Ruaridh Cunningham Out of EWS Madeira with Suspected Spinal Fluid Leak

May 6, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

Trek Factory Racing rider Ruaridh Cunningham will be joining other riders missing EWS Madeira as he announced on Instagram that he has a suspected spinal CSF leak. Ruaridh noticed he wasn't feeling normal a few weeks ago and after symptoms worsened he went to the hospital where he was diagnosed. For the past 10 days, he has been in the neurology ward where they are trying to find out exactly what the issue is.

A CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) leak is a medical condition where a small tear or hole forms in the outer membrane that contains the fluid surrounding the spinal cord and brain. When the fluid begins to leak the overall volume and pressure of fluid within the skull drops and its cushioning effect reduces causing the brain to slump. This results in severe pain, pressure, double vision, seizures and a wide range of other symptoms.

In most cases a CSF leak can heal on its own with strict bed rest, increasing fluid intake and caffeine but sometimes a leak at the spinal level may require a clinical procedure to start the healing process.

bigquotes"Not the news I want to be sharing but unfortunately I'll be sitting out the next round of the @world_enduro in Madeira due to some ongoing health issues.

After feeling a bit off whilst out riding a few weeks ago, my first thoughts were that it might just be some residual jetlag. Unfortunately, my symptoms worsened in the days that followed and I was admitted to hospital where it’s suspected I have a spinal CSF leak.

Over the last 10 days, I’ve been laid up in the neurology ward and undergone numerous tests and scans to try and pinpoint exactly what’s going on and will hopefully get some answers soon. Best of luck to mi amigo @pedroburns in Madeira!"
Ruaridh Cunningham

We hope to see Ruaridh make a speedy recovery and be back racing soon.


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 I’m a neurologist. Definitely compatible with complete recovery. Hopefully back in action soon!
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flag WAKIdesigns (May 6, 2019 at 5:09) (Below Threshold)
 Do you have any tips how to get rid of mother fkng chronic SI Joint irritation? Dr Google is extremely parted on that with tons of influencers spreading all sorts of ridiculous rehab crap that doesn't work. Pissed it off with weight lifting in January and crap goes away then strikes out of nowhere for no apparent reason.
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 @WAKIdesigns: a strsnge question for a neurologist i would think? Maybe better for a physio or an ortho doc?
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 blood patch?
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 @WAKIdesigns: go to an Ortho or pain management doctor and stop using the internet to treat and diagnosis it.
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 @Clifflane3: this is Waki we are talking about here. That's not how this works. If there's an internet expert he doesn't know about, it's not worth knowing. To defeat him, he must learn his ways. You'll see. Check back here in a couple of days.
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@Clifflane3 I have been to a doc. I am not stupid. But this is Sweden where only the broken and dying get attention. Simply put, those who may need to stop working and consequently stop generating revenue and paying taxes. Someone could call it an economically sound system. Oh you have lower back pain? Are you sitting right by your desk? Do you do Yoga? Do you Swim? Have you heard of foam roller and stretch tape? You better stop riding bikes and lift weights. Anyhoo: do yoga, swim, do some hip bridges and side leg raises, then take ibuprofen and apply Voltaren gel. Here are 3 free massage sessions. First appointment In 2 months. Or should I go to Functional Movement specialist? Chiropractor? Ostheopath? Naprapath? Maybe they all should meet each other? That would be fun!
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flag johnbalz (May 6, 2019 at 9:01) (Below Threshold)
 @WAKIdesigns: Lol. Literally can't make this up. A few months ago you took to ripping into my pro-Trump, pro-America comments while espousing your views on the virtues of socialism and the evils of capitalism. Oh the irony...
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 @WAKIdesigns: go see a sports massage therapist they would (I would but I’m in Canada and looks like you are not) first assess your issue from a functional perspective then sort out which factor is the cause and move towards reducing that while encouraging pain free strength training to reduce the chance of it returning.
Neuro won’t do anything for you unless you had debilitating nerve issues running down to your feet. Most times with people who are mostly active I find its more an issue with piriformis and imbalanced strength between flexors, external and internal rotators of your hips.
Just my two bits, but I’ll offer anything to get you off your computer and on to your bike...
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 @johnbalz: The irony was not lost on me while I was reading his comment.
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 Brace yourself on all the comments sharing how injured are they too.
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 @johnbalz: first off socialism and capitalism are ideological systems manifesting themselves in certain areas of how a country is run. Every country has banks, private enterprises, but also public roads (socialism), State organized Police (socialism), sewage management (socialism) etc. tell me, what do you get in your country from your Mational healthcare when you get tendonisis like Tennis elbow? Or mild concussion? Then tell me, what do you get from your national healthcare as a student with evening job if you knock yourself out, break your hip bone and wrist so that you have to stay in the hospital for a week? Then go for a few month rehab? Because in Sweden or Poland if you are registered as a student or unemployed person you get all that pretty much for free. My daughter just got a weird discoloring on her teeth, we have an appointment tomorrow. For free. I had a day off last week because she got sick. I just send an SMS to NHS, “child sick leave” and I can stay with her, getting 80% paid day no question asked. Not even by my boss. Beat that.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Waaawaaawaaaah! Dude, don't be such a beta. Wink
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flag fullendurbro (May 6, 2019 at 10:44) (Below Threshold)
 @WAKIdesigns: I pay a small amount every month that goes toward insurance. If I have an injury, I get immediate access to some of the best healthcare in the world. If I have a traumatic event and need a helicopter transport, multiple week stay at the ICU and follow on therapy, my maximum out of cost pocket is $3,000.

