Round Up: All the X Games Real BMX Videos

Jul 5, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  
Similar to the Real MTB competition earlier this year, X Games Real BMX showcases creativity and style from six of the most prolific BMX riders in a collection of heavy-hitting videos. Here are all the videos in one place.

The Real BMX competition has two parts: judged and fan-decided. The judges' decision will be announced at Summer X Games 2021, which will be held in person in California July 14-18 without spectators. The fan-favorite portion of the competition will be open for voting on the X Games website until Sunday, July 18.


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 Molina wins everything, it’s all his …… what a fkin beast , an inspiration to anyone who thinks they can’t do it ……… and he wears a helmet :-)
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 I came here just to say Molina wins hands down because he wears a helmet, kids need to see that and stop thinking a beanie is going to save their skull.
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 @wonkle: Agreed. We all saw what happened to Scotty Cranmer, and that was with a helmet. If he hadn't been wearing it, I'm pretty confident he'd be dead right now. While helmets aren't a total substitute for good falling technique, they do help out in most cases, especially for big slams that the rider can't control. My high school MTB team had a policy of "no helmet, no ride." I think it was a good one to implement, and I'll certainly keep that going for my kids when they get big enough to ride.
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 Molina every day of the week!! I’m following him on Instagram and his riding is off the charts!
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flag thenotoriousmic (Jul 5, 2021 at 13:40) (Below Threshold)
 Agreed. He was the only rider willing to send it while everyone else played it safe with curb nibbles and nose to bars / manual lines. Covid thing maybe?

Jordan Hango still wins as the best part so far.
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 @thenotoriousmic: You're kidding, right? There was so much send in every edit but Seeley's which was small, super techy stuff. Damn, hard to pick a favorite.
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 I have two legs and...................Yeah. Selling everything.
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 @scott-townes: I’m struggling to see where the so much send was your referring to was. I just saw incrediblely difficult but low risk tech lines as impressive as it is, I don’t consider it sendy. This however…
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 @thenotoriousmic: haha maybe your definition of "send" and "low risk" is just different from reality. I did not see much that was low risk
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 @nope1: There’s a lot of flat ledges and long manual lines. Rarely seen above bar hight. They’ve all got at least two do or die clips though and the more I watch them the better they get. Complete tech lords.
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 Felix, Chad, Broc, Courage… I’d have a tough time deciding between those four. I’m least familiar with Felix’s stuff and he really impressed me! The cab 7 at the end was unreal!
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 I know this won’t be everyone’s thing (like e-bike content) but I love seeing bmx news on Pinkbike! More bmx!
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 Courage for the gold. Amazing
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 I can see where judges may complain it is exactly what you expect from him, but damn his manual lines are fun to watch.
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 the technical ability to so cleanly pack so many tricks is just off the charts. Molina is just a wild man and it shows. Felix really does it differently too, I like his style a lot. I do feel like having watched Sean Burns Anthem 2 edit...all of this seems like childs play a bit. Is there anyone going as hard as that guy anymore? (hopefully with a helmet on).
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 Felix gets it. That was savage. Fast, tech and burly, and that 540 smith and 7 cab were ludicrous
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 Cab 7 from Felix was hella crazy!! Molinas slam deserves to win haha that was so fucking gnarly.
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 I don't ride BMX but it seems to me it takes more skill, guts and a higher tolerance to constant pain than mountain biking.
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flag Aksel31 (Jul 6, 2021 at 0:21) (Below Threshold)
 Well you know, after 2 or 3 direct hits to their skull, they don't really feel the pain anymore Smile
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 Rad edits but why no helmets... fools...

Molina is a beast!... super pumped & on fire!!!!!.. props & the win!..
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 felix for 1st because he is a beast and the rest is very hard to tell. id like to see courage adams podium. also let each rider wear whatever they so wish on their head. its their choice. they know whats up
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 nope, they don't. They will know when it's too late
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 These are all really good but Julian Molina has to win because he simply deserves the hell out of it. Anyone see his clip from rumble in richmond where he got motorcycle towed into the 26' double and bonered the shit out of it but still stomped it? unbelievable. Dudes awesome.
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 These were awesome! Can't wait to see who wins fan wise and judge wise.
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 Indeed, hard to judge this one! Each rider put it out there! I also find it hard to delineate the riding from the filming sometimes.
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 Felix, Molina, Broc would be my guess for the judges. Felix is just so damn progressive. Molina is such a beast! Mad inspirational, the dude goes all in!
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 Caution offensive language. f*cking hell, I lived for BMX several centuries ago and I've always kept an eye on it but this shit is, well, what is it? I've no idea what I watched but f*ck, it's crazy.
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 Hard to judge this year, but Felix’s part had me rewinding more than the others.
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 Molina or Broc for me. There were both insanely good.
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 Jake Seely's grind line on the orange walls.... took the win for me!
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 Little bikes, big cojones
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 Not even a doubt in my mind who wins this… the only dude to really huck his meat; Julian
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 Year 2021 and still there are guys riding bikes with NO HELMETS???
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 I’ll so upvoting this. Broken many many helmets. Can’t ride without one, drilled my kids into always having one on. Pro riders should lead by example.
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 @T-Bot: They should wear helmets I agree, but they shouldn't have to if they don't want to just because "setting example" their job is to do sick shit to sell bikes, not to set examples
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 Courage Adams is still waiting to receive his Red Bull helmet
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