Round Up: Traveling Back in Time With Photos from Sea Otters Past

Apr 18, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  
The crowd at the Sea Otter Classic is always packed full of Pinkbike fans.

Sea Otter is typically one of the first chances each year for photographers in the bike industry to capture photos, especially of racing. Let's take a look back at the moments Pinkbike photographers have immortalized at Sea Otters past.

Gold medal winner and three-time back to back champ Mitch Ropelato.
Mitch on his way to a win, DS 2019.

Meet Hank. Hank likes bikes.
Hank. An icon. 2019.

Curtis Keene took home the silver medal a mere 2 seconds behind the top spot.
Curtis Keene on his way to 2nd in the 2019 enduro.

First place in Pro Men went to McKay Vezina.
And Mckay Vezina on his way to a win.

Evie Richards gassed at the end of a hard day out.
Evie Richards after giving her all to a 3rd place finish in 2018.

Men s start.
XC men's start, 2018.

Howard Grotts took second some twenty seconds and change back form Cooper.
Howard Grotts on his way to 2nd.

P1 anyone
We can't see the sweat and tears, but they're probably there too.

Keegan Wright exiting a dusty chicane section.
Keegan Wright on a very recognizable course, 2018.

Rachel Strait makes an appearance and is looking good in the matching Sombrio kit.
Rachel Strait, 2018 enduro.

It s those little rituals. Batty preps for the day.
Emily Batty preps for the XC race in 2017.

Jeff Kabush in a race to the beach.
Geoff Kabush in a sand battle, 2017.

Dan Chiang getting a bit loose on stage one of the Enduro.
Danny Chiang of Taiwan sends it, backpack and all. 2017.

Graves in practice with the manual across the top of one of the mini hits on the track.
Jared Graves, DH, 2017.

The crowd at the Sea Otter Classic is always packed full of Pinkbike fans.
The Sea Otter DS crowd is something special. 2016.

Not to be outdone Andreasson took his whip off the same feature a bit further. Not bad on a high post bike in the middle of a race.
Lycra 'n' whips. 2nd place for Simon Andreassen, short track XC, 2016.

Jill Kintner preparing for yet another victory at Sea Otter.
Jill Kintner preparing to win. DH, 2015.

Smiling big always says confidence Jill Kintner was definitely feeling it today.
And win she did.

It makes my eyes bleed and I cannot unsee it.
Marshall Eames is something else. DH, 2015.

How loose Oh just a wee little bit.

Could this be the year of Gwin It certainly is starting to look that way.
Full focus for Gwin. DH, 2015.

Nino Schurter taking it easy in the shade of an umbrella on the starting line.
Nino looking comfy at the XC start, 2015.

Schurter powering to the finish.
...Later, Nino winning. XC, 2015.

Strung out... the main men s field heading into the final climb of the first lap with Luis Mejia Sanchez of Columbia driving the bus.
Laguna Seca hills. XC, 2015.

Catherine Pendrel had yet to win here at Sea Otter. Today she changed all of that edging out Bec Henderson for the win
Catharine Pendrel for the win in the 2015 XC.

 Yaaaaaaaaaar ..... I hear there be some Short track racing action today Let me take a pull off me booze and have a look see.
This guy. 2015.

Anneke Beerton was focused and determined to crush the field.
Anneke Beerten before the enduro, 2015.

Fast AF. DS, 2014.

Zander Geddes of team Norco. Welcome to the big leagues bro.
Zander Geddes and gorgeous light, 2014.

Nightime celebrations and joke time with Tippie in parking lot H.
And that's a wrap.

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 The spandex to rock-n-roll ratio here is skewing a bit...

In an effort to seek balance - Egregious omissions from this retrospective:

Sanjay Shanbhag sending it on the jump line with a borrowed beach cruiser and skate lid:

Shaun Palmer chatting with April Lawyer during DS practice:

Eric Carter:
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 Gonna be weird racing there in the Fall dust. It's so green out there right now.....

Are there any photos of the Pixie Bike Big Air Contest? What was the name of the architecture student who always sent it so F'n hard? Early 2Ks....
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 Are you thinking of Sanjay?
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 @TheShockHowse: Yes - Sanjay ruled!!!!
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 @benajminlee: It's usually dry but the grasses are still green - I was just there last weekend.
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 But where is the « walmart fat bike » guy?
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 Yea, no mention of Manuel Beastly. I cam here just for that but luckily, the internet provides
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 @alicialeggett there was a bike at one of the sea otters, i think between 2014-2017ish that was made by a small american brand that used chain tension to hold the suspension in a way that pedals well and then would like change to be less pedalling focused when you didnt have any chain tension. did you see what it was called when you were making this article? I could never find it again
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 Kona isn't a small brand but what you're saying reminds me of their Magic Link
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 Hopefully it’s still happening in Canada this year at Horseshoe Resort Smile
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 No Colin Bailey or John kirkcaldie?
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 I miss sea otter Frown
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 How are all these pictures so gorgeous!?!!
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 TIL nostalgia is looking back just 6 years.
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 Ahh, the good ole days, when we used to have Sea Otter!

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