No second-rate healthcare, no long que lines, no shitty doctors. I've never heard of someone traveling to a socialist country for healthcare, but people come from all over the world to receive treatment in America.

The closest thing we have to socialist medicine in America is the free healthcare for veterans that is provided by the government. It's a complete shit show.
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 @skycripp: No shitty doctors. My arse. Little money my arse. In Sweden you also don’t get shitty doctors as long as something evidently
serious happens to you. The problem is grey the grey zone. And it is unimaginable how can that be better anywhere. In Sweden, if you pay 70$ a month doctors at private clinics will lick your balls, meaning. So please stop operating with words like socialism because socialist systems are all over your place in your country. The best example of socialism in US is probably the most ironic one. Subsidies on fuel making you pay more or less as much per gallon as we pay per 1 liter. Which other thing if not socialism led to the bail out in 2008? It was a socialist decision. And if you think your insurance companies are so rich only through private money you are delirious. They get money from the state, if you google that it pops up directly. People from around the world come to US for healthcare, oh yeah, I read that line from Milton Friedman too. I wonder, do you think I am a socialist? Do you think Sweden is a socialist country? Because I assure you the answer for both questions is no, at least not as long as you are not playing some 1st grade identity politcs. And I beg you to give me an example of socialist country, because for instance China has as much capitalism in it as USA has socialism, like most countries in the world. Because such thing doesn’t really exist. It is a concept describing a certain way of acting, like being a dickhead or a troll describes me. It is a simplification that makes it easier to grasp the motives of certain actions.

Realizing it is a sign of a achieving basic level of knowledge about society and economy, allowing for efficient human interaction because it allows us to not look at the world in terms of us vs them and allows to see that we have common goals other who’s dick is bigger or who can be the more angry btch. It also takes intelligence which itself has its obvious limitations and that can be seen every time almost any politician opens his/ her mouth.

So yeah if your vision is that I am a socialist from a socialist state, and you live in the land of the free, then please keep enjoying your cancer. Also it is not Swedish Freeriders like Emil Johansson making kickstarters as soon as they eat sht for good. The hashtag #redbullshouldpay goes quite a bit against your vision of the world.

As we can see here Ruaridh is not asking for support because he was too poor to pay the medical bills. You may off course push it on stupidity of Rampage contesters like Paul Bassagiota to not get insured as you yourself gloriously do.

If only Brexit happened already, the doors to true capitalist state would be open, children would flood the streets in joy. And Ruaridh could get a better doctor. Because capitalist doctors are greats.
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flag fullendurbro (May 6, 2019 at 12:31) (Below Threshold)
 @WAKIdesigns: Nice dude.
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 @WAKIdesigns: @WAKIdesigns: Hey, Waki. I've also been dealing with chronic lower back pain for years. Tried many different things for it, most of which, at best, helped for a short period of time. Then boom!!: TAICHI. It hurts while I do the exercises, but after that - a pain-free bliss. The first time I went for a weekend course. During the first day I had to take breaks because my back hurt. But the next day I woke up completely pain free, I couldn't believe it!
It's being more and more widely recommended for treatment of chronic pain.
There are taoist tai chi classes in Sweden:
Taoistisk Tai Chi Forening i Sverige

More info on TC: (for fellow Polak Wink )
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 @WAKIdesigns: so on another not political note, try a “Prana Mat” they work well, and are cheap.
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 @WAKIdesigns: atleast they suggest something. Here in canada they tell you physio is useless and its time for drugs that work for about 3 days before losing their effect. Keep seeking information waki, that ar
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 @WAKIdesigns: -that area goes out of balance, so many muscles meeting up in one area. look up cross syndrome, causes all kinds of problems in the low back.
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 @WAKIdesigns: systemic enzymes?
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 @WAKIdesigns: Umm, yeah. Have you worked at a major hospital for years and seen how Canadians etc come here for anything important? Have you dealt with the VA? Do you have any idea what you're talking about? Oh, wait. Waki gets paid per character per post, or at least talks like he does. Forgot. LOL
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 @mtbikeaddict: none of this constitutes an accurate survey of these respective systems. There is health tourism everywhere, with Costa Rica being the top destination, followed by various Asian countries band the US at number 10. But 1.4 million Americans (estimated) travelled abroad for cheaper healthcare in 2017. Anyone who goes to the US or another country for healthcare inevitably has a few dollars in their pocket. You got money, you got service. That's the only system that is truly watertight. A truly representative insight on this can only be gained if you ask a million people on minimum wage in each country what they think. Be my guest guys.
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 @mtbikeaddict: paid per character? Are you stupid? Yes I know about hypochondriacs, as well as folks who can’t reach their toes but engage in all sorts of sports at high level, I have friends working in the hospital.

