Privateer Life at Port Angeles Pro GRT - Video

Apr 23, 2018
by Rooted MTB  
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Round one of the NW Cup also served as the second round of the Pro GRT, and as always the crew up there nailed it and another epic Port Angeles race ensued. If you think DH is dead, get to a NW Cup and you will see that it is alive and well, and fun as ever. As always, the field was stacked and times were tight at PA. Not the most successful weekend as far as results go for the Rooted boys, but there was no shortage of excitement. Check it out in Episode 2!

Washington is pretty neat.
The PNW is easy on the eyes.

The famous PA pits
The pits are always packed at PA.

The fast man of the weekend.
Magnus Manson didn't slow down once all weekend.

Mike Giese crushed it on the trail bike all weekend.

Race weekend at PA is always a blur. On to the next one.. Hope you enjoy!


  • + 47
 This was refreshingly good to watch. No marketing bs, just bikes on a good weekend! Cheers
  • + 25
 Sometimes when I fall down I just lie there for a while.
  • + 9
 so you’re that guy i jumped over the other day? rad.
  • + 7
 that was me please forgive me I am so sorry
  • + 8
 thats ok, you do you man
  • + 8
 that's what we call a dirt nap
  • + 7
 I rode this course last September when I was up at a science teacher conference in Port Angeles. Actually,I had to walk most of it on the way down. Good to know just how much I really suck compared to most of these guys.
  • + 5
 I once bent a rear wheel with my head. This jerry was stopped hanging out on a blind landing. I ditched my bike and power-slid-head-butted his rear wheel. Dude had to walk down the mountain. Serves the b@stard right.
  • + 8
 Great video, and thanks for coming to our little race.
  • + 5
 Looking forward to the rest of this series for sure
  • + 6
  • + 2
 Good running into you guys in the pits on Friday! Hope to see ya back out at PA sometime.
  • + 2
 You too man! We will be back.
  • + 2
 Pro GRT parece ser um bom Campeonato Nacional !
  • + 0
 Kitsap/Olympic Peninsulas: The hidden gems of Washington mountain riding. Duffie, Tiger, Gabby. Good stuff, but I'll take my back yard over them any day. Big Grin
  • + 3
 Quality content guys!
  • + 1
 Nope rope!!! Best term of 2018!!! Danger noodles is second.
  • + 1
 yeah.. top 20 Pork Chop!!

  • + 2
 This is nice, I LIKE!
  • + 1
 3.22 Smillie's a fuckin champ
  • + 1
 whats that first song called?
  • + 1
 enjoy the ride boys.
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  • + 1
 Rain drop
  • + 1
 Nice experience!!

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