Ryan Leech Offers Free Course on 7 of the Most Common Mistakes Made When Giving Advice

Dec 13, 2018
by Ryan Leech  
TTT #7 - If You're Not Crashing, You're Not Learning. Credit: Wacek Kipszak

PRESS RELEASE: Ryan Leech Connection

Whether you've been naughty or nice, you're on our my Christmas list. For the third year, I'm offering a free online course for everyone just in time for the holidays. Unwrap my new Trailhead Tip Traps course - free to you!

Have you ever received tips from a friend at the start of a trail? Maybe you've given some advice yourself? As well-intentioned as that help may be, it could be a trap!

TTT #1 - Just Do What I Do

TTT #2 - Get Your Weight Back on Steeps

TTT #3 - Look Up and Further Ahead

TTT #4 - Drop Your Outside Foot in Corners

TTT #5 - Ride in Attack Position

TTT #6 - A New Bike Makes You a Better Rider

TTT #7 - If You're Not Crashing, You're Not Learning

This course is not intended to be mere entertainment, but to challenge the concepts that may be holding you back as a rider. Unlike my other courses (which have detailed step-by-step drills for learning specific skills), this course is designed to free your mind from limiting concepts and beliefs.

TTT #3 - Look Up and Further Ahead. Credit: Wacek Kipszak
TTT #1 - Just Do What I Do. Credit: Wacek Kipszak

RLC is an online mountain bike skill coaching membership program that was created by professional rider and coach, Ryan Leech. The online community consists of skilled enthusiasts from all over the world and provides a supportive and friendly environment for learning. Each course is delivered through detailed, step-by-step video tutorials and accompanied by coaching and feedback to continue your progression. With a multitude of courses available that encompass everything from mental and physical fitness to skills challenges, you can finally learn how to wheelie or jump or nose pivot - the list goes on.

bigquotes[RLC] is more of a community than just an online tuition site. It's full of like-minded people from all over the world that all love riding bikes, learning new skills and having fun along the way. Kai Ashbee, United Kingdom

https learn.ryanleech.com p trailhead-tip-traps

Don't wait to improve your riding, start learning today with this free course!

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 Advice about advice, very meta Solid though
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 Meta indeed, and indeedly needed - glad you appreciate the course HCorey :-)
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 Steps for taking a friend riding for the first time.
1) Give them the oldest bike you got, like make sure a Walmart bike might be better
2) Remind them several times on the ride there that it’s important to lean back, except for when you need to lean forwards
3) This is perhaps the most important piece, you could say it’s worth two bullet points
4) at the trail head say something vaguely encouraging like “just go with the flow” “send it ferda” or my personal favorite “I’m trying to beat my strava time”
5) Dust them
6) Wait for them until sunset
7) Go home they’re probably having to much fun
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 Another good one to add to your list..."just hit it at trail speed"
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 you forgot " speed is your friend"
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flag georg73 (Dec 14, 2018 at 8:22) (Below Threshold)
 You forgot, “Eat Mor Chikin!”
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 Whoops I also left out “don’t be afraid to get dirty, remember if you ain’t fallin’ you ain’t ridin’
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 go fast, take chances
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 "flow it, don't bro it"
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 I'm here for the Waki cartoons :-)
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 Totally right! He totally understood the inspiration for this course and it came out so clearly in his illustrations. Thanks for the great vibes @WAKIdesigns
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 Great illustrations for this one, he killed it.
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 Don’t be a pussy.
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 10/10 solid advise. I tell this to my ridding buddies all the damn time.
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 Sliped foot 5 times in 10min... Friend: “get clipless”. Trying clipless pedals for first time “laying on the ground more then riding the bike”
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 This is a must read for all MTBers old and new. So well thought out and so true. I think we have all said these phrases to new people and had it said to us at some point.
The Ryan Leech Connection connects people from all over the world in an online tuition site. All skills are broken down into easy to learn stages and you get guidance from Ryan and coaches from all over the world.
It’s extremely good value for your money too, compared to how much you have to pay for one days tuition in the UK.
So it you want to learn new skills and improve your mental and physical fitness I can highly recommend it.
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 THANK YOU Kaiza - really appreciate not only your backing up of the importance of this this gift course, but the overall kind words about my online coaching website, so glad you've found it to be so valuable!!
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 Lust watched some of it. Legit stuff. The hardest part about becoming a certified beginning MTB instructor for me was learning how wrong I had been when trying to teach at the traihead (or at entry to a feature)
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 I just did this course and it is brilliant it definitely points out the reasons why its risky business both taking and giving advice on the trail and about riding! I'm always looking to improve so its easy to grab onto some advice that could be putting me at risk and as I get better those riders I spend time with looking to improve come to me for advice and that is also really tricky! This course sets it all out in a way that helps avoid a lot of potential bad habits and even injuries and helps cultivate a wholesome humbleness for any rider interactions!
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 Yay, mission accomplished with this course! Makes my day to read this AnyBike. Happy Holidays!
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 My resolution for this winter is to check out more of Ryan’s courses. I kinda signed up and forgot about it, but there’s SO much good stuff on his site.
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 YES - so glad to read that DrPete. Loads to keep engaged with through the winter too, including all the yoga, fitness, and mental game content. Seeya on the site!
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 @DrPete I am much nicer there, you can meet another me Wink and I will be drolling over your bike. Full satisfaction
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 Keith Code's teaching on motorcycles makes a similar point. Everyone is keen on giving advice, but be careful who you take it from.
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 "Just do what I do." I'm bad for doing that. I'm a visual learner so I can see somoneone do somethng and I can emulate it. So when I try to coach people I tend to give lots of visual examples.
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 "Do NOT touch the front brake here!... You touched the front brake."