@game - funny thing I learned lately is that many physios tell athletes to train gluteus medius, not because they lack stability in the hip necessary to perform movements like running or pedalling or bunnyhopping. It is because all other muscles around get so strong that their bodies reach capabilities that will sometimes require even more from medius. When that fkr gets inflamed he will then compromise all other ligaments in the area. Same with hip flexor. The issue is, that physios and yogis will tell you to condition it by doing side planks and side leg raises, with stretch tape at best which simply cannot condition it to meet demands of other muscles that can already deadlift twice your body weight, because at that point your medius is already stronger than the level physios aim for.
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 @BenPea: Oh most definitely. That's pretty much my point. It's a rather useless and pedantic off topic non-biking related discussion. Non of us can fully do much of anything about this. I'd just rather keep this simple and focused as it was on Ruaridh, supporting him, and if necessary his condition. Just annoyed me that Wacek is again filling the page with his 34-line manuscripts of drivel. In other words, I suppose I'm asking for the comment section to be sensible and simple. Facepalm What am I saying lol Maybe I need to see a doctor for that. Wink
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 @mtbikeaddict: Waki loves neg props like Pacman loves white dots. Nom nom nom... But there's gold to be found in them there mad rants.
The world isn't sensible or simple, how can an open forum be? Ugly, beautiful, stupid and clever. Pick one and get the rest for free.
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 @WAKIdesigns: You know, I've only been on Pinkbike for a year or so. I read here and there when I have time and have always noticed your pervasive comments in the comments sections, to be honest I always assumed you were independently wealthy and simply had the time to spend what appears to be a majority of your day working on your grandiose Internet presence. Apparently, you are just another socialist trying to live the life you want on someone else's dime, eager to play the victim when you are not waited on hand and foot by your socialist utopian system. Let me as you this Waki, as you sit there banging away on your keyboard all day wallowing in victimhood, trashing the economic system that has provided us the highest standard of living both in America and raised the standard across the world; if some country with more militlray might than Sweden decided some day to invade you guys (I'm afraid that's a long list), who's phone do you think would be ringing? Without the assurance of American might if the crap hits the fan, you could likely not enjoy even the apparently worthless healtchare your socialist utopia provides.
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 @johnbalz: sorry if you call me a socialist and call Sweden socialist you are an idiot. Or at least this part of your brain is rather stupid. Retarded (People from outside US have little if any shame using this word) Educate yourself before you open your mouth again when speaking about these topics.
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 @johnbalz: If you browse on Chrome you can install an extension from the webstore that blocks any content from WAKIdesigns. It's called WAKIdenied.
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 I rest my case.
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 @skycripp: Veterans healthcare beats private healthcare in the USA in something like 70-80% of measures, including patient satisfaction. It is very much the opposite of the shitshow you allege.

And the only people coming TO the USA for healthcare are very, very rich ones.
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 @skycripp: What? Seriously?
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 @kabanosipyvo: Honest question here... how do you know so much about our healthcare etc if you're in Ukraine?
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 @mtbikeaddict: I changed my location on PB in 2014, when Russia invaded get the Ukrainian flag, and show support. I am born and raised in the USA. I have been analyzing US healthcare data for years, both private sector and Veterans Health Administration.
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 @kabanosipyvo: I don’t want a huge debate here I don’t know the right answer to health care. But I have worked in the operating rooms in VA hospitals and public hospitals for last 8 years over 4 states. And I can 100% tell you the patient satisfaction scores are much lower at the VA. While patient care outcomes are the same, if not better, the satisfaction scores are lower. Also, many of the VA hospitals are ran down, outdated, and fall very short for what a medical facility in 2019 should be.
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 @kabanosipyvo: much lower might be a bit of an exaggeration, but they are lower and have rooms for improvement.
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 @Clifflane3: facilities are a huge part of the problem, that's for sure.
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 @skycripp: Are you out of your mind? You have tent city’s in your richest city’s full of people who a dying because they can’t afford healthcare and are too ill to work. Your country and it’s healthcare is an absolute disgrace. Fine for those who can afford it those who can’t are left dying in the streets. They literally check your purse before they check your pulse. Same things happening here because we have a right wing government that’s underfunding our health service deliberately to the point it collapses and they can use it as an excuse to privatise it. We use your country as an example of what will happen with we don’t fix it.
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 @johnbalz: who exactly has USA bailed out of a war? In fact your war record is pretty poor. You’ve been spanked in every war you’ve ever been in. If Sweden got invaded and it wasn’t in NATO or a member of the EU they’d be better off running to some Afghani farmers or some Vietnamese than your lot who’s just going to turn up make a load of fuss before disappearing back where you came from humiliated as usual.
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 @thenotoriousmic: Funny you are not writing this in German.....
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 @thenotoriousmic: You are absolutely correct, all the large cities run by liberal democrats and their socialist test-tubes are in fact $hit-holes. Thanks for proving the point of how socialist policies do not work and only lead to shared misery.
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 @johnbalz: ah is that a World War Two reference? We won the Battle of Britain while the Americans were sat on the sidelines waiting to see who was going to win and yet you still managed to get trounced by the Japanese. So no German for us.

You’re absolutely out of your mind to blame the shit state of your country on socialists. I’m guessing you haven’t been to many other countries.
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 @thenotoriousmic: Mate, where are you getting your information? I don't think you've been to America. I've lived all over the country and have not seen a single one of these tent cities full of dying people. In fact, we have a government mandated policy that all people be treated regardless of ability to pay. Most hospitals in major cities operate at a staggering financial loss because people just don't pay their bills.
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 @kabanosipyvo: I spent three years working in Health IT systems engineering for the VA, trying desperately to bring them up to the benchmarks set by private healthcare. I don't know where you are getting your information but it is very incorrect.

