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Apr 2, 2018
by Velosolutions Global  
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With half a kilometer of track, the colossal Velosolutions pumptrack in Roosendaal, NL, was officially opened to the public on the 10th March 18. Covering an area the size of 14 tennis courts it is currently the world’s biggest asphalt pump track.


The Dutch Velosolutions crew built the track to meet the needs of the ultimate pro’s down to the complete novices, the seven-sided heptagon layout has proved to be a huge success with riders around the world.

The track has been intricately designed to suit not just bike riders but be an incredible playground for skaters, inliner's, and scooters alike. With an integrated kids track, younger riders can master their skills in a comfortable and safe environment.

The TÜV certified track was officially opened to the public in an event attended by thousands including local pro riders Joost Wichman, Twan Van Gendt, Niels Bensink and Laura Smulders.

This Velosolutions Pump Track is a part of the ‘WielerExperience’, a multi-sport park offering a wide range of facilities. In addition to the pump track, the WielerExperience hosts 3 levels of XC trail loops combining north-shore, drop-offs, rock gardens and switch back turns.

The WielerExperience in Roosendaal, NL is now officially open to the public free of charge.

For more information visit:

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 Is this Netherland's new highest mountain? Put some water between the bumps and you'll have the best valleys of the country
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 The top isnt very high, the foot is below sea level though.

There are mtb tracks in the country though. But climbs are not higher than 50 metres or so (where i live in the province of Utrecht. unless you go to Limburg where you have the Ardennes which are higher.

This isnt like the alps ofcourse but the trails that we made here are made well. using alle the available terrain elevation.

The north and the west of the country is completely flat though. and a bit below sea level. But thats not a problem where i live. when the dikes break the beach will be 50 metres away from my front door. (instead of 150km)
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 Amazing track.... just dreaming of one in my city.
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 Hail Hydra!
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 “the Europe”
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 Amazing track but they built it in the middle of no where... I just got done with 4 years in The Hague and this kind of thing is perfect for the triangle area between Amsterdam, Den Haag and Rotterdam... you know where everyone in the country actually lives... if I was gonna drive that far to get to there I might as well just keep going to the Ardens or German forests where there is real riding...
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 'real riding'... Yeah look at those idiots on those pretend bikes, doing pretend riding!
  • 5 2
 @murdochfb: I mean mountain biking, you know in the dirt and on the mountains like this website was founded to connect and promote (okay so Ardens are more like exceptionally large hills but still)... sorry next time I'll be more clear for you.
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 It's not in the middle of nowhere, The Netherlands is a highly populated country. The city of Antwerp (Belgium) is just 20 minutes away, Rotterdam is 30 minutes.

Mathieu van der Poel also comes to ride here, who lives between Roosendaal and Antwerp if i'm right.
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 @JJeessssee: I know it's not actually an unpopulated area... just that by dutch population standards ( it's pretty remote. I'd love to have it close enough to reach for an evening training session. But at 2+ hours away from Den Haag, Utrect and Amsterdam (by train) it's basically a weekend holiday away. Which if I'm gonna rent and pack up a car and make the trek to I'll be heading the 1 hour further afield to where I can start to enjoy the benefits of gravity.
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 @Conomad I know where you're coming from but unfortunately the location for things like this is never going to suit everyone. What I wouldn't do to have one here near Stuttgart. :-( There was a guy here from Velosolutions at the small town meeting and he explained the concept ... the politicians thought he was an alien :-( . I guess I'll be waiting a little bit longer then :-|
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 @CONomad: maybe they didn't build this in the worng place, maybe GOD built the monutains in the wrong place ... /s.
Yeah sucks for you that this place isn't local enough, but it's damn sight closer for you than me... And it's on my list for sure...
Luckily not everyone lives where you do, or ride the same stuff as you... and it's not specifically for mtbs... So the location isn't a problem.
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 Who is “they” you speak of? It was built by a super forward thinking council / Gemeente..... Roosendaal had the land, the money and the initiative to build something awesome for the community.... I’d say its exactly where it should be!

Besides..... there’s more than enough coffee shops, working girls and traffic jams to keep everyone busy in the Randstad ...
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 @CONomad: Sometimes a more remote location is better. The Netherlands is quite populated for its size and you DONT want to be somewhere between rotterdam and amsterdam at rush hour. I dont know about roosendaal but i can imagine that the place is actually better reachable than the more populated area's

Its still a 2 hour drive for me though
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 Dutch Velosolutions, is that iCycle? Looks like a great facility they have there. I got wildly excited to just have got this one less than three minutes from home: I still am, though it seems well worth it to travel just an hour more every now and then Smile .
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 Aerial photo; pumptrack top and skills area MTB left down

And the club who started this idea in a local competition, there was money, town asked for good ideas...
Its a small mtb club...
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 Well now I know why the pump track worlds round in Holland was canceled the track was not finished, but looks good now
Am I right in thinking Glasgow round, the track has not been built yet ?
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 The Glasgow track is built and finished but is not open to the public yet as the trails in the area are not quite finished, unfortunately because there's still heavy machinery being used the whole area is classed as a work site meaning no public can enter. It should be finished soon though!
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 @aliclarkson: Ok Thanks good to know, It has been on google maps for a while now but you cant see it
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 When are you going to build something like this in BCN?
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 You guys at least have laPoma.. We need this in Valencia.. Smile
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 why the hell cant they do something like this in Manchester...
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 I know it's not the same but in Manchester we have a pump track by the Velodrome, also the bmx track there. there are a couple of pump tracks near me, Rossendale. I think Phillips park would benefit from one there also
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 @JOHN8LAZE: the pump track at the velo is like a fly compared to this beast...and you can't take an mtb onto the bmx track...
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 Best training spot ever! Totally worth the 3,5h drive! ????
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 Hmmm... 4 for me... Maybe on the next Amsterdam trip
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 Dharma Initiative
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