Who the f*ck is Wacek Kipszak?
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 @BenPea he is silently judging you when he is not trolling
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 I've been trying to teach a friend of mine how to let loose and basically be able to ride and not just stand and hope. It is so hard to teach someone, even if they are willing to listen, try and actually have the patience. After suffering from a bad back for the past two months, I kind of figured out how most people feel. I cannot manual now, as my sciatic nerve is pulling my leg, which then makes me lock my back and be stiff, as by walking. This also affects my pedalling and basic pulling and hop technique. I now see that even coasting feels awkward when I am in such a stiff state. I have to say, even though most beginners would still argue it is better to start riding with a V10C Minaar Peat Custom Edition, taking a comfortable hardtail and going down flowy trails is a must for getting a good feel of the bike and having the ability to just understand how a bike works, handles, responds and how you should be at one with it and not fight it. If I may also add, if anyone where to teach me on proper technique, Leech is the best man for the job!
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 Cheers FrEeZa! Hope your back heals up strong, and I appreciate the kind the words about my coaching!
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 I'm bad at saying "just hit it faster and you can do x, y, and z", especially when it comes to technical sections where increased speed can help you connection sections and such. I try to remember to slow down and look at some lines and talk strategy.
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 I have been both the receiving and giving end of bad advice (not on purpose). The truth is, unless you are getting help from an experienced coach, advice should always be suspect. And even with that, coaches sometimes get ingrained with bad habits that get passed on to others. I have done all of the Trail Tips, as well as many of the RLC website courses, and they are fantastic! Instead of giving a 'this is how it should be done in all situations,' Ryan breaks down skills in bite-sized increments, and helps you discover how one skill/technique may need to varied to account for terrain, speed, experience, equipment and any other variable you may encounter. I have improved more from the RLC site than from working one-on-one with a coach, which I did for an entire riding season. Thanks Ryan!
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 You're welcome jneitlich! Thanks for reinforcing the need for this course, and stoked you've enjoyed and appreciated your RLC experience! High fives my friend!
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 Hold my kombucha.....takes the ride around.
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 I checked this little series out and I was really impressed with the quality. I'm new to MTB and plan to sign up for Ryan's full coaching service today! Pretty stoked. Learning to ride MTB is damn hard.
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 Right on WheelNut - we're ready for you!
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 Is this jump doable?
Um ya.
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 Waki do you have a web site that displays your art?
You have your own signature style. We can relate and laugh at our selves at the same time.
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 @wakidesigns is the real hero here.
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 - More rebound in the fork - Less rebound in the shock - Maybe another 5 psi - Maybe remove 5 psi
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 The dukkah of the metta is nirvana.
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 My New Years resolution is to only give solicited advice.
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 With the holidays coming up, my pre-New Years resolution is to not accept any unsolicited advice.
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 "Be a prick to anyone worse than you." That was pretty much the fundamental of our bicycle squad growing up.
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 More wisdom from the best skills site on the web Smile
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 Cheers mtbguiding - nice to read that this morning, much appreciated! :-)
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 He forgot my favorite line while teaching friends “the faster you go the smoother it feels”
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 Ryan's courses have completely changed my riding. Fantastic work Ryan!
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 Who the Fu@# is Wacek Kipszak???
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 “Just pedal and pull up”

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