And yes, I agree that the only people who come to america for healthcare are the very rich ones. That in itself should speak to how good the healthcare here is.
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 @skycripp: see the fact you even say that proves you don’t understand. Hospitals, prisions, police forces etc aren’t supposed to be a business they’re supposed to be a service. We pay for our health services with tax money and it’s free for everyone from that point because we’ve got to much pride to allow our city’s to look like this.
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 @skycripp: VA health IT systems suck, that's for sure, but I don't at all understand how you equate IT systems to healthcare outcomes. What I am talking about is making human beings healthier, not computer systems. You aren't even comparing apples to oranges...more like apples to keyboards.

And yes, US healthcare is world class at the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo, and several others which have entire floors reserved for their Arab guests. Do you think that level of care and service is accessibile to the average American like you or I?
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 @thenotoriousmic: My family is first-generation immigrants from Argentina and I have been to an extensive list of countries, precisely why I depise socialism. Out of my mind? Very literally, in the cities where they push socialists agendas is where you see all this homelesness you speak of. In the rest of the country, where most people and governments are center-right we do not see that.

Congrats on your battle win, as is still the story today without the US pushing over the finish line with money, military might or otherwise you would have still lost the war. You may want to check the history books, we did all-right against the Japanese. In fact, the reason Japan exploded to have the number-2 economy in the WORLD by the 80's was because of the capitalist ways we imposed on the Japanese after the war.
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 @johnbalz: nope the war was won when the Germans lost the Battle of Britain and were trapped fighting on two fronts we might not have liberated Europe on our own but we certainly wasn’t going to end up speaking German. You had to nuke the Japanese because you couldn’t stand toe to toe with them and you haven’t won a war since. Poor record.

Capitalism and homelessness go hand in hand. They’re there because they’re to Ill to make money and if you don’t have money your left to rot in a capitalist country and that’s all there is to it otherwise you’d see it in socialist countries and you don’t. We’ve had a right wing government for the last 8 years who wants to be more like America and guess what homelessness has more than doubled since they’ve been in power. Coincidence? I think not.
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 @thenotoriousmic: Holy crap I'm literally laughing so freakin hard right now... You've made my morning! Would you happen to be an American expat? Because according to the internet stereotypes you guys put on here, Americans are grossly ill-mannered ignorant gun-crazy redneck hillbillies, while Brits are civil, sensible, and well-educated... so you can't possibly be British... or maybe the stereotypes are inaccurate. Wink
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 @kabanosipyvo: I'm a middle class "average American" and I get dang good healthcare. Granted it isn't free, or even really inexpensive, but that sot of goes with the quality Wink Do I go to Cleveland Mayo John Hopkins whatever? No, because I don't live there. I'm willing to bet the doctors hospitals etc available in my area compare very favorably with pretty much anything else.
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 Thanks @skycripp and @johnbalz . Attn @thenotoriousmic : Allow me to dissect your posts by theme and counter you in two or three corresponding sections. Everyone else, I apologize for the length.
#1 Healthcare: Yes, in an ideal world everything could be a service, everyone would work together and a communistic utopia would form. Unfortunately, currently this is reality: Life's not perfect. Money makes the world go round, yada yada yada. The vast majority of world-class physicians (or even good, or...), even if they would like to, cannot sustain themselves, their families, etc unless it's a "business". Anyways...
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 Could someone define "socialist" and list a few failed socialist countries? Apart from the ones that are pretending to be socialist and are in fact totalitarian dictatorships. That would be useful for those of us trying to follow this conversation for the 700th time.
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 @mtbikeaddict: the stereotypes are 100% inaccurate. Not even close. We’re just a f*cked up as you are.
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 @mtbikeaddict: Your circumstances could easily change and that health care might no longer be available under your current system. You’ve got lucky so far but if you look out of your window many haven’t been so fortunate. My country might also be behaving like a bunch of children but at least we can say no matter who you are, what you’ve done, where your from or how many slave tokens you’ve managed to fool yourself into collecting we’ll look after you. Well done America you’ve actually made me proud to be British for the first time this year.
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 #2 Politics: This is a little tricky, you've meshed it with the first... here goes. Great! You want to talk about homeless, tent cities, sanctuary cities, liberals, etc? You couldn't have asked a better guy... allow me to introduce you to Seattle! A city whose overflow, sorry, "influence" has now spread as far north as Arlington and as, well... honestly I don't even know. We're in a liberal one-upmanship with San Francisco it seems. Tent cities? Everywhere and anywhere. Speaking of healthcare, what about immunization? "What's that?" Vaccines? Agh! *Sorry, V@XX!*3$... that's a bad word in these parts. Something's illegal? Just wait for the next vote. "What should we legalize next?" "Yes." Or if you don't want to wait, just do it, there's no consequences anyways. "Shoplifting" is now an "archaic" term in the dictionary... Plenty of people just walk in, fill a cart, and walk out, and nobody does anything. What's the big deal? No harm done! It obviously didn't cost anything to produce, no cost to the store, and it won't affect the paying customers... oh wait. But you'd love that, right, because then everything's "free"? Need I mention the "safe sites" where people can drink, inject all manner of drugs (heroin's legal now bruh), and if the legislature gets its way, prostitute/brothel, etc(?!) and the police can do nothing? Trashed meth lab RV/campers on every street, panhandlers on every corner, tents on parking lots, sidewalks, medians, … and all this because of our conservative lawmakers?! lol lol lol Really Mad I THINK NOT. When's the last time, if ever, that Seattle/Western WA/WA state was even remotely conservative? Ooooo! Ooooh! I forgot to mention the traffic! Infrastructure stinks, the traffic congestion is consistently, if not the worst, then close to the worst in the nation, and oh, every other major road is tolled, with more tolls in the works! Oh joy! I love it so much, I could just die from happiness! Rolleyes Madder And about those tolls... because they need mo money mo money... Mayweather himself is jealous. Property tax, value/cost, and cost of living have skyrocketed (.75 million for a tiny couple room 1 floor house in Ballard, anyone? And that's without a view), gas tax, sales tax, tax tax tax keep going up, more and more tolls, the govt get a record $50 Billion, just revenue budget from tax etc not counting other income and surplus etc, but yet immediate press releases about the money not being enough, a drop in the bucket, so... wait for it... guess what, more taxes and tolls! Ya ever see an infomercial? "But wait, there's more! Call now and we'll double your taxes, just pay extra tolls and levies" Wink
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 @mtbikeaddict: I actually agree with you.

