Round Up: 14 of the Best Trail Dog Videos

Mar 21, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

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 It is now impossible for Pinkbike content to improve. Where do you go when you reach the top?
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flag IntoTheEverflow (Mar 21, 2020 at 8:31) (Below Threshold)
 Pretty cool, but that is not trail.
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 I love how even puts his back paws out just in case he cases it.
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 Came here specifically for this clip. ????
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 PB, please don't glorify trail dogs to Joe. Most can't train, care for or respect the work it takes to have a good trail dog. (and no, your dog being friendly doesn't make it a good trail dog)
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 *this was filmed on a closed course by a professional rider. do not try at home* right?
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 Awesome! Just remember that biking with your dog is a good way to injure them. If you are going to take the pup out be sure to take plenty of breaks and do not go on a long ride.
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 The best advice. Nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your best friend struggle with their legs when they get older because of the mileage they put in when they were younger.
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 @JRB76: That's the situation I'm in - what are you saving your body for?
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 I don't regret my aches and pains. But I did feel bad for my trail pups when they got to the point that walking was tough. Don't get me wrong. I still have a trail dog that loves to come on rides with me. I just keep rides with him slow and short. That's all.
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 one of the best memories i have was a day 5 years ago with 6 humans and 8 dogs on squirrel gap near brevard NC. crashed twice because of the hounds but who cares. nothing but smiles the whole day...
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 Nah you just crashed cause squirrel gap :p those wild pisgah trails are great for dog rides
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 If you're reading this, a trail dog doesn't happen over night. It's a pain in the f*cking ass. Tons of hours, many lost rides, many shorter rides, and a huge investment of time, energy and dollars. You better have time to read books on dog training, lose days of riding, and work hard to build a bond with your dog daily. I love my dog, he's an aussie Sheppard and 110% my best friend now but I spent the last year consistently working with him and it wasn't fun or easy. Just like all things social media these videos show what people want you to see and nothing they dont.
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 training your dog shouldn't be a chore. It is the hole point of having a dog. Watching them learn and grow.
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 @themouse77: dogs have an opportunity cost. I'm not going to argue on the internet, but based on your spelling of "hole" you haven't lived long enough to have enough life experience to understand yet. Your time will come.
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 it's a hard task for a dog to learn to be a trail dog. It's an easy task for it to learn to follow you on a trail. Plus, it's an easy (yet maybe painful) task for dogs to learn that bikes can hurt them.
I just told my dog to stay behind me (yes, I did bump into it in a controlled manner two or three times when it didn't. And yes, I told others to do the same). It wasn't a big deal, and now we've been riding together for 13 years, and maybe even more to come.
It pays to teach a dog to become a trail dog. I got an excuse to go biking every day
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 This is huge. I have a four month old catahoula puppy that I'm just beginning to trail for a trail dog. I dont expect to actually ride with her for at least another 6 months. Gotta make sure she's 100% obedient before I take her to any real trails off leash
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 @LukeBurgie: you need to make sure she's full grown too before going long periods. Consult your vet next time you're in
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 I must be lucky then, because mine was born a trail dog. Since day one out in the woods she figured it out and loves it. She gets all excited if she sees me grabbing the bike at any time, and even knows when it's weekend and the day to ride has come.
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 @b-mcclelland: no need to try and offend there mate. I am just quietly suggesting maybe one who thinks the way you do about raising a dog probably shouldn't.
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 Also, some dogs just innately know what to do out there. The herding breeds are an added challenge for sure hahah. Once you can trust your dog on the ride it is the BEST!
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 In times of fear and uncertainty this is precisely what we need!
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 I’ve had trail dogs since I got my first dog at 19yo, buried more than a dozen, all but a couple were working breeds. Currently got four trail dogs, two retired Ausies 16 and 17yo, an English Shepherd 5yo and a Healer 5yo.

The Shepherd wanders, so he’s more of a hiker, the Healer is my go to for riding cuz he’s fast, he listens, and he’s got trail mojo.

