Rupert Chapman - Pivot Phoenix Bike Check

Feb 14, 2017
by Jay French  
Rupert Chapman Pivot Phoenix Carbon DH bike check

We caught up with Rupert Chapman at the recent New Zealand National DH Round in Christchurch, to get some details on his new Pivot Phoenix Carbon downhill bike that he will be racing around the world as part of his new partnership with the Pivot Factory Racing team. The team, which also consists of Bernard Kerr and Emilie Siegenthaler, will be riding the Phoenix Carbon DH at World Cups and Crankworx events, and while they're all on the same bike, each rider will have their own quirks—even if they set their suspension exactly the same as a team-mate, ha.

The Christchurch National round was only Rupert's second event on the bike. Below are the details of the very first bike that Rupert received.

Rupert's Phoenix Carbon
• Frame Size: Medium
• Bar width 780mm
• Stem: 50mm maybe. 35mm clamp
• Bike Weight: approx 15kg
• Suspension setup: Exactly the same as Bernard Kerr. Just identical setup
• Pedals: Mallet's
• Tyres: Maxxis Shorty. Chosen because of the deep 'brown pow' on the dry Christchurch track
Running tubeless, with a camping mat in the back. The 'Huck Norris'
• Tyre pressures: 25 front, 27 rear
• Steerer tube not cut down due to laziness and no other reason

Rupert weighs in at 85kg (~187lbs) and is 175cm tall (~5'7").

How light is your bike Rupert This light.
How light is your bike, Rupert? This light.

Shimano Saint rear mech and brakes.
Shimano Saint rear mech and brakes.
Kashima coated Fox 40 s and colour matched Industry Nine hubs.
Kashima coated Fox 40's and colour matched Industry Nine hubs.

Uncut steerer tube due to laziness. Custom Shaka sticker.
Uncut steerer tube, due to laziness.

Renthal Fatbar Carbon 35mm. Shimano Saint levers.
Renthal Fatbar Carbon 35mm. Renthal Push-on grips. Shimano Saint levers.
Rupert Chapman Pivot Phoenix Carbon DH bike check
Custom Shaka sticker.

Kashima coated Fox Float X2 Air.
Kashima coated, Fox Float X2.

Custom Garmin mount - middle placement for centre of gravity and weight distribution.
Custom Garmin mount—central placement for better centre of gravity and weight distribution. Strava added to attempt to beat Joe Nation's Enduro bike park laps.

Mallet pedals Saint Crank MRP chain guide.
Mallet pedals, Saint Crank, MRP chain guide.

Maxxis Shorty Tyre Reynolds carbon rims.
Maxxis Shorty Tyre wrapped on Reynolds carbon rims.

Rupert Chapman Pivot Phoenix Carbon bike check
Tucked in, for the win (or 2nd in this case).

MENTIONS: @pivotcycles


  • + 65
 gorgeous bike but that wasn't quite as in detail as i was expecting. bring back the rulers and angle gauges and what not from that bike check of brendogs a while back. we are bike geeks we need details.
  • + 29
 Approx weight of the sticker??
  • + 0
 lmao...........hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha wait wait ,,,hahahahahahahahaha
  • + 12
 5'7", 187 lbs is dense. Conducive to going fast down hills
  • + 5
 175cm is actually 5'9" not 5'7".
...and im just seeing all the similar corrections below, never mind. Smile
  • + 1
 @asauvage: 5'7.4 actually. sorry had to.
  • + 7
 It's funny how much the color of Kashima coating varies between parts, and even between units of the same part. The shaft on that shock is almost black.
  • + 1
 Check the pick below it. Different angle out of shadow. Same gold kashima color.
  • + 2
 @DHaddict82: Honestly there does seem to be a bit of a difference in the hue of kashima on my 36 versus my x2. My eyes may be messed up from all the fern burn though. imo
  • + 2
 Still darker, though. I was thinking the same thing; I almost feel like the differential between forks and shocks is getting larger over time. Bothers me to no end. I'd rather have the black now because of it, especially considering how good the Grip damper is.

And then we have this, which I spotted about a week ago... That's basically Espresso, which triggers me just a hair. It's in all the pictures, too.
  • + 1
 @EarthEater: yeah I Agree. Now that think about it I thought there was a slight hue difference on my friends 36 and the x2
  • + 2
 @Bluefire: holy smokes check out the tracer. Both kashima and completely different. I stand corrected.
  • + 1
 @DHaddict82: When I had my X2, I found it darker than my 36. I ended up switching to a DHX coil shock and had it Push'd and also added a Kashima shaft. That matched my 36. The X2 is more 'espresso' like the Marz 380
  • + 6
 5'7" was the length of his uncut steerer tube?
  • + 5
 Hee hee, they got mixed up: 175cm = 5.7 feet = 5 foot 9 inches.
  • + 4
 Beautiful bike
  • + 3
 what kind of rims are those again?
  • + 2
  • + 1
 omg you use air still!?you are so last week.
  • + 0
 There is no way he weighs 187....
  • + 1
 I reckon he would have a better idea of what he weighs than what you do...
  • + 1
 @Callum-H: Ya think???
  • + 0
 175 cm is not 5'7"
  • - 3
 175 cm is 5'10, and at that weight he's a pretty skinny guy for 187lbs if he's actually 5'7"
  • + 10
 That's measured with and without helmet on Razz

I measured him on my computer screen. He is 325mm high. So basically a hobbit????!!?!?!??!?!
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