My point is that while US healthcare IS good, we are fooling ourselves if we think we have access to the very best of it.
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 @thenotoriousmic: #2 b. And let me assure you, "tent city's [sic] in your richest city's [sic] full of people who a [sic] dying because they can't afford healthcare and are too ill to work" is far from the truth. For one thing, there may be some who fit that description, but I'd wager they're the minority by probably a large ratio. As far as obtaining necessities... well, as mentioned, they could just waltz into the local retailer and grab anything they please, so I don't really see your point. lol Also, there are plenty of soup kitchens and the like handing out free meals... hordes of people around those. And the homeless being invalid? Ehh… there's such a large range, and for sure there are the rare tragically sad circumstances, but there's also plenty of people who you'll ask and they'll just say it's easier being homeless... Something like, are you kidding me? I can stand on this corner off and on all day, and every hour or two at the most someone'll give me a bag of Taco Bell/McD's etc or buy me meal at the restaurant, so I'm set for food. Occasionally someone'll gimme a 20 or two... in a day I might make a hunerd or two, and I don't have to be nowhere, report to no one, do nothing, I ain't got no boss and I can do what I please. I give this up, I'll have to work my butt off with no guarantees.
Food for thought.
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 @kabanosipyvo: It's because those IT systems are the backbone of the patient-provider experience. Long wait times, incorrect prescriptions, poor patient charting, bad logistics and ordering, patient transport errors, etc. When all of that is a shit show because Cerner built a bad system, the patient healthcare will suffer. Just imagine how frustrating it is to be a doctor waiting to perform an emergency surgery when the patient's chart won't load because the system crashed again. Health IT has a direct correlation to health outcome. If you can't see that, I don't think you understand how much modern medicine relies on IT.

And yes, that level of healthcare is accessible to the average American. I know because someone very close to me is currently receiving world-class cancer treatments at the University of Pennsylvania and Jefferson Clinic. And my wife completed her residency at Johns Hopkins (Baltimore), where the poorest of the poor Americans received world-class life saving treatment without ever having to pay a dime for it.