Trail dogs don’t have much more than ten miles in them even at the slowest speeds, so you gotta take care to avoid burning out your dog.

My biggest concern and what makes me cringe when watching these vids, is how close these dogs are allowed to be to the bike.

Please train your dog to stay away from the bike, I’ve seen too many injuries to good dogs owned by careless riders.
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 Doncha just love dogs!
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 Is it just me or did it seem like trail dogs and transitions are a popular combo?
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 I really miss my trail dog. Last short ride when he was 13. Nothing beats a good ride with a good trail dog!
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 Still no Trail Cat videos? Bored with dogs...

Trail Virus videos should appear soon...
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 I cannot understand why people don't train their dog to run behind the bike. Taught mine "get in behind" before we even hit the trail and he still tasted of my front tyre several times. He is now tail end charlie and pulls over to the side of the track to let riders past, last thing I want is for him to be getting in the way of other riders.
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 Yeah, it seems awfully dangerous to have them in the front, or side anyways, regardless of wether there are other riders. Dogs cannot predict how we are going to jump/land/berm/any of these things. Imagine going on all fours, and chasing a DH’er down a trail. I would die, before the edit even was finished.
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I dont have time to make cool vids like this but, I sure as heck could. My d o g LuLu rocks... she's 8 n change now so, not as fast as she used to be, can't go at for more than about 90 minutes but, she's still awesome. minds the trail, minds other dogs and people... just like to chase the critters
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 Great, more dog poop...
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 That was me, sorry!
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 I come across a lot more huge piles of horse poop on the trails then dog crap. My dog knows to keep it off the trail.
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 The best Pinkbike post ever!
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 If you win fantasy rampage, they’ll give you a free trail dog, sponsernd by the Aspca
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 @ezrathedog better luck next year
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 I love that Kelly McGarry video so much. And no, I'm not crying, I just got something in my eye.
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 Bryan and Karl top 900 forsure
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 Oh man, I needed this! I got a GSP pup two weeks ago and she's a little terror! Can't wait til she can hit the trails
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 Walking, hiking, jogging and then biking. Did that with my current dog, he’s almost 7 now, and he’s a natural trail dog. I have to leave a leash in the car, otherwise I won’t remember to bring it when we are in public somewhere and he’s supposed to be on leash. Plus, with all the physical activity we have zero issues with him chewing, digging or just overall being a pain in the ass. Most unusual for a black lab mix... Good luck with your new pup!
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 I’ve got two GSP’s that come riding at 7 and 13 years old. One leads, one follows. They definitely started as terrors in the house, thankfully now thats just outside! Enjoy your pup.
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 @DHhack: got a GWP black lab mix, he’s shaggy tall slim and powerful , not very agile but really good endurance and absolutely loves the trails and providing he’s built up to it-will cover massive distances. I only go on remote trails with him though where there is soft ground and plenty of wilderness for him to roam whilst he waits for me. Group rides and trail centres are not fair on him or other riders. But rides with him are my absolute favourite.
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 @kipvr: our regular ride is 10 or so miles. Anything under 8 is a waste of time. He’s the mix of endurance, strength, agility but also some common sense. His herding instincts kick in on group rides which can be annoying for some. He’s starting to slow down, he used to hit 31mph...
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 Because there is no time, I only watched one video, but it was really lovely dog, lovely sense ~
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 How do you get a terrier to be a trail dog? Mine just wants to root around in the undergrowth.
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 Yes, the last thing we need is more dogs on the trails. I love dogs, just not on the trails.
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 That's a lot of dogs.
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 Kept your stinking mutt off the trail.
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 Is @ezrathedog on a sabbatical?
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 Waki hasn’t taken mushrooms lately
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 Pretty cool, but you haven't seen Dozer when he's in the zone!
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 Thread post of the year #traildogs4life
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 Awesome post thanks guys!
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