfect, clean, smooth tricks. Anyway, they are both awesome.
  • + 5

Those 3 seconds I rewound a half dozen times.

It's amazing the grace and poise through the air in such little time. Inspiring and humbling which leaves me in awe.
  • + 8
 Red bull need to do a special RAW video with him.
  • + 1
 *constant sounds of frames breaking and forks blowing on the knuckles of landings*
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  • + 8
 Always been my fav.
  • + 7
 Sic Vid, Molodets Rogatkin, very inspiring
  • + 8
 Friggin Amazing !!!!!
  • + 2
 Seems like the kinetic energy of his balls do the rotating. Keep sending it and fist pump all you want man, you got crazy skills! For those who complain about him casing jumps and landing all sketchy at times, are you not entertained?
  • + 2
 I'm not a slope style guy. I hit jumps and do absolutely nothing but try and not die. That being said I will watch a Rogatkin video every time I see one posted.
  • + 2
 How about a Rogatkin and Pilgrim street edit for 2017?!?!!. Take that foot-plant 360 tailwhip to the streets. Show these folks you dominate it all.
  • + 3
 The forcefulness IS style. Style that no one else has got!
  • + 1
 That's a one hyped 'murican- give him pistols so he can wildly celebrate like the wild west!
  • + 1
 Anyone wondering who was most royally robbed by Rampage this year, now you know.
  • + 2
 Sick vid, should've had some more clips of him @ Highland though!
  • + 2
 Rogatkin has a single Setting, H.A.M. mode (Hard as A MothaF&%ka)
  • - 1
 i can see the argument that the guy has no style, even his season highlight reel has him flailing around casing landings someone has to push the boundaries but pretty it aint
  • + 1
 go ride in dubai
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