Yes our system is flawed and needs to be fixed, but you can't say we don't have great healthcare.
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 @thenotoriousmic: And #3 War: Oh boy oh boy, here we go! Big Grin You've heard of the PB Engineer, Welder, Doctor, well, lemme introduce ya to the pb history buff.
Ummm….. uuuuuhhhhh… Yeah still trying to figure you out. lol Now I'm not going to claim America single-handedly saved the world, but... the USA single-handedly saved the world. Wink Multiple times. You're welcome. Wink Lol I kid, couldn't resist that. Let's see, lost every war we've ever fought? Hmm, my memory must be failing, I'll check the list. Revolutionary War(of independence, or other names, you get the pic)? Pretty sure we kicked butt there, oh... well that explains it! You do hold a grudge, don't you? Wink War of 1812? Beat the British again. Oops, no wonder you're still sore. Come to think of it, those were both on our turf... there must be one on yours to keep it fair. Ah, here we go: 2012 Olympics... oh, sorry for that annihilation. I must apologize. We don't normally fight that well. Oh, I guess we sort of do. Wink Razz Back to the wars. WWI? Yep. WWII? Also HECK YES. Granted, we're not undefeated, and the world wars were well, world wars, you know? Hence the name? Alliances? Coalitions? Working together? But yes, now that you've mentioned it, you were getting bombed out on your island while the Axis controlled Europe and the Mediterranean... and when we eventually did come in, we helped to reverse the tide and free Europe while simultaneously cleaning house on the eastern/pacific front, virtually on our lonesome. So yeah, that actually counts for 2 - we fought through heck in Europe while fighting our own mini-world war on the other side of the world. Now, I could be wrong. Chris Evans was Captain Britannia, right? Wink (Sorry, too far) The Brits and everyone else crushed the opponents and championed the underdogs... Hitler, Himmler, Mussolini, Hirohito, Tojo, Nagano, Stalin, Mao, Pol, Saddam, Osama, etc. Everyone else does the dirty work, decimates Al-Qaeda, virtually exterminates ISIS, etc and the USA just shows up at the last second, toots their horn, spreads propaganda, and takes all the credit. Rolleyes *cough*
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 @kabanosipyvo: You have access to the best of it if you a) live in a city that has it or b) can travel to that city. Someone in Glasgow, MT is going to have a completely different experience than someone who needs care in Philadelphia, Boston, DC, or Baltimore.
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 @mtbikeaddict: All this and you only get two weeks holiday a year? Someone got f*cked. Thank you, by the way. To all those who sacrificed themselves through pure altruism.
I love it when people use "we" and "you" when talking about government dealings 70 years ago.
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 @thenotoriousmic: Attention NOW THE IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION Attention 'cause I know where you guys'll try and take this. I guess you could say this is the disclaimer. I'm not trying by any stretch of the imagination to diminish, minimize, or trivialize anyone else or their sacrifices or accomplishments. I apologize if I have been offensive, all was good-naturedly in jest with no malice or harm intended. Not. My. Intent. I'm just trying to be goofy and clear up inaccuracy. I would never try to discount, say, British or other WWII veterans, or anything else remotely similar. Heaven forbid. I've studied that extensively. I have talked with WWII veterans and shared their life stories. I have numerous family currently or previously in the military. People who make such sacrifices have my utmost respect. As such, just as I would not cheapen anyone else or pretend that WWII wasn't the global struggle and forge of brotherhood that it was, I take issue when someone else does so. Hence my lengthy posts. I'd appreciate it if we could mutually take the higher ground. Salute Thanks.
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 In other words, let's not drag decades/centuries old politics into this. Can't we all just ride bikes and get along? Big Grin tup
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 @BenPea: Lol agreed... on your last sentence, guilty as charged... it is funny... it's just so much easier that way. Also, to @kabanosipyvo: and everyone else, as you can imagine it took a while to write all that, and I just now refreshed the page, so I probably missed some things, it'll be a bit. Smile Thanks for the chats... Salute
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 @BenPea: Wow, you know what, that link was cool, I was unaware and it made my history buff side very happy. Very neat. Hope no one took it as me going after brits or anyone too much. Also, on another note, the vacation time can vary per employer (of course), but yeah, at least the one I'm mentioning, it sort of stinks lol. First world problem I guess.
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 @mtbikeaddict: as a wise man once said, it's all good (f*ck knows what he meant).
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 @mtbikeaddict: btw, you know what day it is today don't you?
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 @johnbalz: you have no idea what socialism is stop using the terms you do not understand. You obviously cannot tell tyrany from marxism from socialism and especially fail at grasping the verb “socialist”. Police is an example of socialist system. And if you put equality sign between Argentina 50 years ago and Sweden today you are delusional. I will tell you more. I am originally from Poland, born in 1981, I remember my parents and grandma standing in the queues to get meat or toilet paper, almost as long as those at 6:am in front of Walmart on Black Friday. In 1989 Poland got rid of Soviet rule and got into denial mode you are in today. Not only Many Poles today don’t remember how shitty it was, and they think they are worse off today. Many firmly believe that it is post communist agents putting them into this situation today. As if right wingers weren’t doing it. Right wingers are just as full of shit as left wingers and centrists. Politicians are full of sht regardless of ideology they write under. Just because Trump appeara capitalist right wing to you doesn’t mean that many of his actions aren’t leftie. Because there is no such thing as clear division between left and right, ot socialists capitalist. You sound just as full of crap as lefties calling for blocking wallstreet. You are blindly looking uo to an ideology that is just an ideology.

Please do yourself a favorote and watch “Perverts guide to ideology”. Be a bit more woke than woke as fuk idiots
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 @mtbikeaddict: look how triggered you are. Are your thumbs hurting? Anyway the vast majority of that is absolute gobbledygook. I posted a video of John hicks riding through a tent favela in your richest city. There’s no way to defend that and despite what you say I’m pretty sure nobody would rather live in a tent made from bits of plastic and cardboard by the side of the road battling police and crack heads everyday. You lost your argument right there. And like I said you’ve got lucky so far but that could be you and you’ve clearly seen how your system treats the most vulnerable.

The Germans lost the Battle of Britain and lost the war at the same time. The Americans pushed over a already toppling tower. We’d definitely not be speaking German if it wasn’t for the Americans that’s for sure. I’m happy to agree on a joint effort but unsurprising America wants to take all the credit where they probably did the least and gained the most.
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 @skycripp: When did I say we don't have great healthcare?

You going on about Cerner when it was only rolled at two facilities, and less than a year ago at that? That rollout was/is a total dumpster fire, but generalizing to the entire VA using what is happening at TWO out of 168 facilities is pretty sketchy. The other 166 are still dealing with VistA/CPRS. You are comparing apples to keyboards again.

