Official Video: Giant Toa Track Preview - EWS Round 1

Mar 27, 2015
by Enduro World Series  
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 3 things- 1. NZs forest looks like the planet from Avatar 2. That looks much more punishing than fun 3. That dude rode it like a boss
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flag bubbrubb (Mar 27, 2015 at 7:38) (Below Threshold)
 3 Things: 1) Yay, MTB season is here! 2) Cunny needs to hit the gym he was breathing hard before he started 3)ok we get it, its hard and you're tired, keep reminding us that you're not Claudio
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 I love that your PB handle is Bubbrubb, that's awesome! Woo woo!
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 It's like an alarm clock. WOO WWWOOOOOOOOO!!
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 You 'sposed to be up cookin brehfust anyway
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 Nomad = trail slayer
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 It's jus fo dec'ration
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 that trail is KungFuWalrus, its a super fun trail and one of the harder grade main network trails, but by no means the hardest, it holds up well to conditions as well.
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 Sounds like Bear Grylls riding a bike.
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 The section that had the rider down looked like it was the section from this video:
If so, he picked a great line. Rode through there flawlessly, kudos to you sir!
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 It's not that section. That section is on stage one which is waaayyyy tougher...
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 finally a chest cam that was pointed in the right direction.
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 Bucket list travel location.
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 I can't even shout out to friends at the side of a trail when I ride by due to concentration never mind commentate on a run like that.
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 Possibly has the best job in the world!! And he rides like a Don
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 This is great. Course previews are nice just to get a sense of what kind of terrain they'll be riding on. The pictures and footage from last year were alright, but they didn't tell the whole story.
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 Perfect lid for this, since I watched, it waiting for him to drop into Ewoke village at any moment.
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 I've got the helmet in the "matte camo" color and it looks so much like the speederbike helmet. I can't help but want to channel some inner Luke in those tight forest sections now...
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 Your, use of commas is, not to be rude, or, anything but it's, weird.
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 Since this is "ENDURO" race, are we gonna see any of the uphill sections? It would be nice too see who's struggling on those sections.
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 Meh, save that footy for the XC folk.
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 Good to see Cunny doing the previews still Smile
Looks tough.
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 Looks like our trails in Peebles Scotland only ours are wet and the trees are closer, cant wait till we have our round of the EWS end of may
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 Yeah haha, looks very similar.

I done my work experience at GT alpine bikes last year when the EWS was on, met some pretty cool "enduro" riders too haha.
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 Awesome to see this, hope these vids continue throughout the season!
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 Richard Cunynghame haha funny
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 he sounds like bear grylls once he gets going
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 Seems like there's a lot to "catch you out" haha
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 Anyone else think he sounds like Bear grylls when he's out of breath?
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 No Claudio no care
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 that hurt my eyes ahahah
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 Lord Cunny? Really? LMAO
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