Ryan Nyquist: Road to Red Bull Joyride

Aug 17, 2016
by Haro-MTB  
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Joyride will complete Ryan’s first season in MTB Slopestyle. The dual-sport Haro Bikes athlete notes that this particular event was his ultimate goal for the year in MTB.

I'm beyond excited about accomplishing my goal of qualifying into Joyride this year. I've worked hard to get used to riding MTB and getting comfortable doing the tricks that I know I can do,” stated Nyquist. “I'm still not one-hundred percent where I want to be, but I'm very happy with the progress I've made, and I'm excited to see where I can take my riding in the Slopestyle scene.

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While Ryan will compete at this event in his first year as an MTB rider, the road to qualification for Joyride is no easy feat. Many athletes that were presumed to compete—like BMX rider Drew Bezanson—were unsuccessful.

Ryan participated in select MTB events in 2015 when his interest was piqued by both the similarities and differences between dirt jumping and BMX. He began competing officially in both sports in April of 2016 and experienced near-immediate success—placing 2nd in his first event at “AT’s Showdown”, 6th at Swatch Rocket Air, and 2nd at FISE Montpellier. Nyquist will continue to compete in both BMX and MTB in 2017.

Images for Ryan Nyquist Road to Red Bull Joyride blog

Every event, I've had to step outside my comfort zone a little bit to ride the course the way I want to ride, and while that's a bit scary at times, it's constantly helping me grow into a better rider, and to appreciate what all the amazing athletes I'm riding with have accomplished over the years” said Ryan. “MTB Slopestyle is truly an incredible sport, and I'm so happy that I'm able to be a part of the biggest event they have.

A household name in both BMX dirt and park, Ryan Nyquist started riding at the age of three and competed in his first BMX freestyle competition when he was 16. Competing in his first X Games at the age of 18, Nyquist has been a BMX legend ever since. By 2003, he had won every major dirt competition – X Games, Gravity Games, Vans Triple Crown, and the King of Dirt. This year marks Ryan’s 20th year with Haro BMX and his first with Haro MTB. He will compete at Joyride on August 21st riding his Haro MTB Steel Reserve 1.3.

Haro Bikes has been world renowned as a leader in the BMX market for more than 35 years. Haro entered the mountain bike market in 1986 and has begun to make a significant name for itself in the industry—often employing disruptive tactics to do so. Haro MTB maintains that mountain biking should be done for the sport, rather than for the status, and aims to offer products that allow its consumers to do so without overspending.

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 Ryan, if your out there, now that you have ridden the Joyride course would you ride it on a BMX? Or could you ride it on a BMX? Top to bottom?

All I've heard for years is slopestyle is just a BMX course but bigger. Could you be competitive on the BMX, if you made it down.

If anyone has the knowledge and experience to answer this it would be you.
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 Having ridden both (at a lower level than Ryan) I'd have to guess that it is certainly rideable on a BMX. However, it might not be as fun, as easy, or as smooth as an mtb. Imagine that last drop with the landing ruts without front suspension, and with small wheels...ouch. Curious to see what Ryan thinks.
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 BMX Plus bikes, perfect for slope... LOL
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 Ryan is so new in the mtb world that he probably doesn't know what does Pinkbike mean. Wink

Still awesome to see such a legend trying bigger wheels! (well, when compared to a 20 inch bike)
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 I know my friend when we were younger was saving up, and building a bike, so he rode a Specialized BMX for a while instead of an MTB. He did all the smaller ladder drops that we had built on his hill, as well as all the jumps, but not the bigger ladder drops. He also described the tires as "pizza cutters" in mud.
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 A bmx rider converting to slopestyle and riding joyride, I see an opportunity for a totally original web series here......
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 I wonder if Nyquist has a dh bike and is riding the rest of the trails at whistler. I bet the dude can shred a dh bike pretty well too! I'd love to hear his thoughts on a-line and all the other sick trails up there. Mountain bikes are fun!!
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 That's so sick, too bad Drew didn't make it as well. And some people thought Drew would absolutely dominate... wild stuff.
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 Work hard, head down and get results, awesome stuff, seeing HARO and MTB in the same sentence still does not gel with me, being from the 80's it has always been BMX, though I did look it up and apparently they were into MTB for '86 onward - who knew
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 So stoked for Nyquist to be out there with everyone, been a fan of him since I was 10 years old when he had a Blue Goatee riding dirt at X-Games. Can't wait to see how he does against the heaviest hitters in the game!
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 Stoked to see Nyquist shred on Sunday and the McGazza forever on the last ramp is awesome
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 YEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!! So stoked to see him doing well on a MTB.
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 That had my butt clenching every jump, but of course he nailed them all.
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 sick i dig that clip .wow haro make mtb ,lol their bmx stuff sick
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 Take that Bezanson.
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 Why the neg props? Everyone focused in on Bezanson's pompous entrance that they forgot the real way to reach a major goal, starting early in the season like Nyquist did and being consistent. Now of course, both get major props and huge respect for riding courses I would freeze up on and just go dead sailor
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 I was gutted for bezansen- I watched his joyride 150 vid again recently and that boy is a freak of nature. Loads of people are giving him sh*t based on his one little strop when I just thought it showed he was human. Besides, I don't think he underestimated the difficulty of qualifying- I think he underestimated the difficulty of transferring his tricks to mtb. Frustration aimed only at himself. I say we should be more supportive and welcoming to talent of that calibre into our sport.
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 It's just an interesting perspective, one guy just went and trained hard (obviously) and quietly achieved his goal. The other made a full on hollywood mini-series and it didn't work out.
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 @robaussie99: exactly
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 That's Nuts!

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