Look up concierge medicine. Insurance doesn't pay for it.
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 @BenPea: Whoops not sure but I might have misinterpreted your post.. Oh well, all's well that ends well, no harm meant, hopefully none done or taken, whatever. Lol. It's all good. (What DOES that mean, I'm with you there)
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 @BenPea: Tues-wait-.. Wednesday...Umm, May 8th? 3 days after Cinco de Mayo? Oh that's right, it was the Windows 10 update... Wink
V-E Day! Big Grin
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 @thenotoriousmic: No, as a matter of fact, my thumbs aren't hurting, but thanks for being so concerned. Actually, they're fairly strong from all the twiddling as I wait for you to reply intelligently. Wink
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 @thenotoriousmic: What is your point? I'm really not sure. Do you have one? Do you know? You seem to just keep repeating the same stuff over and over, which has already been disproven. So, you either don't read the posts, or you're just extremely dogmatic and logically fallacious. Am I defending the tent cities? Um, noooo, that was clearly one of the things I went off about. Do I think our current system is super great? Well, there are obviously a whole lot of ways it could be improved, but it's also a whole lot better than many others. Ideally, it's pretty sound, but humans are mortal and fall short of the ideals. Are there really other governments out there that are so objectively better?
And for the war... really? Again? I really don't think there's anything to be gained from this. Madder
Nevertheless, this is fun. No, you might not be speaking German. You might well be speaking Russian. Big Grin You say America was weak and couldn't defeat Japan because it wasn't a hand-to-hand combat invasion of every single island. Yet you brag that you won the battle and the war on the same principle? Why would the Germans attempt an invasion across the water on small defensible Britain? What are you even trying to say here? As far as I can tell, you're the real "toppling tower" here. If your "argument" isn't a Leaning Tower of Jenga, then I don't know what is.

I'm not propping or focused on the tent cities debate. I'm not trying to take all the credit, and neither is America. Sorry if you don't like history, reality, and facts. I'm just sick of the repetitive illogical stereotypical debates on here. Every time without fail. Someone gets injured -> someone turns it into a healthcare comparison -> digs at political sides -> the world vs USA -> WWII. Dead Horse Seriously guys. 74 years ago, to the day. Let it drop.
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 @mtbikeaddict: You’re hilarious. I had to say it twice because you didn’t seem to get it the first time. Unfortunately for you history and the facts are on my side and other than saying I’m wrong you’ve done absolutely nothing to disprove me other than saying so and then rambling on and on about absolutely nothing. #triggered haha
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 @thenotoriousmic: Wow, I almost didn't bother to rebuff this... congratulations, you've finally figured out how to be so dumb that anyone answering you starts sounding similarly foolish. As Mark Twain said, "Never argue with stupid people; they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference." Oh well. This is entertaining, and since you're obviously not trying for a logical debate, I have nothing to lose... So...
And you're both hilarious and pathetic. Unfortunately for you, intelligence and cohesion, as well as history and facts, are on my side. Sorry if you don't like reality. You can argue all day long that the moon is made of green cheese and mice made the craters, but it doesn't make it true. What's next, "I know you are but what am I?" You literally accuse me of whatever you do. Are you a 2nd grader? "I'm not repetitious, you're repetitious! P.S. What's repetitious?" lol
Allow to disclose a small samples of your fallacies thus far:
Post hoc ergo propter
Ad hominem
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So, fallacies:
post hoc ergo propter hoc
ad hominem
Tu Quoque
ignoration elenchi
petition principii
non causa pro causa
cum hoc ergo propter hoc
Onus probandi (argumentum ad ignorantiam - onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat)
argumentum ad infinitum/nauseam
Proof by assertion
Hasty Generalization
Straw Man
Argument from Fallacy
Affirming a disjunct, affirming the consequent, denying the antecedent
Definist fallacy
Inflation of conflict
Kettle logic
McNamara fallacy
Also possibly existential fallacy and affirmative conclusion from a negative premise

You know what, I'm finally getting a little tired. That will have to suffice (is that all?). Big Grin
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 @mtbikeaddict: Don’t you have an impression that sites with the lists of fallacies look like CTRL+C zone for morons for whom it is the only way to appear smart? That they know they are particularly dumb and desperately signal intellect? And that the people who made these sites are dweebs who read Oscar Wilde or Neitschze, felt like super humans, felt the need to intellectualize the world, then added some stuff of their own? Because some of these fallacies are such a try hard?
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 @mtbikeaddict: you’ve literally said nothing again except that I’m wrong because you’ve said so.

