Ryan Leech Diversifies Through Coaching Excellence

Oct 13, 2011
by Ryan Leech  
Original Source: Norco Bicycles

Mountain bike trials legend Ryan Leech will be moving into the 2012 season offering a unique blend of excellence through his Ride & Reach Retreats, Trials of Life presentations, and one-on-one Integral Coaching®*.

While this fresh focus will have Leech doing fewer trials shows, Ryan will continue his role as a professional athlete representing Norco Bicycles for the 15th year. Leech will be riding the new Norco Sight and Revolver on all his mountain bike adventures. Also continuing their sponsorship, long-term supporters Shimano products will adorn these bikes and Ryders Eyewear is along to help keep his vision clear.

bigquotesRyan amazes us with his riding abilities, his community interaction and positive vibe. Ryan has been a true ambassador not only to Norco, but to the sport of cycling, and his new plans will continue to have him do just that. - Pete Stace-Smith, Norco PR Marketing Manager

Photo by Margus Riga
Photo By: Margus Riga

The demand for Leech's inspirational Trials-of-Life school presentation remains strong. Through this, Leech strives for integrity by encouraging students to make heartfelt decisions. The dynamism of the multimedia delivery allows his message to resonate and stick with students and teachers alike.

Leech credits much of his longevity as an athletic performer to his embrace of yoga. After nine years of practice, becoming a certified yoga instructor was a natural step and has allowed Leech to share the physical and mental benefits with the cycling world. By combining his prowess as a mountain bike instructor and guide with his cycling specific yoga approach, Leech created the Ride & Reach Program. He has scheduled week long retreats at Boreale Mountain Biking in Whitehorse YT and has weekend sessions planned in other locations yet to be announced. If you're not able to attend in person, stay tuned for his Yoga for Cyclists DVD to be launched late 2012.

bigquotesRyan is as cool as it gets. His energy, focus and mastery to his craft is contagious. Where Ryan goes, people follow and that includes Lululemon. - Eric Peterson, Lululemon Global Brand Director

As a public personality and role model, Leech knows that challenges arise and inspiration may be sacrificed due to ever increasing external demands or internal conflicts. Seeing others silently struggle with this life-balance, Leech underwent two years of intense training and apprenticeship to earn his certification as a Professional Integral Coach™. With this certification, Ryan is available as a life coach to stimulate healthy and inspired lifestyles. More information is available on Leech's new website ryanleech.com.

bigquotesRyan is known for pushing the boundaries of his sport, and it will be no different with his new endeavors. Ryders is excited to be along for the ride! - Ryders Eyewear

Pro Mountain Biker Professional Integral Coach Certified Yoga Instructor

bigquotesIntegral Coaching is a discipline that enables clients to become more aware of their current approach to situations, to see new possibilities and then build sustainable new competencies to achieve outcomes that deeply matter to them. The coach and client are dedicated to the unique developmental needs of the client. - Integral Coaching Canada

Closing Bio:
Ryan Leech is widely considered to be one of the most progressive trials mountain biker ever, in fact, he is also believed by many to be the most technically skilled rider in the world. He has spent 15 years on the road showcasing his skills in front of more than a quarter million people and has been featured in more than 25 mountain bike films. Through his Trials of Life school presentation he has inspired thousands of students at over 200 schools. Known to have signed more posters than any other mountain biker in history, he's been an inspiration to young and old fans alike. To share his multi-talented skills more intimately, he has designed the Ride & Reach program, blending yoga & mountain biking, uses his skills as a Professional Integral Coach™ to promote healthy and inspired performance for generations to come. Visit www.ryanleech.com for more information.

Integral Coaching® and Integral Coach™ is a registered trade-mark in Canada owned by Integral Coaching Canada Inc. and licensed to Ryan Leech.

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 Thanks to my friends at Pinkbike for posting the update and intro. Pumped to keep growing, progressing, and contributing in and around the sport I love. High Fives!
  • 13 0
 There are only a small number of riders who were riding extreme stuff 15 years ago and still do today in the same way. He is no doubt on that list. Huge inspiration!!
  • 4 0
 Saw Ryan during this years BC Ride to Conquer Cancer. IMHO one of riding's greatest ambassadors. Doing front wheel hops on top of a van while describing what he's doing to the crowd through a mic making it look easy! He finished the show with wonderful closing words and even signed a poster for my kid. He's a person who gives back to the sport and wins respect no matter what he seems to do. Got a lot of admiration for this guy. Thanks for what you do Ryan. You keep riding. We'll keep watchin'!
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 +1 on this. One of our sport's greatest ambassadors and probably one of the nicest guys as well. Good luck in all your endeavors Mr. Leech.
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 a little hint for whoever took the last picture, try to center your point of view to the center of your model (belly height), the "lazy view" from just taking the picture of eye height makes your model have awkward proportions. also this is very good in a marketing point of view for you mister Ryan Leech! have a great day

P.S.: yes im a smart ass Razz and no this isnt ment offensive, just a hint.
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 I wanted to check out ryanleech.com, but Norton Internet Security on my PC is telling me it's a known malicious site and recommended I not visit the site. I'm guessing the site has been hacked and some malware has been placed there. Good article though!
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 Thanks for letting me know cpnet, I'm looking in to it right now!
  • 2 0
 The report suggests an issue with a page on my old website. That page has been deleted now, but the Norton report unfortunately hasn't updated the status yet. A request for re-evaluation has just been sent :-) Thanks!
  • 1 0
 I can now access ryanleech.com without any problems. That's a pretty fast turn-around (and nice site BTW)!
  • 1 0
 Awesome site I love it! RidEOn!
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 Yoga and biking, what a seriously awesome combination.
  • 2 0
 Anyone noticed how far apart his big toe is from the rest of his toes? I dont think i could ever get that low on a bike thats flexibilty at work

edit: oh. too late about the toes.
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 Genuinely the nicest guy you will ever meet. He even sent a text to my buddy wishing him a good night once.
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 I remember when I first saw Ryan Leech was in an action sports TV show in AXN. In that time he used a MZ Shiver and i was absolutly stoked about that ahahah that man is a legend !
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 Ryan leech has been amazing on a bike since way back, His clips in the collective and Roam were awesome, THE GUY RODE ACROSS A CHAIN!!!!!!
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 It's great to have MTB's answer to Eoin Finn..! The DVD will be my wife's Xmas present next year...
  • 2 0
 "Evolve" what a film that was..
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 Look at his toes.. thats why hes so good at climbing sh*t.
  • 2 0
 @johnD22, LOL! Yeah, just spotted those, he's got thumbs for big toes! So now we know he grips his pedals with his opposable toes! Smile
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 yeah when spd's were invented ryan was like psshhh f*** that imo ride barefoot.... :-P
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 saw ryan at the sea otter 2 years in a row putting on 15 minute trial demos... absolutely insane, talented beyond belief!
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 Ryan Leech is one of the reasons I ride a mountain bike, he is a legend!

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