I love reality and facts. I’ll make it easier for you to understand. Is there a tent city in LA? Is health care available to all the citizens in one of the richest countries in the world? Did the Germans lose the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940? Did the Germans start losing ground to the Russians in 1941? And did the Americans join the war in 1939 or in 1942 after sitting on the sidelines waiting to see who was going to win? Am I making this up? Haha unlucky mate. And if you’re going to reply with paragraphs of total nonsense. Don’t because I can’t be bothered reading it. Try to get to you’re point please. Whatever that might be. Good luck.
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 Or maybe because I've actually taken logic and debate, and done very well? I didn't copy paste those. I see how the formatting suggested that, but I just thought it looked nicer. But please WAKI, lecture me more on signalling, faking, pompousness, etc, because you're the expert.
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 @thenotoriousmic: Not going to. You don't read the posts, you don't comprehend them, you don't care to... Your entertainment value is played out, I'm done trolling; no wish to be banned today. Apologies to any decent people whose dashboards I helped blow up.
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 @mtbikeaddict: So I guess that’s a no, I’m not making it up then? Anyway I’m glad the nurses have deemed you calm enough to be allowed back on the internet after your latest meltdown but if you resurrect a dead post just to say you’re not going to continue the conversation one more time then I’m going to have no choice but to inform the asylum of your online oddness. Wink
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 Oh I know you're well in touch with the asylum. Wink
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 The amount of stuff that can go wrong with the human body is just nuts. I don't know how we're all still here to be honest.
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 People who actually do things get hurt. The rest get complications for the sedentary lives. We aren't evolved to go mach chicken on a bunch of metal and rubber. Or to live until we are in our 90s. We're all cheating death mostly
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 @freestyIAM: I'm never getting out of bed again.
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 @freestyIAM: Mach Chicken lol
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 @freestyIAM: yeah some kinda balance between human cannon-ball and potato is ideal.
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 @game: So you're saying to be a human potato gun?
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 That sounds fucking horrible man, so glad he went to the docs, with fluid missing from the brain and in a sport with concussive accidents it could of been much worse.
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 "In most cases a CSF leak can heal on its own with strict bed rest, increasing fluid intake and caffeine"
Nothing like trying to stay in bed after 14 cups of coffee...
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 2017 - Enduro Wet Series, 2018 - Enduro WADA Series, 2019 - Enduro Wrecked Series Heal up man!
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 Get well soon! To bad he had to deal with a lots of injuries in the past years!
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 Would be interesting to know what caused it. Has he had a blow to the back or head recently?
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 Honestly spontaneous CSF leaks can occur for a variety of SUSPECTED reasons, but we're just not sure of all the reasons "why" yet. Like I said below, I think I got mine just from having increased intercranial pressure due to exertion headaches all my life and one day the "Dura" or lining between your cerebral/spinal fluid "sack" and the outside tissue just had enough. Maybe a bone spur in my neck or sinuses punctured it. Who knows. Sometimes people will slip discs in their back and end up with a leak. It's not always due to a concussion.
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 Get off your soap-box Waki FFS. We all have our issues but don't bleat about them on a thread that is linked to someone else's health. Go get a hug from someone if you need it.

Heal up Cunningham! Speedy recovery :-)
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 Hope the recovery goes well!
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 I had/have a CSF leak myself. Started with a super intense headache the transitioned into severe neck pain, nausea, double-vision and tinnitus. After a week of trying to deal with it at home I went to the ER who misdiagnosed me with Viral Meningitis. When the vision issues persisted for 4 weeks after a visit to the ER, they started looking elsewhere with multiple MRIs, where they finally concluded that I had CSF leak.

My came out of no-where, likely due to intense exertion headaches I get when doing strenuous exercise. They are more common in people who injure their backs, but "spontaneous" leaks can occur when pressure inside the head can create a rupture.

Luckily mine has mostly healed on it's own, but I'm a bit paranoid of it happening again, so I'm taking indomethacin for exertion headaches.
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 I had one of these due to complications from a spinal tap. Had to have a a procedure done to patch the leak. One of the most miserable experiences of my life.
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 Same here. Terribly painful five days in the hospital. But the dilaudid was fun.
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 Wishing him a speedy and full recovery. You'll get'em next time!
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 heal up dude iv suffered with raised csf fluid my whole life it's really not nice no one understands the feeling till you experience it.hopefully it's a quick turn around and youl be back to strength asap
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 You mean Idopathetic Intercranial Hypertension?
  • 1 0
 @PHeller: yes iv had it my whole life I am now on my tenth shunt or drainage valve iv also had 8 bouts of menigities due to leaks and infected drainage valves my lower spine is fused due to all the the lumber punctures n surgery but I am still riding my dh bike.very slowly lol????????
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 @Jrtf: Sorry to hear that my friend. The reason I wanted to clarify the condition was that so more people are aware of its existence. It wasn't until recently that neurologists started looking for the signs of high or low cerebral fluid pressures or what causes them, so studying their treatment hasn't been very well documented. My neurologist, for example, couldn't tell me why I had developed a CSF leak - just that I had.
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 @PHeller: iv been part of a huge study in the walton nuerology centre in Liverpool for the best part of 15 year.i hope that they have learnt from my story as every individual case is different after 30 years of suffering and menigities 8 times the advancement in tech wittled it down to a very small hole in my mastiod bone.numerios ops later if now had a mastoidpectomy wich has stopped the menigities and infection however my csf levels are still I hi n will have a shunt forever.but I owe this hospital my life
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 Heal up soon!
  • 6 1
 Must be an Avid spine. I kid, I kid. Wishing Ruaridh a speedy recovery!
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 I think it’s funny how he put the Mexican flag next to Pedro’s name lol he’s actually from Chile dawg lmao good luck w your health issues tho
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 At least he tried
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 Man that sounds brutal. This guy doesnt get a break, hopefully get a clean season soon! Getting well pronto!
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 Sounds terrible! Glad you're in the right hands, and on the mend.
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 Good to hear it sounds as though you'll make a full recovery, heal up soon!
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 Heal up soon Ruaridh mate. Was the leak related to an accident or just unlucky?
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 Healing vibes from California...
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 Guy can’t catch a break Frown - heal up
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 "Best of luck to mi amigo @pedroburns " So in other words...
Vote for Pedro
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 dang. heal up, dude!
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 Heal soon man!
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 Get well soon!
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 Get well soon dude.
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 Heal up soon Ruaridh!
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 so he gets to stay in bed and drink coffee - sounds like heaven
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 Great guy

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